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  1. Not really proc parts, proc parts changes shape to what you put on them, here im saying we use the proc part model to display the custom model, you can then drag and distort the frame of the part such that its shape changes. Also stats of the part can be changed as well. Engines/fuel parts benefit the most also for people who want to make other parts look nicer/ weirder esp for stations or colonies, can adjust the lab to have a square base instead etc, without modding the game Basicly tweakscale+proc that you can adjust yourself+edit stats but at cost of $$$ and science to balance inside the game such that you dont need mods to get modded parts and also can be shared easily as all players games will have this custom parts system where the game just loads the custom part info from the craft file rather than say need to install 10++ mod just to use a craft someone shares Can also say to complete researching this part you need to do X mission to test things if want to integrate with contract system Honestly i think it should be end/late-mid game thing for when you are done playing most of the game, want to do something more crazy then you need more op parts, its also here where you have alot of excess science so you can spend these instead of just them sitting there and go do the fun/crazy excrements you wanted to do that you couldnt before without modding/cheating/otherwise very hard Thats better than even easier to implement. Smaller parts retaining their bigger parts efficiency/capacity isnt that better?
  2. Instead of constantly adding and updating tons of mods, why not add the function for us to design our own parts! Since after we finish the tech tree all our science is basically sitting there doing nothing, science will be used as the "cost" to design and also to balance. General idea of how it works would be as follows: Choose part type (pod/electric charge generators/fuel tanks/drills/grabs/etc) Choose a basic shape/use existing part as template Edit the shape, the shape will be shown something like in procedual fairings but can click and drag the line(frame) to tweak shape to liking Edit the stats like thrust/fuel consumption/kerbal count/storage capacity/generating speed. For balance, the more OP the custom part is the more science it costs to "make" this part, e.g. high thrust engine with low fuel consumption will cost tons of science whereas just tweaking the shape of a normal pod to look nicer would be very cheap As for actual $$$ cost, maybe can spend more science to lower cost(by making process more efficient) The current tech tree can be integrated by say parts cant be made smaller past X size until miniaturization is unlocked or something along those lines Policies also can be integrated, say if you are focusing on reputation, maybe then pods must provide each kerbal X amount of space rather than say squeeze all the kerbals in a tight pod
  3. After completing a station it felt really unsatisfying. Not even with mods like station sciences, only the launch was really exciting doing the science was like im just clicking a few buttons thats it. Something like being able to move around in a station (Like be able to "be" a kerbal and walk around inside a station) would be nice. Instead of being stuck in one seat with limited views. One more thing that felt really dumb to me was that shouldnt most experiments be inside the craft not outside like those on the ISS. If the above was implemented modules can have an "inventory" system to carry science experiments (and life support if its ever added). And these experiments can be done in IVA Mode with sorta some minigame inside or something to watch it do rather then just click a menu and it opens and bam you got science. This will make things like having a station/base more exciting rather than just for fuel or to make tons of science with the new science lab