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  1. Cool, I'll check those out. I've been away so long that I don't know the good mods anymore. The idea I had back then was specific to then. Now that even more time has gone by, I have an even NEWER idea hehe. I don't want to spoil anything, and I could still change my mind, but this idea is loosely inspired by a Neal Stephenson novel I read several years ago.
  2. Still alive. I started playing again, but I barely remember how! Don't know if I will start a new series. We'll see! All the movie sets and crafts for the old series are long gone, killed by many KSP revisions and mod changes over the years that has obsoleted them, but I have an idea for a new series.
  3. Have not checked the KSP forums in a long time; decided to see what's going on. This thread is still running! Amazing. Does @linuxgurugamer still frequent these boards? Calling you out of your coding dungeon... let's see if you're the next reply!
  4. While that's a true statement it was the collaboration video that did me in, if you were thinking a specific video might have "made me quit." Collaboration Station was a lot of work, but there were also frustrating events behind the scenes while trying to coordinate with everyone, and then despite it being a fully stock saved game I got a lot of hassle over using visual mods like clouds... so I needed a break and that turned into not going back because that's when I found Oxygen Not Included.
  5. I wrote this exact mod as part of my personal dev tools for making my own mods. I should have released it as a separate thing long ago. Glad you did! (For those still playing. I might come back to play again this year as well.)
  6. Hi guys. I'm not active in KSP anymore. I keep thinking I might go back, but I never seem to... and then I saw Shadowzone talk about how the game's stability has gone to hell, which makes me less likely to return. I used to push the boundaries of the game a lot, and if I can't do that and have fun then I'm not going to try. I also wanted to get RSS/RO going again but it wasn't working the last time I checked, so again another reason to not return just yet. BTW I always wanted to ask... what is a Kerbal Spherical?
  7. You need to know the dimensions of the part and the ratio of fuel to structure. That gives you the liters of solid fuel that it will contain by using (circle area) x (length) which you may recall is PI * radius^2 * height. A cubic meter is of course 1000 liters. For example, when I search that link, I see the SRB is 1m diam and 9m long. That's 7068 liters (pi * 9 * 0.5^2). The gross mass is listed as 8425 kg and dry as 1245 kg. That's 7180 kg of fuel. I'm not sure what fuel it uses but common ones are PBAN and HTPB. I used to pretend all my custom rockets used HTPB so I'll pretend it's that. There are various formulations of solid fuel (even of HTPB) but we need to pick one so I usually go with 1.77 kg per liter. I think that was the same value used by RealFuels too. Anyway, given that we can tell the SRB has about 4056 liters of fuel (7180 / 1.77). Seems like it's 57.4% fuel to volume (which seems low but I think I did the math right). Now convert real life version into KSP by scaling it down and changing to the KSP mass of solid fuel (unless you're using a different fuel). KSP solid fuel is heavy as I recall. But anyway from here is takes needing to know the size of your part. You'll need to finish the math.
  8. Yea, those were great, I wish that guy was still making videos! I'm a mix. I like realistic rockets, but I'm willing to stretch the bounds of what is realistic since it's a cartoony game too. I like recreating historical events in the game. I like modded parts that look beautiful. I like challenging missions, and I like adding mods that increase the difficulty.
  9. Oh, forgot to post, the next day I compiled it and changed the download link of the OP.
  10. Alt-F12 lets you set Physics > Aero > Display Aero Data in Action Menus (to see "shielded: yes")
  11. Somehow I think I may have managed to get this working again for 1.4 so I have put a download link in the OP for a few adventurous players who may want to try it, and see if I did get it working for them too.
  12. No, never figured it out. I was going to look into Old School Fairings again 1.4 tomorrow but I am not optimistic.
  13. I don't know if the old DLL would have worked in 1.4.0 or not since I didn't even try. I just went ahead and recompiled it for 1.4.0 anyway and posted it just now. Enjoy.
  14. For the record, the idea I'm working on at the moment for a return is: The Kerbals at Earth were left with a challenge to divert an asteroid that was headed for Earth. They investigate and learn that it was the result of their interference, because gravity wells from their travels redirected it toward Earth in the first place. They do something <sciencey stuff here> to redirect it again, which actually just sends it back through to their own universe, and now it's on course with their Kerbin. They have no time to redirect it again, so they must evacuate the planet. Or... if I used Gameslinx as suggested above, perhaps what happens is they rush another gravity well redirection mission but that causes planets to spill over into their universe and "pollute" the Kerbol system. A different idea I've always wanted to do is "replace" Stock parts with Felbourn-ized parts and an appropriate tech tree, and run a sort of campaign. You could imagine it like a kind of "Unmanned before Manned" mod but without Stock parts. It would only be custom modded parts and a custom modded game, with entirely new balance.
  15. I'm trying to think of a new (or related) story line. If I came up with a good idea, maybe I'd jump back into playing. If you or anyone wants to submit suggestions, perhaps post them here:
  16. I might have time again. I pulled up my old game, but it was version 1.2 so it's two versions behind. Also when I loaded the game it took 20 minutes to load due to all the mods and stuff. I guess it was always that way but I had forgotten it took so long to load. Bleh! I'm tempted to just switch to 1.4 and reduce my mod load time too, but then I am not sure how to integrate that change into the story, It would mean losing RSS and Galileo which are pretty integral to the story. However, I am not that interested in 20 minute loads and RSS-length launches (usually 15-20 minutes each too) right now if I'm going to jump back in. It could mean needing a new story. We'll see.
  17. You rang? Oh, I need to read this thread to see what's going on.... It appears to be some role-playing, and that's of course how I like to play KSP. In fact, I have recently been toying with the idea of coming back to KSP. Maybe reading this thread will geek me up to return sooner!
  18. Hmm my name came up twice in this (one call out about my YouTube content, and one callout for Warcraft and StarCraft which I programmed) so I will reply. The work I put into programming AI like in Warcraft et al was weeks and weeks and weeks. Doing Kerbal scripts would be easier in some ways, but also harder because you need to program it in an engine that was not designed for it. The world is 3D. It's hard to determine where collision meshes are by scanning. Everything would need to be dynamic. It might not even be possible to satisfy certain requirements, which would get the scripts stuck. You would need to figure out how to program pathing, and detect when Kerbals are stuck, and figure out how to get them unstuck. It's a huge challenge.
  19. Have you checked with my legal department about the title? As for the project, this gets my stamp:
  20. The game's last patches broke the mod and no one has been able to figure out why or how to fix it.
  21. I started a new project at work and have no time to play KSP anymore. I see someone else already answered the question of where to get spark emitters. You can also do it with just engines that you stage before the real engines, if you have the right ones, or what I did was attach a good visual effect to any engine as a new part.
  22. I applaud your effort. However, what I think Other Guy is saying is... He's comparing your page to other pages like the one I show below that also has futuristic engines. He wants more info about: Why are you making the mod? What do the engines look like? (show pics) How do you expect them to be used by us? What are their core stats? What do you have in mind for balance and usage? What feedback are you looking for at this stage of development? Those sorts of things...
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