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  1. The 24.1 patch actually fixed my .craft issues with KSO Block 8. No graphic of boosters firing, no inability of them to be used. KSO Block 8 straight from original mod files to orbit, no problem. Also flew a Super 25 to orbit to confirm it's operation. I haven't experienced any issues with the new patch. Tried using the RPM monitors, IVA and such, on x64 of course. Opened closed bay doors, gear, flaps, etc. No ATM was used. I can report KSO 3.10 running very stable post patch.
  2. Interesting. I launched a loaded Saturn V as part of my ATM/no ATM testing last night and had minor wobble (nothing I found out of the ordinary). FASA for me, has not had any issues in x64 and I have not uninstalled it since. I launched a Mercury Atlas as a test, but I cannot confirm any reflection type lag that I know of. If it's something related more to deep space or time acceleration induced, I'd have to do a little more experimenting. As is, I've been playing without ATM and enjoying the enhanced textures. Keep up the good work, Frizzank!
  3. Dear Helldiver, My KSO Original Block 8 .craft file from 3.10 was the problem with my "solid" booster bug. On loading to the launch pad, the boosters would graphically look like they were firing. When launched, they provided no thrust and my KSO toppled. Manually cycling the boosters made no change to thrust or graphics. I then put a KSO booster and a probe core on the pad. The booster operated normally. My next experiment was to remove the boosters from the KSO Block 8 and replace them with "new" KSO boosters. On launchpad load, I had no graphics issues and my KSO launched normally (minus the struts, so unsuccessful). I'm not sure if this bug is related only to my machine. Today's testing with KSO again had no crashes amd included 3 Block 8 and 2 Super 25 launches. The Super performed as expected. I really appreciate your work.
  4. Back on the topic, x64 testing... I installed the KSO mod last night for a round of testing. I found the new version more stable, as in it never crashed. I flew three flights of the original KSO and the Super25. The KSO is bugged and broke on the pad, solid boosters showed constant engine firing graphic, no power. KSO toppled over, but IVA, buttons, and such all worked fine. Super 25 launches all experienced fuel tank explosion after booster separation, but again, IVA, flight, lights, all working. I repeated this test cycle twice, once with the updated ATM and once without ATM at all. I have to admit I did enjoy running KSO without ATM for the graphic quality. Is it me or does the IVA control consoles look... different in x64? I remember the Super 25 being more glowy and the angle of cockpit view being different. Zooming in on the RPM monitors made it easy, but I get that feeling that something is different. No matter. I presume the craft problems I had were likely my own fault. Probably wrong saved craft files from an older version. Regardless they don't concern me, the stability of running this mod does and it's night and day over a few days ago. C'mon x64! Live! Without ATM, I experienced a new bug after returning to the Space Center. My camera is stuck very zoomed in to the center of KSC and cannot be rotated or zoomed out. Reloading a save or even switching to another save would not resolve this view issue. I doubt it is related to KSO, but I mention it for completion's sake. Keep up the excellent work, sirs.
  5. Thanks for sharing some of the historics of your world map. I have to ask, what is the name of the last ocean? (North, Bay, Ceriman). I'd also like to ask about Kelpogart. I haven't cracked that anagram yet.
  6. Dear Rune, I suppose a simple layout to your Tutorial program would be to start with a basic example SSTO. This craft can then by replicated by the student and the flight characteristics of how it flies can be showcased. Then it would be a matter of flying the SSTO into orbit, with the emphasis on how. Then coming back and landing safely. Phase 1 should be show me. Phase 2 begins after you've shown how to build and fly one, to then discuss why the craft was built the way it was and why it needs to be flown the way you showed the student how to fly. Why do you need to pickup speed before climbing to orbit? Why does it need (whatever) Delta-V or some part of the design, etc. Phase 2 should be, this is why we do it this way. Phase 3 is building a better or a more complex SSTO. Maybe it's a light cargo carrier, maybe it's an ultra light. Whatever. The point is to focus on what it takes to create a new SSTO from scratch that works. What does it take? How do you know it will work (or do you?) before it's tested. Should they be fast? Should they be slow? How many wings, is there a rule of thumb for design? Phase 3 is how you build an SSTO. Phase 4 could be advanced flight, such as a more planned way of returning a craft to KSC, or at least a landmass of the student's choice, rather than "let's re-enter". Their may even by other awesome things you can do with an SSTO that you do every day that I've never even thought of. Phase 4 is advanced tactics. Anyways, those are my thoughts on how it could be conducted. It's your program and I'm sure it will be an enjoyable read.
  7. It may be nitpicky, but I too would like to support the change to have the day counter relative to six hours, rather than a clock adjustment. This is something I've thought about calculating out myself for mission historical records, but a mod such as this makes it so much easier. Thanks for sharing your creation with the community.
  8. Dear NASAFanboy, I like your mix of political and rocketry intrigue. There are both realistic and kerbal elements to your story, from government and monetary pressures to space diagrams with question marks on them. I hope you continue your story.
  9. The only thing this map really lacks is ocean names. It's a very impressive display, well made, with a good assortment of places and names. Like many others, I think I might use this map as my official Kerbin, with a few personal political tweaks. Great job! Well deserved spotlight on this map.
  10. Dear Ice30, Pretty impressive accomplishments. Eve is a harsh mistress... or so I've heard. My Space Program has not left Kerbin's sphere of influence. Nice pics and a good plan! Oh and welcome to the forums!
  11. Good to hear from you, Cashen. Deal with the real world and return when you can to tell us about the further adventures of your little green men.
  12. Dear frizzank, Oh course I'm excited for the impending release of the Saturn-1B and those amazing shiny parts. I wanted to chime in my support for your design philosophy. I know many people have asked for you to change your parts into replicas rather than kerbalized versions of real craft. For the past week I've been struggling with replica Soviet parts from two mods. While they give me the R-7 I want to use, I can barely use it with anything. My custom payloads look hideous on top and let's not even talk about fairings. Sure, in the end I could force my way into using these parts, but it's not "fun" for me. FASA is the complete opposite. Using stock and FASA parts, I've kit bashed my way to multiple craft with great results. Thank you for making your mod such an accessible mod! With FASA I can recreate the Gemini-Titan and then take its parts and create something entirely new.
  13. Dear Akinesis, Your reports were a fun read in a great visual and written style. I thoroughly enjoyed them and wish you luck in your future endeavors. That anomalous find on Mun does not appear to be man-made. Very strange.
  14. USKnight

    The Apiary

    Dear Shna_na, I voted for documentary. I look forward to seeing your progress. Nice use of fonts and graphics in your post. I'm sure the construction of the Apiary will be a rewarding project that will bleed into a greater adventure for those involved. I mean once the station is built it becomes a staging point for other adventures.
  15. Both Korolev and Von Braun dreamed of sending men to Mars. We never even started on that road or even finished the total scheduled Apollo missions.