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  1. Believe me, I had a lot of seams when I was doing this. It's very easy to overlook and there's a lot of celestial bodies to keep an eye on! You're welcome, but they're really nothing special! It's great people like Proot, Avera9eJoe, and you can find use of them.
  2. The Jool texture has a black line on the right side for some reason. It happens. I'll try to fix it. I believe you'll want to put that in Game Data -> SVEKopernicus -> Jool -> Plugin Data. Surprised you're using that older Mun texture, OP. It does match the surface textures pretty well, though.
  3. I got the itch to play KSP and decided to look for visual mods and was utterly disappointed that most weren't updated. Ended up finding this because of my name being thrown around. Looks good. The brighter and richer colors help a lot with the look (the desert is bright and actually looks like a desert) and with your other mod that adds the planet textures it all comes together nicely.
  4. Reflections are awesome. I love how this was like an upgraded and supported alternative to Universe Replacer and now it's so much more than that. Shame the old thread broke, but I suppose a fresh start isn't bad either.
  5. That's what I did for the skybox in my pack (well, they're 256x256 actually), but I also brightened the images a bit for more apparent reflectivity. It worked out fairly okay, but I can't tell if they're working "as intended".
  6. You simply have to rename the texture images and move them TR's "Default" folder. There's a read me file that tells you what every planet (and other textures, plus their normal maps) should be named for them to work. I'll put the planets and moons in a code tag below. Default/moho00 // Moho Default/Eve2_00 // Eve Default/evemoon100 // Gilly Default/KerbinScaledSpace300 // Kerbin Default/NewMunSurfaceMapDiffuse // Mün Default/NewMunSurfaceMap00 // Minmus Default/Duna5_00 // Duna Default/desertplanetmoon00 // Ike Default/dwarfplanet100 // Dres Default/gas1_clouds // Jool Default/newoceanmoon00 // Laythe Default/gp1icemoon00 // Vall Default/rockyMoon00 // Tylo Default/gp1minormoon100 // Bop Default/gp1minormoon200 // Pol Default/snowydwarfplanet00 // Eeloo Personally I prefer Hammer's texture.
  7. So, using this plugin that was linked is it possible to create a normal-map/heightmap of my planet textures to increase the appearance of depth? Or is that not necessary? I know Tingle's Celestial Bodies texture pack had heightmaps that, I believe, were based off of the 16k web maps.
  8. Man, that's hella gross. There's banding in the textures themselves but not quite to that degree. This COULD be an issue with active texture management poorly optimizing the texture and increasing the obviousness of the bandings. I'd switch that off and see if it helps. If that doesn't work I could suggest resizing the images. I seriously don't think a 6k skybox is necessary. Resizing them to 4096 squared should help slightly with compression, if that's the issue. Also, you could consider lowering the brightness of the textures themselves which might help a little as well. That's pretty great. I love Jool textures that aren't just a Jupiter recoloring.
  9. From what I've played, the asteroid textures are surprisingly nice looking. Probably not worth it to replace them, but then again where's the fun if we can't conquer those as well? Hit refresh in your web browser and see if that brings it up. Mega can apparently cause trouble for some. Proot really needs to consider a mirror link on another file host.
  10. Guys, I'm proud to announce a new, experimental version of my texture back. It greatly reduces the initial load time of the game and also gives each planet a new snazzy look with desaturation for realism and optimized texture sizes. Feedback is greatly appreciated as I'm trying out new things. Totally not an april fool's prank. May want to backup your current textures, if any.
  11. The progression and learning curve of figuring out how to orbit and transfer to the Mun, landing on the Mun, making a return trip, and rendezvous/docking were the most fun I've had with the game. Failure after failure and that sense of joy when you finally get things right. Of course I'd like to experience that again. At this point, for me, it's just trying to construct a ship capable of reaching your destination because if you've conquered the Kerbin system you pretty much know how to make it anywhere else. (Okay, there's learning transfer angles, I guess, if you're that particular about saving fuel.) Course I do try to meta-game a little bit. Attempt challenges, try silly things, break the game's physics. That's all fun, too. but not particularly "rewarding," and I like games that feel rewarding.
  12. I have an issue with MEGA and having to reload sometimes for the download link to appear. I'm sure he'll add a mirror download for it soon. Shame the site has issues, because at least it doesn't throw CAPTCHAs in your face. How far can we take this mod before it needs to have a name change? What's next, lens flares? Customizable solar lighting? Water shaders?!
  13. Everyone's talking about visor reflections and I'm sitting here trying to find a way to make my texture pack update sound just as awesome. I think this is the last update unless that NASA redirect mission asteroid has a moddable texture. I'd move on to other stuff, but Proot is doing a great job at the non-planet stuff and I don't think I'd be able to out-magic him. Oh! And happy St. Patrick's Day!
  14. Should've sent a poet... These are freaky, but awesome.