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  1. How can I relocate the launch site for 45º ? Somebody has the cfg files ?
  2. Same problem here. I use only Planet Shine and Real Plume/SmokeScreen for visual mods (had eve then uninstalled it). Also i use always D3D mode (the default) with half-res because in Open-GL and D3D11 the performance is worse. I can see that the performance gets worse when the speed comes to Mach 1 and after Mach 2, then it gets better.
  3. Tem o mod Mission Controller que te da essas opções de selecionar os tipos de contratos que vc quer receber, e ainda tem contratos históricos, tanto soviéticos quanto americanos, mas se vc não quiser pode desativar.
  4. Same problem here, I think it is the inner planets contract from ScanSat Contract Configurator Mod. A temporary solution to see the contracts in game is the mod Contracts Window, worked fine for me, but the stock contract window still crash the game.
  5. The Stockalike Real Fuels Engine Configs Mod covers this engines configs for Real Fuels.
  6. Nick: guifon Idade: 29 anos País: Brasil Cidade: Piracicaba Tempo de Jogo: Outubro 2012, desde a versão 0.22 Mods: KW, MechJeb, Kethane, KAS, Procedural Fairings, Crew Manifest, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Multiple Saves