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  1. Okay, now lefora's simply sending me empty packets. I actually got an err_empty_response once. I can get to lefora's site, but i cant get on the forums; it just simply displays white. :I EDIT: nvm, its back. Why in the seven shades of heck was bd armory voted down?
  2. I'm having some trouble connecting to the website. It's not on my side of the internet, or I wouldn't be posting this. Special agent sigvan, the point of this is that all these different universes are coming together in KSP. As I said earlier, we use KSP's editor to make crafts, we use the game itself to simulate battles, and the story happens in the KSP universe.
  3. Uberlyuber

    OS Poll

    I use KerbOS. Just kidding, I use Windows 8.1, but Ubuntu is also installed on it. But I barely use it, so I just select Windows.
  4. If you look closely at a topographical map of Kerbin (I made this using scansat, and unfortunately it's incomplete), there is a in the ocean southeast of KSC.
  5. But this takes place AFTER the Earth is destroyed. That's why I said that they would think Kerbin is Earth.
  6. The game is used to battle, and we settle on the planets / asteroids / moons of the Kerbal System.
  7. Ubuntu. But I guess that's because it's the only version of Linux I used.
  8. I was thinking about stuff, and this popped into my head: What if, long after the Earth was destroyed and humanity was no more, aliens come across a human artifact, and the artifact just so happens to be the servers for KSP. And on the drive, they find a topographical map of Kerbin, and the aliens think that Kerbin is Earth!? You never know, it could happen... in the twilight zone
  9. I'm no master, but if you need a programmer, I know HTML and CSS, and I can make a pretty good website. Not that you'd need a website, but if you need someone with enough experience in those languages to make a good website (or whatever), I'm here. Unless I'm interpreting the list wrong.
  10. I live in a town a little south of San Jose / San Francisco. Those are actually pretty cool places to go. In other words, I live in 'FORNIA, THE 'OLDEN 'TATE 'N 'MURICA!!!! APOSTROPHES!! Fun YEAH!!!
  11. too bad your friend is the forever alone guy. WAITERRRRRRRRRR!!!!! EVERYONE IS DIEING IN MY SOUP!! WHEYYYYYYYY!!!
  12. Uberlyuber


    A gun, perhaps? Not any specific gun, just firearms in general.
  13. Jeez, I never thought this thread would attract so much attention. Ah, who am I kidding, people love stupid stuff stupidity for the win
  14. Have you ever got up and thought "hmm... maybe I should post something stupid on the forums!"? Well then, here you go! Anything's fine, as long as it doesn't break the rules.
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