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  1. Encountered something that I suspect is a bug or oversight, but wanted to make sure. I'm running my new career save with GPP and Stategia, among other mods. GPP's custom config for Strategia introduces a new strategy called Private Sector, which at its most basic level adds 1.5 science per unresearched technology to each contract completed. This means that for an initial one-time investment of 150 science, you can get upwards of 200 science for every contract completed, even if it's just testing a part on the launchpad. I looked in the config file itself, and the effect is described there as a multiplier rather than a direct addition, so maybe it was intended to work differently than it is? It's by no means gamebreaking, and people who don't want to use it can just ignore it, but it does seem extremely overpowered next to all the other, balanced strategies that the GPP config introduced.
  2. I just tried adding another planet pack (Kargantua) to this one, and have got everything working well for the most part, but I've discovered the RemoteTech ground stations have shifted to a planet from that pack. Is there a known fix for this? I looked through the GPP_RemoteTech config but couldn't find any identifying information about how Gael is flagged as the correct planet for the stations.
  3. I was wondering, the description for Admun says it's the most Kerbin-like planet in the Kerbal Galaxy, but it's atmosphere is only at 0.0667 atm. Is that intentional, or is there an extra zero in there by mistake? I might just be misunderstanding what it means by most like Kerbin.
  4. Hoping I'm not missing something obvious, but I can't seem to figure out, what parts do we need to build new DIY kits off-world? If the wiki's already been updated with that info, I couldn't find it, and I didn't see anything about Ground Construction in any of the MKS part descriptions.
  5. As I understand it, the motivation behind having planetary logistics is to provide a simple means of shipping resources around the planet, not to provide an infinite storage. I've not actually reached the point where I'm capable of abusing it (as that would require a colony that's producing a surplus. I wish!), but I've had an idea for a possible solution to this infinite storage that at least conceptually seems simple enough. What I propose: There is a limited amount of space in planetary logistics, unique to each resource and each planet. By default, this amount is zero. When you land a cargo container on the planet, you can use a "Convert to Planetary Storage" button on it's right-click menu, which reduces the item's storage capacity by 95% and adds that 95% to the planetary logistics capacity for the container's resource. Conceptually, this process is the kerbals building a storage crate or silo and then flagging it as something their shipping crews are allowed to tap into. The "95%" was arbitrarily decided, but the purpose of that is to ensure that the regular pushing/pulling of resources in a base is still able to use the container. This would also be a fine excuse to build rows of giant 15-meter spherical storage silos (and to later blow them up, given Just Cause).
  6. That was the problem. Thank you! I'd never realized they required it, and that they didn't start with the maximum amount.
  7. I'm encountering some weird behavior with the calculations for habitation time, but I'm not sure if it's a bug or I'm just missing something obvious. Here's a link to three photos, showing VAB's estimation of hab time versus what is shown once the vessel is built. The kerbal on the deployed vessel has less than 1/3 of the habitation time that the VAB predicted, and I cannot figure out why.
  8. Would you mind sharing whatever changes you made to park it in Tellumo orbit? That looks amazing, and as someone just about to take their career space-program interplanetary, I'd love to retcon that into my game.
  9. Only recently started using KSTS and realized the potential for this sort of feature. Super hyped to see that you're making it a reality!
  10. Really enjoying this mod so far. One thing I'm wondering, though; would it be possible to expand the "Select reference vehicle" feature to add a slider choosing a degrees-offset in the orbit? For example, matching the orbit of a satellite, but deploying 90 degrees ahead in that orbit? This would be extremely useful for setting up constellations of satellites.
  11. Very glad to hear this mod is being continued. I downloaded it only a little while ago, and haven't even had a chance to go explore it yet. However, I noticed that you can see Valentine quite clearly from the Kerbol system, even through Kerbin's atmosphere. Is this a known and/or intended thing? I am using a number of other mods, including Scatterer and EVE, but I've tested and it doesn't appear to be caused by them.
  12. My mistake, sorry. The post from December was the one I was referring to. I didn't realize they never gave enough information to warrant a follow-up. Here's my output log, and I just recreated the events at 12:55, so searching for that timestamp should put you at the relevant section. I can create a Github issue as well if you'd like, but I didn't know if that'd be redundant now that the subject's been raised here. Please let me know if there's any more information or experimentation you want in order to figure this out. And if helpful, the sequence of events was: put kerbals in orbit; kerbals are consuming supplies; freeze kerbals; kerbals are no longer consuming supplies, it remains constant throughout voyage; thaw kerbals, supplies are rapidly drained to zero in a matter of seconds.
  13. Hm... Just encountered the reported USI bug where the first thawed kerbal consumes all the supplies that he would have consumed during the time he was frozen, leaving nothing left. Luckily I had a quicksave from just before thawing, so I'll be able to continue with the mission once there's a fix released. Really appreciate all the work that's gone into this, and into keeping it updated and compatible with other stuff, though. It's definitely become a must-have mod for me.
  14. In a shocking and unforeseen turn of events, I've actually landed a pioneer module on the moon and the Kerbals inside haven't died yet! In order to keep them not dead, I'm preparing to send a Tundra agricultural module and some fertilizer up there. So, my question: What are the specific differences between a biologist's and a farmer's fields of expertise? I read that biologists work with simple greenhouses and farmers with advanced agricultural modules, but I'm unclear where that line is drawn. If you have an agricultural module running the basic conversion that the Nom-O-Matics can do, is that considered a greenhouse? I'm trying to work out which type of Kerbal to send.
  15. Pilots and explorers still need supplies, they just don't mind being in cramped spaces or far from home. So you'd still have to pack a lot of food for a trip to Eeloo.