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  1. Yes, but the collisions would change their velocities, wouldn't they?
  2. Or even better yet, a part that would act as a camera. It could be toggled on/off and if turned on it would add another view from its perspective. Could be sticked inside a docking port to fulfill the docking needs but also so much more.
  3. The two RCS tanks look like an overkill but otherwise good job. Docking my first spaceplane was one of the best experiences I had in KSP.
  4. Congratulations and thanks for your contribution. The time was a mistake on my part, corrected. Below 5 mins should be ok.
  5. Don't want to sound like a dick but just google "delta v map ksp".
  6. Probably getting a mobile base with a return module to Eeloo. It included all science experiments, science lab, crew quarters and was able to safely travel at speeds over 30 m/s.
  7. KSP seriously destroyed any enjoyment I had from watching these movies, mostly due to orbital mechanics. For exaple the latest Star Trek: Into the darkness had a scene where they warped to earth and started falling straight down. This mean either: a) the other planet was moving at exactly the same speed and direction warp can influence speed, but then why couldn't they just change it by 0,0000...01% less to achieve orbital speed? Gravity is in the same league. The same debris hitting you periodically over and over? Hard to believe. It would have to orbit at exactly the same speed as you but in reverse direction, who would launch something like that? Still, I don't regret it, KSP is way more awesome than those crappy physics movies
  8. Just like federicoaaUse said, use LV-N so you don't have to worry about dv, I usually horribly overbuild (http://i.imgur.com/7len15h.png), ending up with a ship that could bring the whole VAB to Eeloo and back, but better safe than sorry
  9. This was the first launch of this craft and I had no idea it could even near Mun. But it could and thus a challenge was born. Score: Time: 15:46 = +1000 Part count: 35 = +3250 Fuel expended: -863,58 Total: 3386
  10. SSTM&B (Single Stage To Mun and Back) Introduction Having lost his keys, Jeb thoroughly searched the whole spaceport but still couldn't find them. The only possible explanation was that they were left on Mun during his last mission. Unfortunately under their precarious financial situation his superiors weren't overly inclined to launch another humongous asparagus rocket to allow him to get them back. But Jeb had an idea: to modify an older spaceplane so it could carry him to mun and back. This had to be carried out in secret though and if any part was damaged or lost, he would be immediately found out and get no snacks for a whole week. Objective The goal of this challenge is pretty straightforward: to land a manned single stage craft on Mun and return to Kerbin. Rules No modded engines or fuel tanks. Command seat cannot be used. Except the above, any building method can be used (e.g. clipping is ok). The craft must land on Kerbin in the exact same state it left (i.e. no landing accidents). No refuelling allowed. Scoring + 500 for every 60 mins below 18 hours + 50 for every part below 100 - fuel expended (full capacity of the craft minus fuel remaining after landing on Kerbin) + 0.1 multiplier for every kerbal above one Additional challenges Stargate: Fly/drive through a mun arch, +1000 Back in time for dinner Land at KSP under 18h, +1000 Leaderboard: 1st: RandomJeb 5414.23 2nd: theend3r 3386 3rd: Jasonden -4340
  11. My 713 part standard lifter runs at cca 12 fps at launchpad due to it being an insane asparagus (6 layers). The last update helped a lot, it was about 4-5 before. Once I launch it and the first stage is detached it's pretty smooth.
  12. I have everything on max and still need to launch over a thousand parts to even near 10 fps. Using a laptop. As the others said, it's time for an upgrade.
  13. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/kerbal-alarm-clock-2/ could solve this if you hate MechJeb.
  14. A simple option to remember which types of craft to show in the tracking station. Having to disable flags all the time is pretty annoying. Possibly add a "default" button to reset to all minus debris.
  15. No, it isn't. Only one of those three parts is actually connected. Yes, you can hold it together with struts but then there's a problem with decoupling (it doesn't launch the parts away).
  16. Yeah, I imagined it would be near impossible to keep any compatibility and make it work , thanks for the answer.
  17. One thing that's been really bugging me is the inability to connect two parts at more locations. For example to make an adapter sandwich (easily divide and then reunite the ship - this is possible by using docking ports, but that's a stupid workaround) or to hold together two parts with multiple decouplers. This prevents me from building some more advanced rockets I have in mind. It could be done by allowing players to directly set the hierarchy of parts in some way, for example by holding a key and click-and-dragging a part to the part it should be connected to. I imagine that this isn't something easily doable but as construction is a major part of KSP, more than aerodynamics, resources... etc., it should be perfected before anything else.
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