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  1. I typically use recursive acronyms. For a few comm sat examples: Minmus Interactive Network Management Universal Satellite Mun Universal Network Kerbin External Redundant Binary Interactive Network Each of these spells out the name of the planet, but also includes the name of the planet. These are, of course, followed by numerical designations so that I can distinct individual satellites from one another.
  2. Today's Kerbal experience was completing a contract that had been eluding me for some time. It was worth no money, and 40 prestige. I needed to barnstorm the R&D building in two spots, in one flight with a plane. This was probably my 30th attempt... more likely higher. Using a bi-plane from the SAR pack, I kept my speed as low as possible. Since it has such high lift, I was able to keep in the air at just 25m/s. The key is to approach at the exact right angle. You don't want to be turning while you are diving. You will hit something unless you are very lucky or very good. I went for the pedestrian walkway first, since it is much higher than the tunnel. However, it turns out that you get credit for the tunnel if you fly OVER it, not just through it. So, on my approach to the pedestrian walkway, it gave me credit for that, and then I dove and narrowly avoided hitting the ground. On the other side, I became so elated that I succeeded, that I accidentally stalled my plane! Fortunately, the bi-plane is lift crazy, and re-asserted itself once my nose was pointed down. Finally, I made a safe landing in the grass beyond the R&D center. The contract says land anywhere!
  3. I can't really say how many hours I've spent on this game (non-steam copy). I am sure I've crossed the 1000 threshold, possibly 2000 or even more. I've been playing since 0.9. This was before we even had a Mun to go to, let alone other planets. I feel like the moment I got it was when, through trial and error, I managed to get a semi-stable orbit. Back then, we didn't have a map. I couldn't see the actual periapsis or apoapsis. However, based on the altitudes achieved at each point where the vertical speed indicator went back in the other direction, I knew I was at an eccentricity of <0.1. It was very satisfying to finally achieve orbit. Please also keep in mind that we didn't have a time warp. I actually sat there for 15 minutes while my craft orbited Kearth (which is what we called Kerbin before we knew its name). Sadly, I still haven't even gone to Jool.
  4. Sorry, I was using the link at the top of this page, not the one on the first page. I hadn't noticed that the first page was updated (and other modders seem to be slow to update theirs... glad to see you aren't one of those). CKAN will probably have an updated copy of your mod in time. Dropbox is definitely an acceptable download source for them, and I think the list is kept up to date manually. Most modders on CKAN put theirs on Github, not Spacedock, likely for the same reason you don't like it. Not sure why VesselMover is dropping the helipad, but with the cheat to keep the vehicle intact it's working. Now my problem is that when I come back to the vessel, it's vaulting into the sky... but I recall someone else having that issue recently, and so I will look that up.
  5. Yeah, I can. This is really the first time I've had issues with a craft coming apart though.
  6. A couple things: @TMasterson5 1) The dropbox link is giving a 404 not found error. 2) In the latest version from CKAN (version 6?), I can't seem to get my Freedom Cutter to the shoreline without losing my helipad. As soon as I lift the ship in Vessel Mover, the helipad falls off and falls through the ship, onto the runway. Is this fixed in .8? EDIT: 3) If you don't use VesselMover to get crafts to the water, what do you use? EDIT2: Ah ha! Found a way to get it to the sea. I had to activate the cheat that prevents breakages, THEN VesselMover it to the water!
  7. Is there a way to revoke a custom ribbon? I awarded someone a rank ribbon, but then decided they deserved a promotion. Now they have a ribbon for the old rank and the new one.
  8. The best solution I have found for when this happens: (Windows) CTRL-Shift-ESC End task. (Mac) Force quit. You can do this several ways, one is in the Apple menu, the other is by right clicking on KSP in the smartbar. On other devices, I don't know how you'd do this, but there should be a way. If you do this immediately, it won't have a chance to auto-save. You'll load from what you had last time you played. Just make sure all the mods are present.
  9. I'm having a weird problem. I can only find the legacy equipment. The rework doesn't show up at all. I am using IR 2.0.5 KSP 1.1.3 Installed through CKAN *and* manual, just in case. It seems like the rework equipment isn't in the current install.
  10. I can't seem to sink my submarine? Made it full scale to avoid the tweakscale issues. All 4 Kerbals aboard. Dumped my water... I even turned on SAS and tilted it to facing completely straight down, full throttle. No luck. What else am I supposed to do here? Oops, I tried the other direction (up)... Initially, I thought, "oh hey, it's flying". Then after a while, I realized it was able to get to orbit and beyond. I accidentally sent my crew on an interstellar trajectory. The submarine is a single stage to anywhere craft.
