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  1. Hellooo from beyond the grave! I see a lot has happened here during my absence. I'm very glad, that @linuxgurugamer took over this plugin I neglected lately. I know. I promissed I would update WernherChecker for KSP 1.2, but I didn't do it. I know I disappointed you and I feel really sorry for that. Somewhere on my PC I still have some unpublished features in developement, such as paper-like look with handwritten font and checking for contracts requirments. If I find the code and time to do it, I will share it here, but no guarantee (you already know me ). Cheers! E: I must also say I am a bit sceptical about the implementation in the flight scene, where the requirments are completely different, so I'd say, that the half of the plugin would have to be completely overwritten in order to be usable.
  2. Yep, "BLIZZY" is correct, but this setting is also available in-game, so you don't have to worry
  3. Hey! WernherChecker 0.4.1 update is out! Download from SpaceDock, GitHub or CurseForge! This is mostly just a compatibility update, but thanks to @linuxgurugamer there are also new default checklists for Rover, Space station and Spaceplane. If you happen to find a bug, let me know, so I can fix it ASAP, thanks!
  4. This is actually intentional. The version for KSP 1.1 is not finished yet, so I thought there is no reason to publish it now already. But the update should be released soon, as I just only need to solve some positioning problems and check, that everything is flawless.
  5. Not clear yet, but probably not. Jason-3 is flying on the older version of F9 v1.1, which is not that powerful and we don't know if the SLC-4W landing pad is already finished. Also, at NSF I found some interesting maps showing a likely position of ADSD for the J-3 mission. On the other hand, Jason is not very heavy sat with its 600kg, so this can compensate for a bit less powerful F9. As of today, it is scheduled to premiere sometime in April.
  6. I have a feeling that onDisable is the event, which is triggered when the button gets grayed out, like KER's button does, when the editor is empty - just disabled, so you cannot control it and change its state.
  7. From the Gentlemen's Quarterly's interview with Elon published 3 days ago:
  8. I am personally all for the port to the IPS 4 software. The new features of the IPS are just awesome! Notifications when quoted - I wanted that all the time! I don't mind deleting the Rocket Builders forum, since I've never visited it. Missing livestreaming calendar? No blogs? Meh.. I can live with that. All in all, I think the advantages significantly overweight the disadvantages.
  9. I sent a pull request yesterday, so since then it's up to CKAN admins to merge it. I don't know how long does it usually takes from PR to DB rebuild.
  10. When I compiled it againts the KSP 1.0.5 for the first time, no errors because of changed API popped up, so v0.4 [I]probably [/I]doesn't refer to any values not defined in KSP 1.0.4. So it should work just fine.
  11. Now it's finaly THE TIME! After my short break, WernherChecker has been officially updated! v0.4 is available for download at Kerbal Stuff, CurseForce and GitHub. And what's new? * Checking for resource capacity, current resource amount, crew's skills and part presence * Tooltips * Criterion's parameters in-game editing * Significant preformance increase * KSP 1.0.5 support * Changed color of the indicator lights * Bugfixes and tweaks Full changelog available in the OP Enjoy!
  12. Aaaaaaalmost there! This weekend I had the first chance in this week to sit behind my PC and do some work on the v0.4 and now I have a feeling, that everything is finally as it should be. Too bad I am a perfectionist and anything looking unlike I like it is, for me, a reason to delay the release Now only do all the release-related stuffs like taking some screenshots highlighting the mod and its new features, writing release post and changelog and packing all the files together.
  13. I plan to release the v0.4 right after KSP 1.0.5 drops. Almost 2 months ago I thought the new KSP update is just about to be released, but now it's still not out. It seemed stupid to me to update WernherChecker when KSP 1.1 looked to be just around the corner and I would have to compile and release it again for the new KSP version. But I didn't know that the unexpected problems will delay the KSP 1.1 (now 1.0.5) up to the november. At least I could add some more tweaks and improvements to the update. Now I'm just finishing the readme pass with more detailed description and making sure everything works and no bugs are present. Much thanks for your patience.
  14. Hi, I spotted this bug a few days after the update and fixed it immediately on my PC, but I decided the next update to be the full release, so I wanted to write some documentation about the new features before I upload it. Unfortunately, the new school year was nearing and I had to finish some school stuffs before the it starts. That took me a LOT of my free time, but my suffering finally ended yesterday and now I'm prepared to finish the v0.4. FYI, in the pre-release #2 I found yet another bug, where the checking fails and throws exceptions when some seats are unassigned. But don't worry, it shouldn't cause any crashes - it's wrapped in the "catch" block, so your ships are safe . Hmm... That's strange indeed. I'm pretty confident there are those files somewhere. Are you sure you had the dev branch selected?
  15. [table=width: 1000, align: center] [tr] [td][/td] [td] <------- This! This is the format I liked the most. All nicely in one place.[/td] [/tr] [/table]
  16. Rosetta perihelion hangout replay here: And of course, what space hangout would it be without KSP-related question Check out 1:48:06
  17. Hi there, Let's go streight to the point - The 2nd v0.4 pre-release is waiting for you at GitHub If possible, please focus mainly on testing the newly added content, such as the new tooltip system and checking for the skills of a crew, so I can further improve it based on your feedback. Since my native language is not english, look for any grammar and spelling mistakes too. Many, many times thanks! Here's the (almost) full changelog: * Recompiled against KSP 1.0.4 * Added checking for crew's skills * Added tooltips * Changed some colors of the indicators * Fixed the launch button's tooltip * Bunch of smaller tweaks
  18. That's actually what OP uses So try Window Capture. It might help, but I can't guarantee.
  19. Do you use Game Capture? I remember experiencing some serious lags when experimenting with it about one year ago. It could have already been fixed though.
  20. They take the heat from your ship and radiate it into space to prevent the craft from overheating. Mostly useful at closer distances to Kerbol and on vessels with Nervas. You can display the part's temperature overlay inflight by F10 and F11 keys.
  21. Find the .cfg for the winch (at GameData\KAS\Parts\winch1[2]\part.cfg) and adjust the below highlighted value to whatever you want PART { <-snip-> MODULE { name = KASModuleWinch [highlight][B]maxLenght = 50[/B][/highlight] cableSpring = 1000 [I]etc.[/I] } <-snip-> } E/ Oh, damn! Ninja'd
  22. YEAH, SURE! I apologize for a rather late answer, but I quite got used to no traffic here and thus didn't checked this thread for a while. On June the development was going at the snail's pace (hyperbole - it was actually much slower than that) as the school was taking a fair amount of my free time. But last week I dived deeply into the code and made some good advances - added some tooltips (trickier than it sounds), checking for crew's skills and improved the GUI a little (might forgot something) Hopefully I will push another pre-release out before I go to a vacation next Wednesday.
  23. Hi, I'm extremly greatful for your feedback. It's very important for me, as the pre-release would be useless without it. I'm glad, that everything is running smoothly, except that one small bug, which I'm unfortunately unable to reproduce. I will need you, cephalo, to send me a Debug Log of KSP located at "KSP_Root\KSP_Data\output_log.txt" so i can trace the bug down. This week I had to and still have to finish several school stuffs (one of them being a paper work in german making me wanting to commit suicide) until the end of the month, so don't expect any advances in v0.4 until then. Once more, thanks.
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