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  1. YES On another note, I would like to space because I love space. I would use the Soyuz spacecraft. It's great.
  2. Every time someone posts a post about a awesome craft and doesn't provide a file, Harvester kills a Kerbal.
  3. Kinda boring. Sit there for 3 minutes watching kerbin move.
  4. I agree fully. No quickload, save revert of any kind, and permadeath, and TAC, and Final Frontier.
  5. always start KSP when I log in, then alt+tab to read the forum. The forum is addicting.
  6. Language, mate. EDIT: oh lawdy i necroed I am so sorry.
  7. I think if you press Alt+f12, and then quickly tap alt, then (edit: hold alt for 5 seconds) hold alt, you'll find a surprise.
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