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  1. True, but it would be nice to have a little bit more realism maybe, adding support for "parts" of it, like Real Fuel or KScale64
  2. I fixed the AJ10 easily, but now I was trying to add the test flight data for the LR101 and the old A-4.. unfortunately i can only manage to get them to show the test flight info data in the VAB, but when they are launched test flight doesn't recognized them... Any idea? https://github.com/mellon85/TestFlight/blob/master/configs/RealismOverhaul/RO_Engines.yaml
  3. I have found on various websites informations about the various engines but rated burn is not specified for many rockets, for most of them there is only the burn time used on that specific configuration/rocket. And for the engines already in the configuration the values are kind of higher so I don't know what should I put. How should I use that? for now I put it as the rated burn time like the other rockets the reliability starts decreasing 5 seconds after that. Also I don't know exactly what to put in the reliability curve after that...
  4. true, I'll see what I'll manage to get.. but there are anyway some engines that are hard to fix, like the A-4 or the 1Kn thruster or the vanguard booster
  5. Any way I can help? I have no idea where would I be able to find some real data abour failure rates for these engines :-s
  6. I am playing with RSS/RO and Test Flight but I am having some doubts if my installation has issues... Some engines have no test flight failures. The LR89 series for instance has it's data and fails as it should but there is also the LR79/H-1/RS-27 series that instead will never fail, the 2 engines types are also so similar that in fact I would see no reason anymore to use LR89 and risk a malfunction when I could just use an LR79 with comparable statistics (except for the weight)
  7. I am having some difficulties with RO and RSS.. I am having the same issue with the minimal possible amount of mods and both in Linux and Windows. I am trying to do my first orbital satellite but as soon as the rocket starts the gravity turn something weird happens, my roll indicator starts going nuts and starts pointing in one direction and switches every now and then It makes it impossible for me to send the rocket straight, it uses all the gimbal and wings to make the rocket rotate even though I am not touching anything in the keyboard, nor the mouse and there is no controller attached! In the picture I was trying to keep it straight pressing E to counter the rotation.. but it's practically impossible. I can provide a video in case it's needed. But if I remove all the mods and create a similar rocket in stock with FAR and other mods to make it similar (or also pure stock) I don't have this behaviour...
  8. sometimes I get it even without crossing any SOI, just I can't click on my orbit, not even for a warp here.. but in those cases I can fix it by going to the space center and back.. still annoying though
  9. thanks, yes, this is the problem.. darn...
  10. I just send a base on Minmus for a mission to send a station (on wheels) on the surface; it landed perfectly and works like a cham, using a mixture or landing legs and landing gears. The problem is that the mission is not mark as accomplisehd as the landing gears are apparently not recognized as wheels.. but to access "wheels" I need at least 300 science points and I just started scratching the 160 science points level. I guessed I could use the landing gears as for all I knew you can only get mission you should be able to do with your current technological level or am I wrong?
  11. I am having an issue with a station I am sending to minmus. I can't put any manouver node, but I can in other vessels. I tried also in another installation but I have the same issue. I have attached a link to the save game folder and the output_log.txt https://www.dropbox.com/s/l9v25355nyauyy1/ESA-02-05-2015.7z?dl=0 Apparently if I do a full thrust at least until the orbit will encounter minmus I can place manouver nodes again
  12. The mod is great but I have noticed a wierd behaviour. If I am using an MK4 plane the terminal velocity is more than doubled, at sea level it's above 300m/s with respect to other planes. If I am mixing mk4 and mk2/mk1 it's at normal-ish levels. I have the issue with stock drag fix mod and without That means that the plane can accellerate a lot more than the others and have troubles breaking.
  13. Is there a way to have an analysis if there is going to be enough air intake to fly at a speed/altitude? knowing that the plane is stable at some altitudes and speeds is useful, but when reaching very thin atmosphere I don't know if the engine wold be able to keep up with it
  14. thanks, but no thanks. I don't want to use MechJeb, i prefer to play the game
  15. There is no atmosphere in while doing the reentry manouver, if mechjeb is using drag to calculate how much thrust to do then something is off in mechjeb... I started trying the mod instead of FAR as I was playing in Hard mode, and couldn't afford to try 20 planes... It's very interesting but in fact it misses just a few things like nosecones, fairings and I also liked the display of the drag force in FAR. I will see if I'll find the time to look into the API how to do those things, but I doubt
  16. Easy, Normal, Hard, FAR/NEAR configurations would be nice, at least it would cause less headaches to configure it
  17. this was not exactly a success, but the parachute opened a mach 2.4 http://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2014/06/ldsd-rocket-powered-saucer-landing-technology/ anyway, ok, I'll skip on the drogue chute for now
  18. Sure, I understand the issue.. but drag or main just will have to open at the same height usually. If it slows down enough in the atmosphere then the drag chute can work, but it's useless as a main chute would do the trick anyway. If it's heavy and doesn't slow down enough drag chute are unusable anyway as they won't open high enough and anyway they can only be opened at the same time I can open the main ones, rendering them uselss to slow down to a point where I can use main chute safely I tried putting the drag chute in kevlar but nothing changes I can only open them below 350m/s anyway and at that point I am below 7km in my current heavy payload.
  19. I have been using DRE, FAR and RealChute a lot in the past, coming back to the game I am having some difficulties... with DRE the chutes burn like matchsticks extremly easily even the drag chute, ss all the parachutes can open at around 350m/s what's the usefullness of drag chutes with DRE? Maybe I am forgetting smoething but I kinda remember using them much more easily.. instead of losing ships in reentry in kerbin
  20. This is the effect I should expect from 20kN of thurst on a plasma thruster?
  21. I was trying to create a fusion powered reactor+converter with the omega reactor but I am getting weird results, both at the launchpad and in orbit. The reactor is connected to a direct converter and a KTEC converter If the reactor is using D/T everything works, both the direct and the KTEC produce energy. If I use D/He-3 or He-3 the theoretical power supply is much higher, but the direct converter doesn't produce energy at all...
  22. thanks, it's not that, ill rproduce it and see with the logs, I can reach 80kN of thrust and not even a minimally visible light coming out... with some tests I can see it also relates somehow to the delta-v. If a rocket is being boosted and uses a plasma thruster it lighetns up a little bit but as soon as the boosters are detached, even if the thrust is not changed the color fades away immidiately
  23. I am having issues with the plasma engines... When they are on there are no graphical effects. I just tried with a minimal setup (Toolbar,KSP Interstellar) and still i can't get any particle out of it
  24. are you sure you have the _Emissive texture for the radiator in the mod's folders? Without those it will make everything red instead of just the intended parts.
  25. I have taken pictues or the issues I am having with tritium and He-3 decay. I have a clean install with just Interstellar and I tried generating tritium in background and he-3 decay. I tried with both a vessel that never leaves the ground and then with one that launches and land (same spot though). I can't get the deuterium to be generated in the background and the he-3 to decay in both cases at all. it stays absolutely the same. Am I doing something wrong? https://imgur.com/a/pTOfl
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