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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/16eotp4XZFJY-lIwAIUzf_CbLxWBIUtxE/view?usp=sharing Help, I can't add rocket construction
  2. You're right, I've eliminated the mods you told me, I just took stage recovery and now it works. Thank you
  3. I do not understand what the problem is, old mods are gone, the only ones that are reported are the Kerbal construction time, but they should be compatible. It does all the loading, and just before the initial screen crashes. I provide the error files and the log https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kDFWCWNhp7xazAktwBZjObfJ-uhsKmYJ
  4. I also had the problem of flicker with USI LIFE window, I removed diverse kerbal heads and the flicker is gone
  5. I have the same problem of Kylon-Raider, disappear crews My situation with a ship in return Kerbin, two days on arrival with periapsis inside the atmosphere 25 km . As they pass the 2 days, I go to the space center, do a tour with a rover at KSC, back to the ship and kerbal disappeared. I get out of KSP, delete Stage Recovery, I return to the game, do the same things and kerbal NOT disappears. Without other evidence. I get out of KSP, put yet Stage recovery, load the same save, repeat as before, the Kerbal disappears. Reloading the save, move the periapsis out of the atmosphere (85km) and Kerbal NOT disappears I can leave the savegame, but I have many mods https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_n0DdXfS_EDelRNd211cmhva2s/view?usp=sharing
  6. there is an experiment that requires 2 cyclotrons. one is not enough
  7. ok, but I have an installation of 0.90 and the parameter is the same, but the asteroids appeared in various sizes and masses, not now
  8. I had a problem, increasing or decreasing the "All" setting, in the map scene are moved orbits. The shuttle remains in its position, but the sign of the orbit increases or decreases according to the "all" setting.
  9. Thanks work fine, but if kerbal restart, the configuration is not saved (all 1.5) and I have to put it back. I saw in the configuration file that is created which is all set to 1, manually changing it to 1.5, the next reboot, all is back to 1. It would be great, if you could at least be able to change with Alt U in the scene of the KSC, so as soon as you enter the current game, you do not need before you get into a flying scene to change it. This is only a suggestion, this plugin allows me to see in the VAB parties also setting the 4K graphics
  10. I'm on board, I need 1.1 release, 64 bit ......HYPE
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