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  1. I got this exception: [ERR 00:30:16.006] ContractConfigurator.ConfiguredContract: Error initializing contract CONTRACT_TYPE [mMunOrbit] [EXC 00:30:17.407] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object ContractConfigurator.Extensions.CleanDisplayName (.CelestialBody body, Boolean lower) ContractConfigurator.Parameters.ReachState.BodyList () ContractConfigurator.Parameters.ReachState.CreateDelegates () ContractConfigurator.Parameters.ReachState..ctor (System.Collections.Generic.List`1 targetBodies, System.String biome, System.Collections.Generic.List`1 situation, Single minAltitude, Single maxAltitude, Single minTerrainAltitude, Single maxTerrainAltitude, Double minSpeed, Double maxSpeed, Double minRateOfClimb, Double maxRateOfClimb, Single minAcceleration, Single maxAcceleration, Double minDeltaVeeActual, Double maxDeltaVeeActual, Double minDeltaVeeVacuum, Double maxDeltaVeeVacuum, System.String title) ContractConfigurator.ReachStateFactory.Generate (Contracts.Contract contract) ContractConfigurator.ParameterFactory.Generate (ContractConfigurator.ConfiguredContract contract, IContractParameterHost contractParamHost) ContractConfigurator.ParameterFactory.GenerateParameters (ContractConfigurator.ConfiguredContract contract, IContractParameterHost contractParamHost, System.Collections.Generic.List`1 paramFactories) ContractConfigurator.ContractType.GenerateParameters (ContractConfigurator.ConfiguredContract contract) ContractConfigurator.ConfiguredContract.Initialize (ContractConfigurator.ContractType contractType) UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) ContractConfigurator.LoggingUtil:LogException(Exception) ContractConfigurator.ConfiguredContract:Initialize(ContractType) ContractConfigurator.<GenerateContract>d__33:MoveNext() ContractConfigurator.<ContractEnumerator>d__32:MoveNext() ContractConfigurator.ContractPreLoader:Update() The exception occurred just after completing the manned orbit for 72 hours contract. Now in Mission Control it shows that all of the requirements are met for Manned Mun Orbit, but it isn't offering the contract. I am running with the Galileo planet pack. Could that be the problem? Is there any way (an edit of the .cfg?) that I can make it offer the contract? Cheers! Later edit: hmmm... also the "Minmus and Kerbol" mission isn't even showing up in the list.
  2. Ahhhh.... Thanks! That is very helpful. So, in CKAN you "just" have to go into Settings -> Compatible KSP versions. Then add 1.4.5 to the list (it wasn't in the list originally). Then check the box for 1.4.5 and hit accept. Now CKAN will offer MKS/OKS as a compatible mod for 1.6.0.
  3. Is this currently working under 1.6.0? It looks like people are using it in 1.6.1 so I'm guessing yes. But it doesn't show up in the compatible list for 1.6.0 in CKAN. Do I just need to install it manually?
  4. I reverted to version 1.1.4 of CustomBarnKit and the problem went away. So it looks like something in version 1.1.5 is not getting along with RP-0.
  5. I can confirm that reverting to CustomBarnKit 1.1.4 (today's update was 1.1.5) fixes the problem.
  6. I'm playing a RP-0 game and it looks like the last update of CustomBarnKit may have broken things. All of a sudden rockets which I've launched before are exceeding mass/size limits of the launch pad. The launch pad is at upgrade level 2 and the mass limit is showing up as 140 t (in RP-0 it should be 800 t.).
  7. I haven't noticed anything with other buildings, but I agree that this sure looks like the update of CustomBarnKit broke things.
  8. Did something just break, with craft mass and size limits? All of a sudden rockets that I've launched before in the current game that I'm playing are exceeding size and mass limits of my launchpad. The Launchpad size limit (level 2 upgrade) is set to 140 t. I see a config file, CustomBarnKit.cfg, in the RP-0 directory which seems to be showing that the mass limit should be 800 t and that matches my memory of what it should be. But clearly that isn't being implemented. I went into the CustomBarnKit directory and edited the default.cfg to try to set the mass and size limits that way. But that didn't change anything. So I presume there must be some other mod which is changing these values somehow. Help?
  9. I've been using Dangit! for a while (and "enjoying" it much like I enjoy bashing my head against a wall...why do we do things like this to ourselves??). I've noticed a new behaviour in the last day or two which seems like a bug. At the moment practically every time a kerbal boards after an EVA a part will break. This makes it basically impossible to keep the craft in any state of repair because it is an endless loop of EVA-repair-board-something breaks. I see there are issues with USI and I am using USI. But the things that are breaking are generally batteries and fuel/monopropelant tanks, so this doesn't seem like a USI issue.
  10. I've been playing with Entropy and it *was* working as far as I could tell. But just recently it seems to have gone nuts. For the last day or two every time a kerbal boards a craft from EVA something (usually a battery or tank) breaks. Time to uninstal it.
  11. Awesome! How did I not notice that directory? The script looks useful, but I'm in Linux so I don't think there's a straightforward way to use Power Script. If I was feeling ambitious I'd rewrite your script in bash, but I'm swamped with other things. I think for now I'll call the declining reputation a "difficulty setting". Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone, I'm playing around with this because it looks potentially like one of the most awesome things ever... I can get a server up and running for local play, which is all I'm trying to do. But I'm having trouble setting any options using the DMPServerSettings.txt file. I make the file but when I run the server it seems to just delete the server settings file. I *assume* I've just got the syntax wrong, but there are no examples of correct syntax that I've been able to find. For example, trying to set it up for a career mode game I've tried each of the following: gamemode=CAREER gamemode CAREER gamemode=2 gamemode 2 but none of those work. Can anyone post a few code snippets of correctly written DMPServerSettings.txt files? Obviously, the thing I'm most interested in is setting it for career mode, but other things would be handy for me and for other noobs as well.
  13. Tried again today without changing anything. Now instead of listing B9 aerospace pack twice it lists it once and then lists B9 aerospace props and the install works just fine. So either someone fixed it (thanks!) or the gremlins went to cause mischief elsewhere.
  14. Is there a problem with the ckan metadata for this mod? Trying to install it using CKAN it shows that it is trying to install *two* instances of B9 Aerospace Pack R5.4.0 It then crashes every time without successfully installing B9. I've tried installing all dependencies first (Firespitter Core, B9 emissives, etc.) so that all CKAN is trying to install is the B9 Aerospace pack. But it now won't install B9. The fact that it lists the mod twice in what it is trying to install might indicate what the problem is.
  15. Hooray! Now I can spend my evening launching rockets instead of figuring out syntax!