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  1. Welp, I'm out for awhile. I'll check back periodically but it seems to me based on recent developments and these cheesy updates that this game is dead in the water. Loved the game. Love the respect and professionalism of the community. Had fun. Maybe another publisher with better resources can one day scratch the itch that KSP did for me so well. 1000+ hours worth of scratching. Farewell.
  2. Announcing a future announcement to announce some new content. Traveling at the speed of smell.
  3. Welcome! 1000+ hours here. I have played all the modes. My preferences and reasoning: 1. Sandbox - get creative with no restrictions or grind. Your imagination is the only limit. 2. Science - less grind than career but some structure to help you have something to do. 3. Career - Ugh! Grind. Restrictive and did I mention the grind. Not a fan. All this is my opinion of course. Fun is subjective to the individual in this game. Some people trial and error and some are all about the maths. Have fun!
  4. Adjusted friction on wheels so that I would stop sliding and am slowly leapfrogging my orbiter and fuel plane to higher elevation to attempt orbit.
  5. That is exactly how I do it and once I connect the pipe I sometimes still have bouncing issues that are serious enough to cause breakage. Especially if you cycle between craft or when you are using physics warp to speed up ore production or whatever. But yeah, fewer craft and connections is definitely the way to go for now.
  6. I think it is worth it for me. And I also have the same issues with bases and jumping parts. Kind of takes the fun out of base building after you engineer some complex system and painstakingly deploy it in the field and the game basically breaks it for you. Here is hoping for an update.
  7. 1.1.3 64 bit. All of what you say is happening to me. Not just on Eve but pretty much any incline anywhere. I was surprised when my lander rocket actually stuck and was hoping the plane would too. But no.
  8. I disagree with how you feel about it. Great review. I also have on PS4 and would give it the same score.
  9. I continued my doomed mission to Eve. Redesign of drill plane refueling craft. Added a heat shield because the nose cone kept burning off of the other one. One landed I deployed the drill to refuel. All worked as planned up to this point. 90k from lander. I soon discovered I barely had enough thrust on Eve to get airborne. I actually go faster on the ground than when I do burn about 3/4 of my fuel and can get airborne. I had to stop around 5 times to refuel, but all went well. Until I began to to have to fight the inhabitants of Eve - Glitches, Bugs, and Gremlins. Keep in mind that I'm pretty sure after refueling my lander it doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell of reaching orbit. I am just going through the motions for future missions. First annoyance was being attacked by the landing gear, wheel bug. Plane would not brake. Slid constantly. So I had to rest it against my rocket which resulted in a lot of quick loads because it would randomly rip stuff apart and blow things up. I did manage to take off 1 time but due to staging issues and not wanting to quicksave with the sliding craziness, that was it. I tried a second attempt but my two craft had locked gear and it was bad. Which, after days and days of planning and building left me with a good quick save for use after the wheel bug is fixed, and the depressing pic below. I will be back!
  10. Built a short hopper drill plane to send to Eve for refueling purposes. After testing I placed it atop the nearest heave lifter and am going to make a test run to see if that Skipper will slow me down enough in Eve's atmospher so that I don't burn up. If this doesn't work then I will have to spam heat shields everywhere.
  11. Made my Eve transfer. Used up almost all of the fuel in my lander so I will have to send a mining craft of some sort. I also technically still have the ship in orbit even though I test landed it several times. The problem is that with the landing gear bug and not being on almost completely flat ground, the craft slides ever so slowly. It didn't start out well. This was not a bad landing just not high enough for the ship to reach orbit. This was a bad landing attempt. Too steep on entry.
  12. Continued my design phase for Eve mission. Not quite there yet. As long as I treat her gently she flies pretty good. Very stable, no wobble, rotates a little but stays on course. However, if I get sloppy with the controls I get to see a lot of this.
  13. Continuing design phase for Eve mission. Made a lander and tried to pair it with my heavy lifter. I need a heavier heavy lifter. Crazy rockets not attached properly.