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  1. Unsuccessfully trying to upgrade 3rd stage by strapping on massive fuel tanks and more boosters without much else in the way of actual effort.. Time for a complete rebuild and new rocket. I need a Moho transfer ship and I need a new refueler for Laythe. The old one I has like .04 efficiency due to no heat dissipation .
  2. Plane reentry. Checking out an anomaly location that was in the derelict satellites scans.
  3. Probed Val and Bop I sent my last probe to Lathe. I knew I had a lot of hardware there from back in the day but man was I in for a surprise. BWAHAHA! All of it seems to work too. This was in a polar orbit scanning away. And this setup was on an island. My boat, the other plane, and a refueling rig. My longstanding personal rule is I have to refuel things and make the missions self sufficient. I must have sent all this there and got sidetracked with something else. Looking back at my posts I did drive the boat around a bit. I guess I parked
  4. Visited Pol. Unlike Tylo I could bounce around to a few different landing sites. i
  5. After probably a dozen attempts (quicksave) I landed a probe on Tylo. Learned that once you turn the engines on there that you don't turn them off.
  6. That is really cool. I think I have been to that lake before and it's really neat for exploration. I think this was it, is it? You have a much better submersible than I did. SPOILER (I was on bottom with a probe in one of the posts if you don't want to see the depths then don't look at the original posts. )
  7. Went to Jool system and screwed around with different mods. Only broke the game twice. Persistent stupid pink square is still there a lot though. Sent out probes at various orbits. Gonna scan Tylo too and attempt to land one of the smaller probes there later. Kerbals look so happy to be trapped in the Jool system possibly forever.
  8. When I arrived at Eve I realized I had already sent a Scansat probe there in 2016 or so. Moved the rig to Gilly to land all the probes there.
  9. Eve. Detached the larger probe and landed on Eve. Really didn't need all the RCS fuel considering I didn't add RCS thrusters?! Oops. Stupid pink square along for a lot of the ride. Always in the dark. Sheesh.
  10. Bolted some probes and Scansat stuff to the vehicle I made for the asteroid missions. Only transfer window reasonably available was for Eve.
  11. Built this monstrosity to capture another asteroid. It didn't end well. 1st attempt I lined up a little too well. Look how big! It's getting bigger! Second attempt went as planned. Landing was great. Drogue chutes worked great. Main chutes worked great. Landing was nice and smooth. Sorry so dark. Landing on a 45 degree hill, not so great. Entire crew lost due to crushing injuries sustained by asteroid rolling over them(repeatedly). All that's left and an asteroid.
  12. Picking up the asteroid catching heroes. In route. 1st - 3rd landing ended in disaster. Advice - Save before landing. Every time. Everyone is happy! I was thinking something like that too. Or maybe Skynet.
  13. Completed my refuel mission. Managed to get flying again with no issues. Cool scenery along the route. Landing and taxi. Filler Up! Take off and heading to rendezvous with Jeb.
  14. Flew up north to pick up Jeb and the gang after the harrowing asteroid mission. Hastily built a passenger jet but needed fuel. I have a robotic refueling plane sitting at roughly the halfway point since 2016 or so. Serendipity. Landing is always tricky but I managed to nail it on the 1st try. Airborne Driller standing by. Now to get this thing airborne again after all those years of sitting idle.
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