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  1. I last used this with KSP 1.3, but eventually found that it was causing significant performance leaks. Were those fixed in the newer version(s)?
  2. Just showing some interest that this gets a 1.1 version.
  3. I can't speak for Ferram, but the updated development version does seem to be functioning. I'm sure he still has something in mind since he hasn't released it, but nothing's exploded so far.
  4. Spectacular work on both sets, Enceos! Eagerly looking forward to using these for... just about everything.
  5. First played in July 2011, and I can barely contain my hype for 1.1. The game is finally going to reach its potential.
  6. Ah, wish someone had PMed me! I did some digging and found my surviving copy. This time I've put it on Kerbalstuff. GPL 3, source in the archive, etc.
  7. My rescue contracts are 9/10 female kerbals. Not that I mind, exactly, it's just weird. Is this a dig at their piloting or something? The ratio is really remarkably skewed. Edit: Looks like it's all generated Kerbals, huh.
  8. Anyone blaming QA is rather shortsighted, as they're at the mercy of their management. Management, I'll say, which seems to be allowing hasty and occasionally sloppy work to be released with concerning frequency. The game definitely feels like a 0.65 on a 0-1 scale right now. There's still a long way to go until it really feels "whole".
  9. Does it let you launch from a given situation around/on any celestial body? Because that's what's really missing.
  10. KSP.log and output_log.txt. Let me see if the pump needs to be "on" to start gunking up. Edit: Appears to be an error in the balance function, multiplied for every tank with Balance active on the craft. Despite the errors, it does work. Pump/Balance On in VAB - Errors on pad Pump/Balance Off in VAB - No errors on pad Pump On on pad - No errors Balance On - Errors <- Culprit Balance Off - Errors cease
  11. I think something's gone wonky. It works, but using it is also spamming my log with "Cannot find module 'GPOSpeedPump' (569403753)".
  12. What I was reporting was that the button doesn't work. I was getting around this on 2014 builds by copying the chute with the correct settings as necessary, which worked... sufficiently. In any case, I've done some fresh testing. One chute: Applies - Yes | Applies to all - N/A | Copies chute - N/A | In game - Passed Symmetric chutes: Applies - Yes | Applies to all - Yes | Copies chute - N/A | In game - Indeterminate. Looks like most settings are correctly saved now, but certain ones like # spare chutes are not. This looks to have improved since 2014 builds. One chute, copied as symmetric: Applies - Yes | Applies to all - N/A | Copies chute - Yes, in editor | In game - Failed, only base chute
  13. Is there a plan to fix the forgetful settings/symmetry? (Linux 64bit) Good chutes are a must, but the mod is sadly unplayable. That is, parachute settings only apply to one chute in a symmetry group, and often don't survive quickloads, in case it hasn't been mentioned in a while. Using a heap of other mods, but relevant ones might include the stock fix modules. Though I recall this was also an issue when using minimal mods.