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  1. Checking back in here for my status update with my no clouds issue. I reinstalled Windows on a new build and everything is now working correctly with clouds. I also ran into an issue that KSP crashes with RivaTuner Statistics Server bundled with MSI Afterburner 4.30 - which forced me to run DX11 from the command line which had texture issues for me. I installed RivaTuner beta 7.x and that solved the issue by allowing me to run KSP without any command line, and when I do that, RSSVE works like a champ. Cheers and thanks for the assist last week.
  2. Confirmed on this end. 7.0 beta of RTSS fixes the issue. That version can be installed on top of the one bundled with MSI Afterburner (just requires a restart). Thanks for finding out about that release Gordon.
  3. To confirm, re-installing RivaTuner statistics server (which is included with Afterburner 4.3.0 during the install process) - causes KSP 1.2.2 x64 to crash on startup. So far it only seems to happen with build 1703 of Windows 10 x64 "creator update" edition released April 11, 2017. Afterburner is unable to monitor frame rates or frame times without RivaTuner installed - and I need that for the testing I do for other games (I'm in a beta program and it's a must-have for me). I also use AB to record gameplay and/or take screenshots - also a requirement. The workaround is thus: (a) force DX11 mode via the command line, or (b) uninstall RivaTuner statistics server (which will impact functionality in Afterburner). The fact this occurs only with KSP and not other titles points to an issue with Unity player as used by KSP and RivaTuner. Cities Skylines, also a game based on Unity, doesn't have this issue (runs just fine with Rivatuner SS installed). Not sure if that uses the same version of Unity.
  4. Well some better news. I manually uninstalled the part of Afterburner that is RivaTuner Statistics Server, and KSP ran, so it's specific to the statistics server piece looks like. Note that I'm running the current 4.3.0 version from the MSI site (from late last year). What's very odd is I didn't have that issue with KSP before the Creator edition (so with RivaTuner Stat server installed). Must be something with the new patch that causes that.
  5. So I have some bad news. New install of Windows Creator edition from scratch (so from total disk wipe) - new hardware (Ryzen + 1080 TI) - same error on start. Working on the RivaTuner theory.
  6. That's a good question. RivaTuner server comes these days with MSI Afterburner 4.3 - it's a usual monitoring / tuning for most video cards and I use it for tuning but also for grabbing screenshots or video. I had AB installed before the April 11 Windows 1703 "Creator" patch without issue with KSP. I found an old error report with Unity where 3.x would bomb on initialization if you have dual monitors (which I do) . The issue is fixed by disabling one of the monitors. Of course I can't test that because I just re-installed windows on a new build I just put together yesterday - still installing software. I didn't get to install Kerbal yet, will do so soon (tm). I'm completely convinced something in the Windows patch is confusing Unity, wouldn't be the first time, and very much part of life of being in the bleeding edge of Windows service packs (not that they are called SPs anymore). I also note that KSP is not on the most current version of Unity - this may have something to do with it as well. Live and learn I guess. Will report back as soon as I get KSP installed - speaking of bleeding edge - this will be on a Ryzen build. Nothing will possibly go wrong...
  7. I will try that. I have a couple of monitors, one regular HD, the other WQHD - the primary monitor is WQHD. Perhaps that confuses it. Thanks for the tips guys, I appreciate it. I think at this point since I'm reinstalling Windows on the new build from scratch, I'll go that route and see what happens next. Nothing ever goes wrong with new hardware, especially completely new hardware like the Ryzen AM4 platform on a new release of Windows with the BIOS still changing. I must like self inflicted wounds.
  8. In my case, either/or. Crash on startup when running from within Steam, or directly via the .exe, same error, instant error log before entering graphics mode (so, entering the loading screen). What's interesting is that it was working fine before the Windows patch, my only change made was the (automatic) install of the Creator edition at patch Tuesday. I did try a couple of video driver versions (376.x drivers and the 381.x drivers from Nvidia) - no change. Changed video cards (just upgraded this week) - same problem (going from a GTX 780 to a 1080). I re-installed DX9C using the MS offline installer (that wasn't easy to find on the MS web site - DX9 is very Windows XP/7), and just yesterday installed it again because it came with my new video card utility. All my other D3D9 apps work just fine so i don't think it's my DX9C stack that's causing the issue. If I had a problem there, I assume I'd see issues with that. I yet have to try to run in admin mode to see if that makes a difference in case the new patch changed things with UAC. I'm still puzzled because it was my understanding that the Unity 5.x player would automatically start in DX11 mode if DX11 was available (my system goes all the way to DX12 obviously), so I fail to understand why it even attempts to start DX9 mode. That seems to be what the Unity docs say, yet doesn't happen on my box, so is KSP forcing the player in DX9 mode by default, hence the requirement to force DX11 from the command line? Up next, I'm building either today or tomorrow, UPS delivery permitting, a new Ryzen based box (can't wait!) and I'll report back as to what sort of trouble I get into. That obviously will benefit from a completely fresh install of Windows 10 creator edition and eliminate any "historical" baggage. A quick google search indicates no particular known issues with the creator edition and DX9.
