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  1. Haha, very nice! Great minds think alike, eh?
  2. With these new Kerbodyne parts, I decided to fly an Apollo-like mission. It isn't a perfect representation... the rocket isn't a perfect Saturn-V, and my Munar insertion didn't come in retrograde. But still, a solid proof of concept. Completely stock, save for KER for Delta-V calculations. Overall, the construction was somewhat simplistic; the entire rocket has a whole 62 parts. Here's some mission pics. Enjoy!
  3. Launched an Apollo-like mission. Mission Report pending.
  4. Just a Class-A to get myself on the board. I plan to grab a larger one later. (Fully stock, 5.35 tonnes.)
  5. Yes. Compare the KER output between these two images:
  6. 9k delta-v with a burn time of 300 days?
  7. Ran out of fuel just capturing a Class-A, so I had to send up a fuel barge:
  8. Caught a career asteroid... a Class A that had an impact trajectory. Brought it into a stable 160km polar orbit. This ship isn't designed with re-entry in mind, so I'll probably launch a "lander" for it later.
  9. Tonight I was playing around with the new ARM patch and the Kerbodyne large rocket parts. I built an asteroid encounter craft and a way over-engineered lifter. I found a small issue with KER displaying delta-V values for all my stages. I was able to fly the craft fine, and the delta-V value for "stage 5" read properly as it launched, with a final in-orbit delta-V that made sense. Pic in the VAB, displaying delta-v values as expected: Pic on the launch pad, only displaying delta-v for stages 5 and 1. The numbers look like it's not "asparagusing" the stages properly. It should read ~5000 (atmospheric) delta-V if it was adding them up into one stage. And for completeness, here's my craft. (Also, I'm pretty sure I'm about a version behind on these updates... but this behavior is definitely just since 0.23.5.)
  10. Found out that heavy lifters are now WAY easier with the new parts. I designed an asteroid encounter craft that clocked in at 56t. I used one of my typical 4-booster asparagus designs, and ended up way over-engineering it. I could have done it without the second tall tank in the center stack entirely. After a quick VAB visit, the same basic design at 6x boosters would lift 200t easy. Holy crap!
  11. Installed ARM and loaded the rendezvous tutorial. I caught me an asteroid!