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  1. I love this! can we create new unique missions with unique requirements? also: is it possible to create missions for mods (ie a kethane mining mission, or map sat, station parts.)
  2. is there a calculator mod for complex gravity assists? you know like mun to eve to jool? and if there are what is the best?
  3. I like the idea of a intermediate srb for pushing probes and escape towers. nova punch had a small srb that was pretty awesome if i remember correctly.
  4. One thing that often seems to get overlooked in this game is the soundtrack. Whereas new parts are great, more moons are fantastic and resources are still coming! All this would be a lot less grandiose without sounds to go along with them. So far we've got splashdown effects with sounds, air rushing around our ships, rocket and decoupler sounds(I'm throwing launch towers in with that.) And a pretty good little selection of music. So what am I hoping for? MOAR!!! Seriously i'd like to see some additions to the music, rcs thruster sounds, reentry sounds, and different music based on what planet/star you are orbiting, also an exciting music for reentry would be T!TS! And the kerbs need to be heard!
  5. Squad needs to get this person to do a trailer
  6. Probably the best fan made ksp vid ive ever seen Hope this hasnt already been posted a bunch.
  7. Yeah its a fantastic one. i also watch some of the nasa produced shows, and movies. especialy "The right stuff" and "Apollo 13" What music do you listen to while flying?
  8. Who else watches the show 'The Planets' while flying missions? Btw if you've never seen it before it's available on netflix.
  9. I love the air breaks! would live to have some that deployed from wings for space planes. As to the starwars craft. DUDE YOU ROCK!!! That is some of the better moddeling ive seen from this site.
  10. He teaches evolutionary science, and biological history. Met him at UTA. His degree is in evolutionary biology
  11. No its not just him. A cpl physics professors I have met have also taken a harsh view toward anyone who raises another answer to theire theories. As to regurgitating creationists ideas... ah no, my theory is that for a species to reproduce after going through a genetic alteration, would require that the DNA of older species had lower leveles of the safe guards we have in living animal today allowing for more mutation of a species, but also making it more likely to produce physical retardation. this would allow for drastic changes in genetic structure and physical form, then after a certain point the dna would start hardening itself against chainge, or to make it simple those form best adapted to survival in ther environment would breed enough to cause the genetic code to rule out all other posabilities, also this give way to the idea that Vast numbers of species would have made the transition from water to land, not just one or two.
  12. Well, first thing you should probably think about is its LxHxW dimmentions. for a Large ship to be stable it needs to be much longer than its hight and its weight needs to be mostly below the water line. For a ship that size using a rescue hovercraft wouldn\'t be a bad idea, considering that several pasengers will likley fall overboard during a catastrophic emergency. and you woldnot want to accedently kill anyone by piloting a rescue boat over them. a hover craft would not harm you if it glided straight over you. Also the hover craft would need 4 wench cranes with harneses for lifting people out of the water.
  13. Yeah and the thing is Ive never discused faith or relig around him or said anything about my relig or lack there of. Honestly it had no bearing on the issue i was raising. it seam this day in age that its easyer to defend your theory than to to try to prove how something realy works. There are a lot of gaps in a lot of theories, its doesn\'t make them wrong, but you should at least be willing to find out why theres a gap and how it can be explained, not get upset when somone points it out. He told me hes going to talk with my prof\'s and see what they have to say about my attitude.
  14. It seem that this day in age science, is no longer about the search for truth. It is a search for funding, and a quest for followers. Yes thats right, scientists are usualy the most narcissistic people on the face of the earth. A good example is if you try to discus a theory of theres against conflicting data, they become extreamly defensive, and refuse to answer the challenges. instead they pull on the degrees they have aquired over the years, and compare them to your education. I just spent 45 min trying to get a strait answer out of an evolutionist. OMFG this was the worst 45 min of conversation Ive ever had! I asked him about a discrepancy in a basic charactureistic that must take place in a lifeforms dna that would allow a speices to change its number of chromozones. He responded that this kind of science was above my head! So after explaning that I understood enough about biology, biochemistry, and gennetics to run rings around him, and after proving this to him by means of explaning genetic process that he had no clew about the function or even discovery ther of. I again asked him to explane how a creature could change its number of chromozones? DNA and RNA have an intresting safeguard, that prevents any cross breeding of species with differing genetic codes especialy those with different numbers of chromozones. All living creatures plants and even bacteria poses this trait, so for a species to jump to a high or lower number of cromozones, there would have to be several of them doing it at the same time, or they would have to reproduce A-sexualy. Does this sound unreasonable to any of you? Because it p!22ed him right off. He became unreasonable, and verbaly offensive. The part I couldnt under stand is, is he started bringing religion into the discussion, saying: 'Your just upset that science has dissproved the existance of your pitifull God!' Realy? Thats whats I said? Hmm.... Sorry to to write so much, but Id like to get a reasonable persons point of view on this.