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  1. Just ran into this issue as well, so thank you for doing all this troubleshooting on it. Uninstalling Bon Voyage didn't fix it for me unfortunately, so I was wondering if you did end up finding anything else?
  2. Awesome mod. Been waiting to get back into KSP for a while, and this finally dragged me back. Looked at all the planets now, can't wait to start flying ships there. Only thing that could make this even better would be clouds for the EVE mod, but that's definitely not needed. Thank you for sharing this!
  3. @Badge I believe that's the Inner Dawn system. Specifically, the planet Paradise and its moons. And it is definitely awesome; if I had to pick just two systems, it would be that and Transverse.
  4. Thanks for confirming that it works; I'd actually tried it before and encountered a bug that I thought was due to this mod, but after seeing this I reinstalled and it worked just fine. Also, doubly thanks for the channel recommendation. All the videos on MKS couldn't have come at a better time.
  5. Sorry for double-post, but it just hit me, the reason it's not working is almost certainly the way I put the hotel in orbit. I used a reusable SSTO rocket to get it into space, and then decoupled it the hotel portion. But I just remembered that I then had to rename the hotel "stage" because it had been renamed to "NAME OF SSTO Probe". Is it possible that the validHotel flag was attached to the SSTO which I then deorbited and recovered, instead of to the actual hotel "probe" that I left in orbit? And if so, is there some button I can press or file I can edit to fix that?
  6. I'm sorry, I don't think I understand the question. The issue is that I'm not receiving any such contract in-game, so I can't see there what the requirements for completing it are. And I had thought the requirements for receiving that contract was just to complete the "Build a hotel" contract, which I did. I am getting the standard "visit a space station" tourist contracts for 2-3 tourists, but not the attraction contracts. I looked through Attraction.cfg, and though I know very little about how to parse them, I noticed that several points reference a validHotels file/list of some sort. It seems like a likely point of failure that would produce the symptoms I'm seeing, but I'm not sure where to look to check if somehow my vessel didn't wind up on that list. I checked the save file but it wasn't there; could you point me toward it, if it's something that's accessible and human-readable?
  7. Just completed the contract to build a hotel, but I've timewarped several months now and am still not getting any contracts to send kerbals there. Am I missing something, or possibly encountering a bug?
  8. Any chance for a patch for 1.4.3? This is a really cool looking mod, and I'd love to add it to my ongoing career save.
  9. Very much looking forward to trying this out. Your airships mod is one of my favorites, and this is definitely going to be too. Also, the "10F Disco Bar" reference made me laugh. Can't wait to start serving my kerbals some synthahol.
  10. This makes me immensely happy to hear (the return, not the flood. That sucks ). Yours is hands-down one of the coolest mods I've seen, and I can't wait to build a cloud city on Eve with it.
  11. I believe I've narrowed the pitch-black planet bug down to the EVE component of the TWB_Visuals packs. The planets are visible when EVE is uninstalled but scatterer and TWB_Visuals are installed, and also when EVE and scatterer are installed but the TWB_Visuals are not. This makes me think the problem is specifically within the EVE component. I'm still not sure why only a handful of planets throughout all the different planet-packs are effected, but I've made certain the install was done correctly (including a full reinstall of the base game), used only the mods listed in your install guide, and used the correct versions of each. The planets effected are Gersemi, Yggdrasil, Kaze, Adeon, Matterhorn, Mirai, Lyria, and Everest.
  12. This mod is just absurdly cool. I am in awe, and after clicking around through all the planets, I can't wait to start sending ships out there. One question though, you say it's compatible with GPP_Secondary but don't mention GPP; is it also compatible? I've also noticed that a small handful of the planets appear nearly pitch-black even in direct sunlight, but I've not had a chance yet to test whether it's associated with EVE, scatterer, or just some installation mistake on my part, but I'll try to follow up if I can narrow it down.
  13. I'm running up against an issue that was mentioned back in August, but never resolved so far as I could find, so hopefully there's new info now. I've had a rover parked next to my base for quite some time now, automatically sharing habitation with the base. Now, however, when I drive that rover out of habitation-sharing range, the hab timers for the kerbals inside the rover immediately drops to zero and they go homesick. Is this just an unfortunate side-effect to balance an awesome feature, or am I overlooking some way to update their habitation to be dependent on the rover, rather than the base?
  14. Absolutely love this mod. I'm still a long way from being able to use it in my ongoing career game, but I did some playing around with it in sandbox and can't wait! I built the frame of what I hope to eventually be an interstellar colony ship, but I'm probably going to need a more economical engine than what I used here.
  15. If you do make it happen, please let me know. The realization that OPM can be used to get planets around Grannus is absolutely awesome, but I'd love to have some terrestrial bodies there too and the stock system seems great for that.