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  1. when you mouse over pod did you turn it on ? If so and no go can send you a pm if you want
  2. Some would work yes it was last updated for 1.1 if you know how to edit a cfg like open it with notepad it wouldn't take a whole lot to get it up to par just some time
  3. @silentvelcro I see your using a different TextureReplacer then the one being maintained TextureReplacerReplacer for those of use that use it alittle change is need like @PART[AltairAscentEngine]:HAS[!MODULE[TRR_Reflection]]:NEEDS[TextureReplacerReplaced] { %MODULE[TRR_Reflection] { %name = TRR_Reflection %shader = ShaderNG/TR_Reflective_Emissive_Alpha %colour = 0.5 0.5 0.5 %interval = 1 %meshes = Manifold } }
  4. If you can edit a cfg add MODULE { name = JSIAdvTransparentPod } this to the pod and like I said it's not the same has it was EDIT- Or you can make a MM you can use @PART[LER_Pod] { MODULE { name = JSIAdvTransparentPod } } @PART[AltairlanderPod] { MODULE { name = JSIAdvTransparentPod } }
  5. Looking good
  6. Now to do that you need it was JSI doing that then but that has been took out and made it's own mod, I know it don't look the same has it did but that's it hope it helps
  7. you might look at the code here it had a target track
  8. If you need help with that part post in that thread
  9. You can't say that , That's why we have kerbal space we can fly them and make them look good well some times , Some times they end up just like NASA boom
  10. Looks like you took the docking node off the model hope it helps
  11. Looks like a model by liquidhype that was never released ?
  12. I did a update along time ago maybe around ksp 1.05 haven't looked to see what @Phineas Freak has posted but on the main thread there where 2 downloads at one time one for RSS and one for Stock found the files I had and here they are RSS Stock
  13. The plugin is for ksp 1.3 you are 1.2 that might be your problem ?
  14. That part it'd stopping on needs the Resources file that's in Firespitter folder if you just downloaded the new Firespitter plugin your missing the folder just download the whole new Firespitter and you can delete all the parts
  15. Check install path should be KSP/GameData/CTN loads for me