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  1. I've created a new release with the updated toolbar wrapper. Thanks for notifying me of this issue!
  2. I'm sorry for responding to so slowly. Thanks @bwheatley for helping out! I will release a new version asap.
  3. SkyKaptn was right... I got a notification via Github. Apparently I am not following my own tread. It seems that some of the definitions regarding the waypoints were changed, which caused the malfunctioning of navhud. I decided to remove this functionality as it was already half broken and it is the easiest way to make navhud work again.
  4. Version 1.3.0 for KSP 1.1 is now online All kudos go to iPeer, for porting NavHud to 1.1! There is still at least one bug though. The texture of the waypoint is not loaded in properly. I haven't been able to find a fix for this jet. I'm personally not planning any new features for this mod (if that is what you mean). I will try to keep it updated with newer KSP versions though.
  5. I like what you did to the menu, Addle! Haha, I expected you did. As it was pretty straight forward fix. (Makes me wonder why I didn't do it a while back..)Anyway, a new version with the before mentioned changes is available for download from the usual places.
  6. Hey, I just pushed two changes to github: Changed default button to one in the applaucher and added option to disable the waypoint. I hope you didn't spent to much time on that fix jet Addle .
  7. Done!Awesome work Addle. I probably wasn't be able to release a new build before this weekend myself. So thanks a lot!
  8. Happy new year everyone!! version 1.1.4 is out! version 1.1.4: - Added Waypoint support. - Fixed bug "NullReferenceExeption" when patched conics isn't unlocked.
  9. Good point! or have a "mod settings" option in the pause menu.
  10. hey all, I've been looking at the waypoint integration to check how easy/difficult it is, and already got some basic functionality working. About the toolbar/Applauncher: I agree with Addle. The current custom button should be replaced by the applauncher. I will start on this after finishing the waypoint integration though. EDIT: Also encountered a bug: Navhud will spam the log with "NullReferenceExeption" if you haven't unlocked patched conics. (It tries to check for maneuvernodes in the FlightGlobals.ActiveVessel.patchedConicSolver object which is Null)
  11. All creds go to Addle for this one. (This is same build as his 1.1.3-rc0 version) version 1.1.3: - Fixed bug where map view setting wasn't being saved and restored. - Burn calculations now take into account reducing mass during the burn.
  12. These options are available in the menu as "show text hud" and "lock text hud". You can open the menu by pressing the button labelled "NH" (if you have the toolbar mod installed you can find the corresponding button there). And also: welcome to the forums!
  13. This is a great idea! The kerbals are definitely OP at this point. A probe core dies when it runs out of electricity, but a kerbal can survive forever while being cramped up mk1-pod without food or anything?!.. The morale system seems a bit to complicated though. Why not use a mechanism that 90% of the games already have? Suppose each kerbal has a health bar that represents both emotional health (i.e. morale) and physical health. Then there could be certain events that would drain health such as: fall damage, going on EVA near the sun, going on EVA for too long, staying too long in the pilot seat, etc. And there could be live support systems that regenerate health over time. Where only the largest systems (the ones that include sanitary, medical and sleeping accommodations) can fully regenerate health.
  14. version 1.1.2 is now available, enjoy! This is exactly the same as version 1.1.2rc6 released by Addle. So if you've got that one then you are already up to date. Changes: version 1.1.2 - Added triangles at screen edge that point to markers that are out of view. - Added smoothing to markers at speeds below 1 m/s. - Added a HUD text display so the navball can be closed completely without missing the information contained on it. Also added settings options for it. Note that holding LeftAlt and hitting the toggle key will cycle through the speed display modes (Surface, Orbit and Target). (Addle) Thanks Addle for adding the text display and suggesting the other features.
  15. Do you mean something like a minimap? It would be probably be easier to make a separate mod for this. Currently I'm adding some indicators (triangles) on the screen edge that point to markers that are out of view. I'm also trying (more experimenting really) to reduce the jitter/bouncing of the markers that happens when moving at low speeds (< 1 m/s).