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  1. have the problem from @jah1985 too. at science ar build in . the survive way funktional by me too. Output and Ksp log With ckan installed and german language played Edit: dateien change
  2. Hello i have this bugmessage: Failed to connect to repository. Exception: Trying to write E:/Steamssdgames/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program/GameData/InterstellarFuelSwitch/Resources/ModuleFuelJettison.cfg but it already exists. Have test delet (copy to a other dir ) this but not help. Have you a tip to correct this or is it a bug from interstellar ?
  3. very nice that is what i every search station parts can weldet in space.
  4. A littel wish can you build a roll function behind the start with set high option for beginn
  5. little wish of change .the jobs are difficult to read when they are lines to 2. half the 2 line disappears half. littel more space are needet. sorry is googeltrans.
  6. yes is nice but no intergate dock system .need system to build first the truss then the module. to release must i use docking ports to connect too thruss.
  7. Idee a thruss system with integrate docking funktion (hook system) and and a tunnel with outer rotate with docking for gravity system a version with 2 ports and one with 4.
  8. Proposal all 1.1.x updates are pure bugfix. This should not not be considered as basic update. and thus not a block versions compatible lead the 1.y version.
  9. hello i have a wish it give modmaker that make here mods as standalone with a dir that use all singlemods . but the problem is that files use in multible singel mods can not overwrite from ckan that bring error that ckan not overwrite a overwrite per user wish where nice. example cantares mods.