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  1. Cheers guys; I really appreciate the help. My laptop is messed up atm, but after I get it fixed I'm gonna start figuring stuff out. I have some pretty cool ideas for this once I figure it out
  2. Hmm. I'll see if I can figure a system out, modifying B9's bits and bobs. I literally have never done any part editing other than adjusting the amount of fuel in a tank, so I'm not hopeful XD
  3. Thanks! I will have a fiddle around with a backed up B9 to see what I can see, but I doubt I'll make much progress It was partly actually using your RF pack which gave me the idea; I'm trying to build a Focke-Wulf 1000x3, and the engines on that are enclosed in a flying wing design. Currently it really looks the part but has no engines, cause I can't get them to look right
  4. Actually, it occurs to me that instead of having modular pipe pieces, it might be easier/better to have radially attaching nozzles and connections similar to the stock fuel lines, but specific to a "thrust" resource that's determined by the engine contained in the bay.
  5. Wow, you are good at this Puts me to shame, I'm mighty impressed
  6. I have an idea for a mod, and since I have ZERO modelling/texturing/coding ability I figured I'd throw it out here to see if it might inspire someone more talented. I build a lot of jets, and one thing I have noticed that is missing from the vanilla game and to my knowledge not mod-added either is the ability to divert thrust from engines. Looking at real-world jets I have seen quite a few examples where the engine is enclosed in the body and the thrust is diverted out the back (one obvious example being the Harrier's four vectoring nozzles fed by a single engine). A way this could be achieved could be to have something like a cargo bay, but without doors, into which the engine is placed, then attachment points on the outside to which to affix "pipes" or something like that, which can then be routed to nozzles which would output the thrust, divided equally among them. I have taken the liberty of doing a bit of a diagram (don't laugh) to illustrate the concept I have in mind. The red arrows represent the thrust, the black arrows represent attachments. There would be a variety of straight and curved pipes, and maybe a long bay and a short one, to accommodate different engine sizes. In my mind the nozzles are flat and wide, but I guess there could be a few varieties too, to suit different aesthetics etc., or maybe the different types could even have varying performance aspects. Well, that's my idea. If any of you super talented bunch are inspired by it and wish to take it up, good luck! If not, I'll keep dreaming Peace.
  7. Ooft I'm excited now Oh, while I'm here, I'm experiencing a bug with the Main Landing gear part (the straight one, but I dunno about the lateral one). I'll place them and all is well, but if I launch or reload the game I can't select the gears again and I have to delete the thing they're attached to .
  8. Yeah there are some issues. I don't think any of the animated parts work properly- for me the swing wings (The reason I got the pack) don't work at all.
  9. Loving this so damn much. The new radial pulsejets are awesome! I love pulsejets and ramjets and stuff like that. And the radial aerospike!!! Mein Gott! Out of interest, do you have any plans for a SCRAMjet? I'm in love with them, but the only ones I've seen/used have been a tad half-cocked. I'd love to build stuff like the X-52 Waverider with a flat radial SCRAMjet, but as yet no such luck. If you're interested you can check out my release thread (click my sig) to see the closest I've been able to get to something like that- using this very parts pack! Anyway, /ramble. Awesome work is what I'm trying to say. The aesthetic is perfect and the parts are interesting and genuinely fill a niche.
  10. Looking forward to it. Currently I'm using the Vanguard ejection system, but it would be sweet to have proper ejector seats.
  11. How about the F-117 Nighthawk? Or the SR72? I tried building an SR72 myself and it was beyond my capabilities Nice work on the crafts, btw.
  12. Cheers The engines are the RAPIERs from B9. Sorry for the late reply Also, NEW PLANE WOOOOO! Get you one.
  13. This is insane. I am so impressed that you have achieved this. Hats off to you, sir.
  14. Yup. I'm using it right now and it works beautifully.