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  1. Hey, can I get a name change to Ernos? when I made this one like 7 years ago, I picked the horrendous username Munar Pilot and I really don't like it now lol
  2. Alright, hopefully you can do it for the next release.
  3. So I've gotten back into BDArmory, and I've seen that the KSPedia entries don't exist. Could you/someone fix it? I don't know enough about KSP modding to fix it myself.
  4. I am quite hyped, like everyone else, for KSP 2. When my friend sent me the link to the trailer, I thought it actually was a prank. I hope it truly has what they are claiming come release day. If they do, I am buying it on release day.
  5. Why does everyone always say that the most recent update is always the last? I've seen that as far back as 1.0... It doesn't make sense.
  6. Ok, thank ya, I will check it out, and look at using solids
  7. Ok, I am just using whatever tech, the best I can find, and I am launching a probe weighing 0.1t to a 200-230km orbit. One of my difficulties is engine selection, other than LR89 or 79, and the AJ10 series of engines. and the generic thrusters, the 1.xx and the 2.xx kn thrusters
  8. Hey, I am fairly new to RSS/RO, and more specifically rocket design. How do you guys make such small orbital capable launchers? My smallest is 57 tons and 27 meters tall, and 2m diameter at the first stage. Here's a Google Drive folder with the craft file and screenshot. Not sure how to add screenshots to a post.
  9. Do we have a rough time frame for when it'll be coming to 1.5? I understand you guys (modders) haven't had long to work on mod updates. In the meantime, will the 1.4.5 version work in 1.5?
  10. What is that skybox texture if you don't mind? It looks interesting
  11. Huh, interesting, been a while, and I have the most recent comment.
  12. It is standard B9, and I updated the dependencies, working on fixing the only issue with B9, which is the RCS thruster plumes being over a meter long. You have to download HX and install it, and it should work.
  13. When are we getting a 1.4 compatible version? It works in 1.4, I am just curious if there will be an official 1.4 version
  14. Check my comment, I have a working version of B9 for 1.4
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