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  1. [1.2/1.3] Real Scale Boosters, 0.15 (2016-10-12)

  2. [1.1.3] Old School Fairings

    The game's last patches broke the mod and no one has been able to figure out why or how to fix it.
  3. Spark emitters at launch?

    I started a new project at work and have no time to play KSP anymore. I see someone else already answered the question of where to get spark emitters. You can also do it with just engines that you stage before the real engines, if you have the right ones, or what I did was attach a good visual effect to any engine as a new part.
  4. [1.2.2] Futuristic Engines [0.1.1]

    I applaud your effort. However, what I think Other Guy is saying is... He's comparing your page to other pages like the one I show below that also has futuristic engines. He wants more info about: Why are you making the mod? What do the engines look like? (show pics) How do you expect them to be used by us? What are their core stats? What do you have in mind for balance and usage? What feedback are you looking for at this stage of development? Those sorts of things...
  5. The real panels did not jettison until they had opened, which FASA did not do. In other mods they are simple extra parts with decouplers. That's easy to set up. An Apollo 8 and later petal adapter would slowly animate opening, and then jettison once fully open. You're 100% right on that!
  6. Bingo! Can that actually be done without infernal robotics or a new plugin?
  7. TG626's album is incredible! But it was Apollo 7, not 11. Quiz time! How do I know? Can this mod do a 100% accurate Apollo 11? I'm not sure it's even possible without using two mods or a plugin though. I had to use two mods for mine in Alexandria. (Can't say too much yet without ruining the quiz.)
  8. It's from SSTU. I use paint.net (it's like a free Photoshop) to create custom textures myself. The interstages are simple hollow tubes from some other mod that I retextured and then added a decoupler module.
  9. I love this mod. Project Ares uses this mod.
  10. Hmm. That makes no sense. I love the parts. They are some of the best ever in KSP. However, the CFGs should adjust based on what you're using. If you have RealFuels then they should disable LFO. If you are stock, they should not add the realistic fuels. It should be up to the player what fuel mods they want to install.
  11. OP updated with proper name and link for 1.2.2
  12. Not sure why mine is not for stock then... I must be missing a stock config, or should have removed a config that is incorrectly switching all my fuels to RSS fuels and whatnot.