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  1. Awesome, there is just something about it's, simple clean lines, without being bland and generic. (was an absolute pig to get into orbit....) But now it's there, flies like a dream!
  2. I built the: "Pillar of falling into snacks"
  3. I went to Laythe Direct Launch to Jool Aerobrake @ Jool for Laythe intercept Deploy Shuttle (one of four)
  4. Long time PC destoryer of kerbals.....err I mean scientist and explorer..... Amazing game both me and my 7yr old daughter love it, we set challenges and see what each other come up with, and whether we succeed! great fun, keep up the good work, oh and my daughter says "Hi"
  5. Farewell Ted, thank you for your hard work and dedication to the cause of blowing up Kerbels...... err I mean exploring space. Good luck in the future.
  6. Yeah I just landed my probe on Duna too.
  7. The central one is more diffuse (smudgey) than the lighter (larger) shaddow. it would work well if they matched up but the more to the side you are the more they appear like this, it's like the shaddow has a shaddow. So it looks odd.
  8. Double shaddow.... both rendered at different heights.
  9. Yes it did, just not the way you intended
  10. seems to be working as expected lots of sat orbits /probe drops, nothing to report! great job all involved.
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