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  1. I already figured the thing with "Inside cargo bay" before posting the original questions but it didn't work at that time and I didn't try it since. I'll try it again. VesselMover works great and it's a must for this mod. Now if only I were able to get some playable FPS. Let's hope that updating all the mods for 1.1 won't take forever. Edit: I also noticed how indispensable Distant Object Enhancement is for this mod. It makes laser/GPS targeting SAMs bearable. Edit2: Would it be possible to increase the autopilot combat/idle speed slider range? 200 m/s is too low. My F-22/Su-47 replicas operate optimally at 300-400 m/s.
  2. Thanks. This method was pretty obvious to me but I hoped for a better solution.
  3. Awesome mod, thanks for still updating it, Baha. Q1: How do I make AI pilots open cargo bays? Q2: Are there any mods that could spawn vessels in flight mode? Or spawn multiple at once? Because setting up defenses by loading one plane and driving it down the side of the runway to be able to load another is pretty tedious.
  4. Once you go cargo SSTO, you can't go back. Unless you need to lift a space station.
  5. I can fly and dock better and safer than MJ but planning interplanetary transfers is something I'm just tool lazy to do by hand. (Although I can do them, as I've done a manned return mission to every body before I've started to depend on MJ, I wouldn't want to do it anymore.)
  6. My kerbals don't die, they live through the power of determination.
  7. For me, the Mk3 burns up practically instantly even with high AoA. It starts to heat and poofs in a few seconds. Mk2 is fine in comparison but maybe that's just my craft as iirc the Mk3 has higher heat resistance on paper.
  8. While trying to prevent my SSTO cockpit from burning away, I found out there are two types of reentry: Careful reentry like the shuttle does where you need to mind the reentry angle - too shallow and you burn up, too steep and you lithobrake/get torn apart Kerbal reentry - a reentry technique with as much chaotic movement as possible. The angle doesn't matter as your chaotic rotation will keep the heat evenly distributed and let parts cool off while they are occluded. A demonstration with FAR, no damage due to aerodynamic stresses, craft is kept cold, works in 100% of cases with no part loss: The actual rotation speed was about 1 rotation per 1-2 seconds. In shallow reentry angles, the cockpit kept going from 80% overheat to zero very rapidly but never overheated. Also note, that the wing surface is not below average so this type of renetry seems to work with FAR aerodynamic stress just fine. Of course this won't work with all types of craft but if you have problems with burning up during reentry, rotation may be the way to go.
  9. I've noticed a slight impact at over 400 but nothing gamebreaking. I also had Distant Object installed so I actually saw the objects instead of just markers.
  10. No, just run everything on antimatter. I've made a huge collector ship that warped to/from Jool with AM and a large SSTO brought the supplies to the runway. I don't use Interstellar anymore but this is from a few versions ago:
  11. KER really can't cope with this. Stronger reactor is always better of course and afaik, there should be some kind of plasma thruster that has infinite dV since it uses space particles or what. Get that in space and you've won. My Interstellar SSTOs were usually completely propellantless, working on thermal jets in atmo and on plasma in space.
  12. There were many sophisticated KDs in the past, I for example had a controllable KD SSTO that could go from KSC to the surface of Moho and back without using a drop of fuel, but it should be fixed by now.
  13. Never tried to create it artificially but I usually don't mind debris and have it set to unlimited, which can, during some longer careers, lead to this:
  14. Why not try FAR? Things work like they should in FAR.
  15. So, the A-10 proves that building a plane around a gun works, but why bother with engines when you have the gun?
  16. I collect debris (had over 500 one time), it makes the game more interesting. Plus my LKO serves as a museum of sorts. (We really need a stock museum building. )
  17. Once again, there would be no hiccups. The part would initially appear like it does now, immediately, but in its reduced form and continue loading while you are placing it.
  18. GTX680m is more than enough for KSP and should be enough for other modern games. I have GTX660m and I could run mostly everything at high settings, full HD, until Witcher 3 and F4 came, and they are horribly optimized seeing as I can run MGSV on high/ultra settings at 1080p with great framerate.
  19. There'd be no lag while building, the model would start out in its reduced form and load while you place it. When two ships meet, their parts load. Increasing the 3 second lag you get when another ship loads to 5 seconds is something I'd frefer over a crazy memory usage.
  20. The differences are very minute but it does move all the curves from what I can see. It may just as well be only a result of the increased drag, though.
  21. You could just load low-poly models and texture thumbnails for VAB and load the real ones on demand. Loading a single model+texture would take like 1s.
  22. Another reason why other games run better even when RAM heavy is that they don't keep everything in their memory but just the things they need. For some incomprehensible reason, KSP keeps the textures and models of all the parts in its memory even when you only use 10% of them in your flight scene. There was a mod that partially soved this but it's a problem that needs to be solved by Squad for it to work well.
  23. It definitely doesn't. Maybe for computing lift but otherwise you can see the CoL moving when you adjust wing thickness with procedural wings, iirc.
  24. Title. It was like that in the earlier versions but not anymore. Any way to do it? Browsing the forums with bird and cattle sounds is not my cup of tea. I know I can do it manually with the volume mixer but that's tedious.
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