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  1. if it is working for 1.1 thane the titel should be changed from [1.02] KW Rocketry v2.7 to [1.1] KW Rocketry v2.7 it is really annoying that many mods witch are working for a specific KSP version have outdated titles
  2. That "reload all" is exactly what I want it avoid is there a way to only reload a specific folder? (cause some mods don't like to be reloaded) thanks
  3. Well i have a very old / longtime played game running so unistall some mods is not possible ... just site here and wait for Faarks return from deep space - - - Updated - - - That's not enough for high moded installs also LOD with DTX would be even more epic .. means to add moooorr mods
  4. pls update cant play my game anymore without LOD
  5. why not adding a PNG Converter to LOD?
  6. that's normal and has nothing to do with LOD you need 6 GHZ CPU to play a 300 Part ship with out getting a yellow timer Note: if you use more Mods (Plugins) the performance of KSP goes down and down and down. That's what Time Control do is slows down time to keep FPS
  7. well deleted Partcatalog and converted all tgas to png, runs very good now even in VAB and converting also saved 400 mb GameData folder size from ~1.8 gb to ~1.4 gb
  8. well i have no crash reports to send... but what is about V2.3?
  9. you can also rename your ksp folder and reinstall it from steam .. so you can play diffrent versions (moded or unmoded) just launch the game from the KSP.exe in the folder(s)