  11. It's not KerbinSide. I didn't have it installed when I tested the same mechanic. I think the new RT is still a little rough around the edges. Hopefully the devs can get these older features up and running soon.
  12. The new Remote Tech appears to have issues with creating new control centers in the config files. Only the default mission control dot appears, whereas I have configured RT to have numerous centers all around Kerbin. I have tried adjusting both the Default_Settings.cfg and RemoteTech_Settings.cfg. Here is the code I am using: As you can see, the code is identical to the original, with exception adding new stations and the altering of the maximum range (and reducing it for lesser stations).
  13. Except that in reality, there are no spheres of influence. In reality, every particle is gravitationally drawn to every other particle in the entire universe. The catch is that so much of the universe is so completely far away that it has virtually zero effect on us. In actuality, the Milky Way and Andromeda are headed for each other because they are drawn to each other's gravity. They are non-trivial sources of gravity for one another. However, they aren't orbiting each other (hyperbolic trajectory), and technically could miss depending on how erroneous our calculations are. As an example of the effects of distant gravity, there is the Great Attractor that is drawing all of the neighboring superclusters towards it. Its effect on us is minuscule, but it exists, and eventually - in probably many trillions of years - will draw our galaxy so closely that it is absorbed into it.
  14. That explanation is reasonable as well. It's one of those things we don't quite have the math for yet. Especially with the lack of understanding of dark matter.
  15. FancyMouse also has a point. While we sort of technically orbit the galactic center, there is a problem with standard orbital calculations in regards to that. First of all, why the spiral arms? These appear to be a sort of density wave issue, and thus not a true orbit. Also, the impulse of the orbit does not conform with the standard math for calculating orbits. For instance, outer objects appear to be orbiting faster than inner ones, and this is the opposite of standard orbital mechanics.
  16. I am not sure about the Andromeda orbit that Slingshooter proposes. As I understand it, all of Laniakea (our super cluster) is heading for "The Great Attractor", which is a vaguely understood region that is pulling many nearby superclusters to it. This video should help explain it: Video concerning Laniakea
  17. I kind of did this unintentionally. For a while, I was using a return module that included the capsule, a storage bay with science in it, a science senior, solar panels on the sides, parachutes on the top, and a MSI-LS supply container on the bottom (with heat shield, of course). My parachutes were insufficient to slow the module enough, and most landings were around 20m/s. This crushed the supply container, but everything else survived intact. As such, I considered the effort a success and continued to use that design. I mean, what do Kerbals need with supplies when they've returned to Kerbin anyway? Anyway, I think it's great that you are designing this concept intentionally. That is some serious fuel savings!
  18. Bill, Bob, and Jeb may have been reset because they "died". If you had any craft from before that were suddenly invalid (missing parts, or what have you), and the dynamic trio were aboard, they would have died. Upon such deaths, the trio (quad if you count Val) will reset to 0 XP. Other than that, I have no idea. :/
  19. I can't help but think that looks a lot like Farscape 1...
  20. Another option is to make certain your center of mass is extremely low for the diameter of your craft. I accomplish this through a mod called Infernal Robotics. Instead of standard landing struts, I have deployable 5 meter long bars that I carefully set up to only deploy to slightly below the main rocket. This means that I can land on a 45 degree angle. I might slide down the hill, but I won't tip.
  21. Simple, yes. However, nothing in Unity is done to a simple level. They are extremely thorough in making sure you have lots of options. If you want to over ride the controls, you have to over ride quite a lot of stuff, or write up a completely new set of instructions. Plus, Unity runs in both DirectX and OpenGL, so you need both written. You would also need to translate those Euler coordinates into Unity's coordinate system for final display, which is in quaternions. And yes, Firefox is wrong. Those are words... well, except the LPHURTSMYHEAD one, even if true. LOL
  22. You youngun's probably don't remember the time when it used to be more dangerous to land on the night side of the planet! Back in my day, you couldn't land in water, nor in darkness! It was land on land, or death (up hill, both ways)! (For reference, back in version 0.9 or maybe it was 0.10, your craft exploded on contact with night side planet) Now, git off my landing gear!
  23. The clearest sign to me that the gimbal lock is intentional is because I am also a Unity programmer. In the projects I have worked on, I have found that Unity, by default, has no gimbal lock of any kind. This means that Squad has intentionally added it. In fact, I've found that it is quite difficult to *add* gimbal lock in Unity. The default system uses quaternions, which have no gimbal lock, and thus all of the rotation commands for cameras and objects also have no gimbal lock. So, I can only imagine what they went through to actually achieve it. I am assuming something on the order of rewriting many thousands of lines of code, simply to introduce gimbal lock where none exists.
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