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  1. my frustration at not having bottom attach nodes for jet engines boiled over today into a willingness to do something about it. if we can stack rocket engines on top of things, why not air-breathing engines too? all this does is add bottom stack nodes to the stock jets; obviously, it's pretty hacky. ideally, someone craftier than i could add shrouds and maybe extra mass to compensate. @PART[JetEngine] // Wheesley { node_stack_bottom = 0, -0.4, 0, 0, -1, 0, 1 } @PART[turboFanEngine] // Whiplash { node_stack_bottom = 0, -0.7, 0, 0, -1, 0, 1 } @PART[turboJet] // Panther { node_sta
  2. just wanted to say that this has been one of my favourite planet packs and after a ~1.5 year sabbatical from ksp i've been having a blast playing the 0.4.3 alpha. even better than it was originally. been exploring disole's canyons today
  3. absolutely spectacular! thank you so much!
  4. i can try that later tonight, but for the time being, i went into the save file and removed a couple digits from the the UT parameter in FLIGHTSTATE (year is now 24), and it works ok.
  5. oops! i've been out of the game (no pun intended) for a while. here: http://anterrobang.org/txt/output_log20180816.txt
  6. ...shouldn't it be in KSP_x64_Data/? cause there's no output_log.txt in there. the only such file is in Launcher_Data (presumably from the one time i opened the launcher)
  7. i'm experiencing a very peculiar bug with this mod on 1.4.5. whenever i click on either jump drive part (not the beacon) in the editor, the whole game hangs (and doesn't recover). i was unable to reproduce this on a new savefile... until i fastforwarded the in-game time ~25000 years (to match my other save). then, boom. same problem. (in case you're wondering, i sent a beacon to another star system... hence the crazy elapsed time)
  8. sadly it does indeed happen when burning right on the node (both in space and time), with a variety of different ships, and regardless of how the node was created. honestly i'm not really expecting a fix for this, since it's so difficult both to describe and replicate. i've since made a new copy of the game and re-modded it (i have yet to try copying the save file i was in the middle of over). i just hope that someone else might have encountered this issue who has a clue as to the culprit.
  9. no principia here's a list of what i play with: it's clear that my difficulty in explaining the issue is even moreso than i realised. i've put thousands of hours into this game over a 4 year timespan... i'd like to think i can tell when something is fundamentally Wrong. here's another example: often, when it reaches this state, if i create a maneuver node and start burning it, the remaining delta-v count will go up. that indicates to me that something is rotten in the state of kerbin.
  10. so i play with a whole ton of mods, which most of the time works just fine. sometimes, however, Something Terrible will happen spontaneously and it renders the game (both current saves and brand new ones) completely unplayable. i've never been able to pin down the source and i sure would love to so i could figure out the culprit. sadly, even describing the problem is quite difficult, but perhaps the best way is that motion and velocity don't... work properly any more. a good example of this is maneuver nodes: in a 100km kerbin orbit i told mechjeb to create a maneuver node for an
  11. is there a good rule of thumb on how to (roughly) calculate delta-v budgets? a simple formula where you plugin the resize/rescale factor in combined with the traditional number? i love playing at 2x, but i have no idea what i need to plan for in mission designs. it needn't be exact, just something that will give me the right ballpark.
  12. these are absolutely gorgeous! do you have a vector version available?
  13. after several years of playing i've finally convinced my partner to try out the game (hooray!). she's running it on her mid-2012 13" macbook pro under 10.9.5. for whatever reason, right clicks on an external mouse are rarely recognised in-game. it's not the mouse itself -- it works perfectly in any other program. likewise, it's not just ksp; right clicks using the trackpad work just fine. but 98% of the time she right clicks on the mouse, the game doesn't see it. any solutions/explanations/etc for this? it's really strange.
  14. not to be That Guy, but do you have an ETA for a heba fix? i'd love to venture to those moons.
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