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  1. oh, apparently it looks like I got mechjeb installed EDIT: so now I havn't but the problem ist still there. Rocket starts, rocket decouples, rocket enters brick mode
  2. I do not have mech jeb installed. the octo probe core as 100kg of avionics. The vessel is 203t, and the big avionics package on the first stage can handle 300t There is also no warning or anything, I cant even stage Control from here (from the probe core does not help it) when I disable Remote tech a lot of weired things happen (can control but not stage)
  3. The capsule supports 100t and there is a bigger package in the first stage. So yes there is enough avionics (also no warning about it) I tried to make the octo core the root part, same result. I cannot select the octo probe core, because its hidden, I will let it stick out and try that. But I remember that I did the same thing with the mk1 pod and it worked fine. Just an unmanned mk1 pod and an okto-core on top EDIT: I just restarted the game (RT still off) problem gone o.O but with RT on it says connected and still does not work
  4. hi folks, I have a problem/question(/bug?) I have RP-0 installed with its dependencies (including RemoteTech, I disabled signal delay and enabled the antenna control 'cheat') I build a rocket with the mk1-2pod, and for unmanned tests, I added an octo probe core. That worked for the mk1-pod (mk1-pod + octo probe core). But now it doesn't: I have control as long as it is connected to the launch clamps, I start the engines everything ok. But when I decouple the clamps, I loose control. In The topleft it says "connected". I checked the log, it only says "Liftoff". I have enough avionics. The throttle is set to 0 (as I set it up in remote tech) and I cannot pitch/yaw/roll (no movement in the topleft). ksp 1.1.3 RT 1.7.1 RO 11.3.2 (everything is as new as ckan letz me with ksp1.1.3) Any idea, Thank you Edit: I tried disabling RemoteTech (ingame) then I can not control it either, this bugs me. I guess its not about RemoteTech then.
  5. Hi, I have an unmanned capsule with a probe core on top, with a dish antenna. It is connected indirectly to a sttelite in orbit but it keeps saying "no connection" any explanation?
  6. Hi, I found a potential problem: I am using test flight in realism overhault(RP-0) I added some "Castor" solid rocket boosters,. They have a rated burn time of 30s and a burn time of 30s. They are too strong, so I reduced the thrust to 50%, the burn time goes up to 60s, but the rated burn time stays the same (30s). As a result the boosters fail all the time. I would expect that lower thrust boosters are less expodifyable. best regards
  7. yes i reduced it. But is is not getting that fast when the problem happens. Eventually this lift-force is taking it apart. okay, I guess my craft file was corrupt. I just rebuilt the craft, with about exactly the same numbers and it kicks ass.
  8. 30t atmo twr is 2.26 I have a little experience with RO rockets, its definitively wrong behaviour my craft file: (my other rocket is not affected)
  9. okay, sorry, of course you cannot see all of that form the picture >_< - I am lifting of 0° straigt upwards - the lift force seems to be relative to (wind) speed - and orthogonal to the flight direction - also if I am flying perfectly prograde - it is insanely high, it will disintegrate my vessel - drag (red arrows) seems to be correct - the winglets seem not to be affected I am not shure whether or not it only affects these procedural tanks, there is a probe core in the upper part of the rocket, I am not shure if the lift indicators belong to them or not Edit +And it is not the first rocket I built in this install, and did not change anything
  10. hi, does anybody have an idea where this weired behaviour can originate from? I have a very strong lift sideways on all parts. Or is it caused by the procedural parts? It also happens after restart I basically installed Realism Overhaul / RP-0, not much else. Best regards