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  1. Does the SPRT Medium Scanning Arm break the height of anybody else's rocket height in career mode? Height of my Minmus Lander, including a rover on a robotic deplyment arm = 11.8 metres Height of my Minmus Lander when I add the SPRT Medium Scanning Arm to the front of the rover = 56.1 metres That can't be right, surely? Note: It appears to change the craft height to 56.1 metres no matter where I add the arm, either to the rover or the body of the lander...
  2. Do I need to unlock all the parts, or just the camera? As mentioned, I'm scanning Duna but no contracts have been offered.
  3. I've launched a telescope into solar orbit and apparently I'm mapping Duna. Q: How long does this take and when do I get offered a contract?
  4. If it's a bug, it's unlikely to be geographically related. If the game is crashing after a certain amount of time, that could be indicative of a memory leak. I suggest landing a little sooner and saving the game. Then re-start the game and attempt to head to the pole straight after re-loading.
  5. I agree. I had my chute set to open at the default height as I came screaming in over mountains with a full load of science from Minmus. The Mk1 Pod ran into the side of the mountain while still travelling at over 50m/s but luckily for Bob (and the R&D team) the resulting explosion destroyed only the ablative shield. Phew!
  6. I was introduced to KSP by Youtube's recommendation of HOCgaming's series and Scott Manley's .
  7. The usual, I guess. I always watch Scott's videos. Harv (HOCgaming) introduced me to the game and Scott (Manley) taught me how to play. Various others (KurtJMac, Nassault, Bob Fitch, Thor LP,etc.) have inspired me along the way.
  8. On the South Coast of England, the word 'root' is also used by the locals as a slang term for a man's 'private part'.
  9. Jebediah is now beginning an extended visit to the Mun... He got his lander down OK, but he does not have quite enough DeltaV to get back into orbit as it was originally designed for a mission to Minmus.
  10. Did you activate it by staging, or by action groups? Only the former works, IIRC.
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