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  1. Kerbal Space Factory

    ModuleResourceConverter or ModuleGenerator and ModuleResourceHarvester and CModuleFuelLine or KAS pipe and write a Resources cfg for all your new found stuff
  2. Kerbal Space Factory

    He don't need a plugin from what it sounds like you could use stock module's to do it
  3. Kerbal Space Factory

    There are a lot of parts from a lot of mods you could use but the last quote is kind of funny, But you want some one to do all this for you with you not even going to trying ? You can make any part do pretty much what ever you want. EDIT- LOL Good luck
  4. Kerbal Space Factory

    You don't need MKS or USI just make your own list of stuff to make would work as long as you know how to edit a cfg not that hard just takes time
  5. Looking at the picture its where the landing gear are
  6. Can't change part name? [1.3]

    That would be like this +PART[liquidEngine1-2] { @name = MyNewEngine @description = fell of the back of a competitors rocket @title = A second hand engine @manufacturer = South end scrap }
  7. FASA Apollo capsule

    Your looking for this in the cfg or a patch somewhere MODULE { name = TRReflection <--------- This shader = Reflective/******* colour = 0.5 0.5 0.5 interval = 1 } If your using FASA 7.2 i think it is open the FASA folder and you will see 4 file like this FASA_Apollo_TR
  8. FASA Apollo capsule

    What KSP you using 1.2 or 1.3 and you know what plugin your using TextureReplacer or TextureReplacerReplacer or did someone update the plugin that use to be with the mod ?
  9. when you mouse over pod did you turn it on ? If so and no go can send you a pm if you want
  10. Some would work yes it was last updated for 1.1 if you know how to edit a cfg like open it with notepad it wouldn't take a whole lot to get it up to par just some time
  11. @silentvelcro I see your using a different TextureReplacer then the one being maintained TextureReplacerReplacer for those of use that use it alittle change is need like @PART[AltairAscentEngine]:HAS[!MODULE[TRR_Reflection]]:NEEDS[TextureReplacerReplaced] { %MODULE[TRR_Reflection] { %name = TRR_Reflection %shader = ShaderNG/TR_Reflective_Emissive_Alpha %colour = 0.5 0.5 0.5 %interval = 1 %meshes = Manifold } }
  12. If you can edit a cfg add MODULE { name = JSIAdvTransparentPod } this to the pod and like I said it's not the same has it was EDIT- Or you can make a MM you can use @PART[LER_Pod] { MODULE { name = JSIAdvTransparentPod } } @PART[AltairlanderPod] { MODULE { name = JSIAdvTransparentPod } }
  13. [WIP] OMICRON - Space Car, Parts Creation.

    Looking good
  14. Now to do that you need it was JSI doing that then but that has been took out and made it's own mod, I know it don't look the same has it did but that's it hope it helps
  15. Launchpad Lights

    you might look at the code here it had a target track