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  1. Hey Krag, i'm having some trouble making my own planets. For now, i can only make minmus-like planets and i really need to know how to make planets like sentar or jool
  2. I continued on extending a large space station that i am working on. it is called ultra station alpha and right now it weighs about 150 tons and is around 450 meters longs. it's capacity is around 45 kerbals and orbits 500k above kerbin
  3. one time i was on my way to Laythe and i got an encounter with it and without realizing i sort of time warped through the surface and i got the NaN kraken
  4. I've only been on KSP for 6 months and i have trouble finding the easter eggs on kerbin and other planets and i'm planning on doing a mission to KSC 2 and place a few rockets and planes there for future use. I've seen people on youtube do it but i can't
  5. I'd like a large moon orbiting Dres with cryovolcanism and a large inaccessable sub-surface ocean. Called Flutfus. I'd also like to see a gas giant with a complicated ring system. NO more habitable planets. It just ruins the uniqueness of Kerbin and Laythe.