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  1. Yay 1.0.2 update! You are brilliant. KSp just doesn't feel like KSP with KW Rocketry.
  2. Very handsome pod. I already use the 2-man pod many people have linked to, so I'd rather see this as a 3 or 4 kerbal pod. It fits stylistically very nicely with the 2-man pod, which is nice. I'd love to see a fix for the docking ports being incompatible with the stock ports.
  3. I like the lightbulb a lot, but... yeah, it is already borderline OP. Anything more would be too much. (Its not so OP that I won't use it though... of course...)
  4. Sounds awesome. Definitely needs its own model... Maybe something similar to the cryo bay mod?
  5. I'd love that! Excited about the new ATV too, I like your solution for the rear docking port.
  6. Actually, your models aren't far off! The current Cygnus is 3.66m long (EDIT: Another place Wikipedia is saying 5m...), and the ATV is 10.3m. (At least, according to wikipedia...) And Progress is 7 something meters, so... you're perfect! Some interesting photos to give a sense of interior scale:
  7. Beale said a few pages back that he was dropping it to streamline the model a bit, and since it didn't seem like many people used it anyway. *shrug*
  8. Looks great! And I like that without the front docking adapter it fits 1.25m ports. As an aside, until I downloaded your mod I had never realized how huge the ATV was, or perhaps how tiny the Cygnus is...
  9. Love the new folder structure, so that you aren't overwriting squad textures. For some reason with the Mk. 1-2 CM, the rcs jets constantly show that they are firing all the time. (They aren't, actually, they just look like it.) Too bad, because working RCS jets on stock pods would be great! EDIT: When the RCS jets "fire" in the VAB and on the pad, debug shows a "IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range" error. Any ideas?
  10. Possible bug to report... Whenever I EVA from this pod, the kerbal gets ejected away at a few meters per second. It's easy enough to bring them back with RCS, but still, not great. Anyone else having the same problem?
  11. Edit: Nevermind, I'm pretty sure I'm wrongy wrong wrong. Carry on. Maybe this is a dumb question, but does the part inventory/stage recovery element of KCT only work in career mode? Just tried it in 0.90 sandbox, and everything in KCT seems to work perfectly except for that. Thanks! Very cool mod.
  12. Can't wait for that new "Poodle equivalent" from the front page. Good looking parts!
  13. BahamutoD, did you used to have a mod with a 2.5m docking port with a retractable shield? And if so is it still available somewhere? Thanks!
  14. Totally ridiculous, Beale should of course take sundays off. Edit: The OM looks great! didn't the heat shield have a bottom decoupler, before?
  15. Eeeeeeee! Beale, you talk all the time about "Oh, if only I had more time..." but it seems to me you get a phenomenal amount done! Love your work, as always.
  16. Agreed, I love all the weird Fuji variants. Though maybe not with "SPACE VIEW CORP" plastered seemingly randomly all around it... Yellow is good though. And I always like soviet green parts....
  17. I get a similar effect on the outside of many of the fuel tanks. (In case anyone remembers me from before, I'm now using stock textures so thats not the problem)
  18. While I totally get the idea of needing constant energy requirements, and think that would be perfectly fine in the scope of this mod... I totally agree with you. I think the added ease this brings to mission planning is great, and it's offset well by needing to bring along the stasis chamber, to design and build around that.