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  1. I belive, you have to modify RemoteTech_Settings.cfg in your save folder.
  2. Exactly as I wrote before, it won't help. It is not the big problem to recompile mod against KSP 1.0.2 libraries, but we will need to make some code modifications because of the changes in the new version.
  3. Sorry, but this will not help. There is need to make some code changes to make it compatible with KSP 1.0
  4. First of all, I must apologize for my the long absence. Three months is really a little too much. Now I hope that in the near future I will go back to support of the mod. Bad news is, I fear that it will take some time, to make this mod compatible with KSP 1.0
  5. There is problem with some of structural parts from B9 too. (Ones with selectable texture)
  6. Sadly I just now added B9 to "Incompatible mods" at OP. I've did a lot of experiments and found no way to made Firespitter's FSmeshSwitch module work with weldment which contains more than one part witch selectable texture. Also I suppose there will be problems with FSanimateGeneric module... - - - Updated - - - I generally don't recommend to include KAS containers to weldment. In the best case there will be broken restriction of the distance at which for EVA kerbonauts can interact with container, because all weldment will be considered as container. However, all of us will be interested to know, what have you got
  7. Yes of course. But later. At the moment this mod is still under heavy development so we would prefer that the user read the OP before he can download it. - - - Updated - - - I have a bad feeling about possibility of welding parts with Firespitter modules, but I'll try to look at this at tonight
  8. Wow! CFG File Documentation page on the Wiki was updated! I didn't know about it. Thank you very much for the hint and for the ideas about manipulating with stackSymmetry and attachRules from the GUI. We definitely should make it. - - - Updated - - - By the way I've added to OP link to config and icons for Filter Extensions mod. Config supposes all your parts are stored somewhere in the GameData\UbioWeldingLtd folder (GameData\UbioWeldingLtd\Parts by default)
  9. Thanks, we'll wait. It will be better if you provide a .craft file for further testing. You, sir, just a maniac! Personally I have not tried to weld together more than 40-50 parts. However, it would be interesting to look at your creation. So far, all I can suggest is to divide it into two parts. Yes, this is game limitation. Now I've supplemented "Known limitations" section on OP with this info. Last one is very interesting. Can I ask for more details? May be .cfg file? Unfortunately, when welding something a little bit complicated, you should always assume the possibility of having to manually rework weldment... Sorry.
  10. So far, my answer is: "everything is possible". The more you tell about your problems, the more detailed answer you can expect.
  11. Never mind, I made a stupid mistake in the previous attempt, but now I have corrected it. Fix will be included in the next release. I can't place stock Docking port (or any other part) on stock HubMax Multi-Point Connector in symmetry mode!!! I have place it one after other and I have always thought it is normal behavior (uncomfortable, but stock)... (Yes, symmetry mode works on your craft you uploaded, but it is another situation. In the center is two horizontal symmetrical tank attached to the vertical tank in surface mode. In case when symmetrical parts are attached to the surface, it is also possible to attach the parts to them in the symmetric mode. Don't know what it is, but seems for me it is stock behavior.) I have no problems with it... On image below (I used your part form cfg) you can see three ports, one placed in surface attachment mode (left one), two others connected to nodes. I just rotated last two before placing using W,A,S,D keys, as I always do. - - - Updated - - - It looks interesting! Thank you for posting it!
  12. Well, thank you for testing! It looks like it's time for me to install RoverDude's MKS/OKS and test it myself.
  13. @WuphonsReach: It would be very nice if you provide the .craft file of parts set before welding - I would have tried to reproduce this glitch.
  14. And yes, static solar panels like OX-STAT are limited to one instance too.
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