  9. Here's the output log: Here's the error log: Cheers!
  10. The error is an exception in d3d9.dll. I'll include the log file when I get home. No drivers were uninstalled because (1) other D3D9 games work just fine (2) I took the steps of forcing a re-install of D3D9C and re-installed the game and updated Nvidia drivers. I assume that the setup program will check for necessary dependencies and re-install them as needed. I also note that the DX web installer from MS indicates "all files are up to date" so no updates are needed from the Microsoft DX installer (web installer). The manual install I forced was through the manual installer (not the web installer). Will post the log file as soon as able.
  11. I applied the most current Nvidia driver (381.x) and reinstalled Directx9c - same behavior. I suspect this is more related to an older version of Unity than to KSP as it's a crash on startup - so that is the Unity player doing that. Interestingly, I don't have that issue on my laptop, which also went through the creator update, but that has completely different hardware. Good news is I'm not stuck because I can force it as a D3D11 start, and all my older Dx9 titles run just fine although I think none of them are based on Unity. The other thing is I'm building a new computer this week so that will have a fresh everything on it. I don't remember if there's a config file the Unity player can use to set any default startup options so I don't have to pass the command line to KSP64.exe every time as a batch file. E
  12. For a laptop, something with a discrete video card is what you want, and an SSD, and memory. Most gaming laptops will have that, and some workstation class laptops. Light laptops or anything with long battery life typically work completely against the needs of gaming which are all fastest and biggest and most power hungry. An integrated graphics is horrible in general regardless of the marketing materials compared to dedicated graphics (granted there are also dedicated graphics cards out there are are total gimmicks). Non-SSD storage in laptops has usually very low RPM, low power drives - very good for battery life, horrible for throughput. SSD is what you want in a laptop as it's reasonably power efficient, plus if you drop the thing, no mechanical parts to break. Memory matters too - 16Gb is what I'd go with. Fastest processor you can get. Discrete graphics card. HD resolution display (1080p) is more than sufficient. Unity physics will be probably the most limiting aspect in KSP over graphics here because laptops don't have a lot of CPU headroom compared to desktop counterparts. It's already taxing on a high end desktop so more so on laptops. Just load a ship with lots of parts and watch the FPS nose dive even on very high end equipment. The mobile version of a desktop component tends to be a highly neutered part designed for power efficiency. For a while there, laptop vendors were using the same video card model number as the desktop, but you weren't getting the same chips at all, not even close, so while the model number was the same, but with an "M" next to it, you in fact got a card with completely different hardware and much lower end (for the same or higher price than the desktop card I might add). You can get close to desktop horsepower, even identical, if you're willing to shell out the big bucks for the mobility privilege - visit for an example of high end laptops that are designed for gaming - all the way to dual GTX 1080 cards in SLI in a laptop. At that level, it's more of a luggable but these things are designed for gaming. Z
  13. I am running KSP64 on Windows 10 and have been forever with no issues. Patch Tuesday arrived last week (April 11 2017) and along with it the Windows 10 creator edition. Ever since that update, KSP crashes almost immediately on startup with an invalid exception in D3D9.dll. KSPx64 runs fine when I force D3D11 from the command line. I've done a few things: - forced a re-install of DirectX9C (using the offline installer - the web installer said no updates were necessary) - updated to the 381.x Nvidia drivers (no change) - DXdiag passes with flying colors - my older games that run in DX9 run just fine (eg, Silent Hunter) - only KSP blows up - KSP runs fine in DX11 mode but has some artifacts with some of the mods I want to use - I deleted Kerbal from the Steam game page, deleted the KSP folder completely, and re-installed from Steam - same issue (emphasis here that this happens with no mods) My current specs: I7 3770K GTX 780 TI video 16gb memory I'm a bit challenged. Next thing I'll try is to install Unity 5.2.x and see if that fixes the problem. I have an old version of Unity I used to have for KSP dev prior to 1.2.2 do perhaps I have some DLL hell created through that post patch Tuesday. I'm also going to put a new computer build together soon anyway so hopefully that will clear that up but any words of wisdom appreciated!
  14. Well duh me. thanks. Ok, that's fixed. So the good news is I have clouds now. The bad news is I have some sort of blue shading on top of the planet - I can only see the clouds at certain camera angles. Something else is afoot. Working on that next. Here's what it looks like. If I zoom the camera out and change the view angle, in some cases I can get to clip the blue texture and I see clouds/earth below it. If I zoom completely out, I get a box around my ship and the rest of the planet shows correctly. Screenshots below.
  15. I've removed BoulderCo. Didn't have SVE. Deleted EVE folder and did a manual install from the zip link. Sorry to day but no change. Here's my current GameData in case there are obvious shenanigans there.