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  1. How do I make custom Pwing textures?

  2. Chris P. Bacon

    Imperial measure

    FAR also lets you switch your airspeed around to mach numbers and knots.
  3. Chris P. Bacon

    [1.1.2] Kerbal Konstructs v0.9.7.1 - Slopey Glidey

    Yeah, those cfg's just shuffle around the assets that come with KK to new coordinates. I'm more concerned with being able to place my own models. Edit: Found a solution. Just have to start a new game before installing RSS or any other mods to generate the KK.cfg, then remove KK's static objects and add in whatever mods I want to use. Seems to work fine as long as I don't create a new save game without removing everything. Kinda weird, I remember previous versions working flawlessly in RSS (besides default objects being at the wrong coordinates). Edit 2: Nevermind, it worked until the second game restart... now it can't find the KK.cfg again... will continue to plug away at it to find whatever the conflict may be. I suspect something goofy is going on with folder permissions or something, because I am using the mod without problems in a much heavier install (100+ mods instead of stock + RSS).
  4. Chris P. Bacon

    [1.1.2] Kerbal Konstructs v0.9.7.1 - Slopey Glidey

    Having the same issue here. Figured it was just an issue with RSS or sandbox. Relevant line from the output log: File 'C:/Users/[mypcname]/Desktop/KSP112Testing/KSP_x64_Data/../saves/default/KK.cfg' does not exist
  5. Chris P. Bacon

    One sentence you could say to annoy an entire fan base?

    I think he was some kid they let fly the Enterprise in Star Wars. Edit: My signature is probably good enough for this thread, although I'd be surprised if it hasn't been said already.
  6. Chris P. Bacon

    [1.6.1] Cormorant Aeronology - Mk3 Space Shuttle

    Sounds good man. It's all personal preference really, since they are stock-alike parts after all All I did was make a duplicate part.cfg and edit the scales in the model {} section. A mesh switch is a much more professional way to do it.
  7. Chris P. Bacon

    [1.6.1] Cormorant Aeronology - Mk3 Space Shuttle

    Ya nailed that OMS model, nice work! I had a bit more of a go at editing textures (not trying to step on your toes or anything Pak, just something to do while waiting for the hype train to pull into station). The Buran nose has a scale of 1.0, 1.1, 1.0 in the cfg to give it a bit of a stretch in length, not sure if it's the right thing to do, but I thought it made it look a bit less stubby, and more like the real Buran. Added a textureswitch module to the Mk3 cockpit and refined that texture some more. Removed the black tiled ares between the windows, squared up the window borders on the top of the cockpit, whitened the hatch border (Buran only has the black outline on the center circle) and removed the window in the hatch. The white areas also have some very faint tile outlines and less pronounced panel seams. Also tried to replicate the asymmetric tile pattern on the nose. I play with these in RSS/RO, so they're just to satisfy my own pedantic nature. I'll leave the textures here if anyone wants to make use of them (keep in mind the tiles line up best with that 110% scale in the Y-axis on the nosecone). The Buran airframes with the nose docking ports were just a cheap way of throwing a few space tugs in orbit. They weren't really a variant of the Buran, but more of something to do with the leftover junk from the program. They were going to be reused test articles (similar to Enterprise and the other wooden space shuttles) with an OMS system slapped on and a cargobay full of bombs. They weren't meant to reenter, and were disposable. Having a nosecone like that beneath a heatshield sounds like a pretty sketchy proposition, but it would be neat.
  8. Chris P. Bacon

    [1.6.1] Cormorant Aeronology - Mk3 Space Shuttle

    Dude, you rock! I should've been following the thread, I was just trying to hack together my own Buran textures last night. Looking forward to the new parts!
  9. INTERNAL { name = ivaname offset = 0 , 0 , 0 }
  10. I think you may be over-estimating my competency I couldn't even name what coding language KSP uses for plugins, let alone know what might need to be fixed. I'm willing to pick up a "For Dummies" book and jump in head first to this plugin stuff though, if no one else is going to pick it up, it just may take me several weeks/months to figure it out
  11. Same problem here, GUI isn't opening on mouse-over, only the blue part highlighting is working.
  12. The only countries using metric altitude measurements in aviation are China, Russia and North Korea.
  13. Chris P. Bacon

    [1.0.5][WIP]FantomWorks 0.3.3 KAX+ Part Pack

    Funny, I had just built an SR and KC-10 a couple days ago. Cockpit looks real good in black kerbpaint. Great minds think alike
  14. Chris P. Bacon

    [WIP][1.0.5]* RSS Visual Enhancements (RVE)

    Happens to me too, I had assumed the sharedassets file was for KSP 104 and won't work with 105.
  15. Chris P. Bacon

    ksp halo hogrun

    Kerbal Konstructs should be working just fine in 1.0.5. I have been using it without trouble for a while now. The kerbinside objects with concave colliders, however, are broken.