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  1. I have a problem I cant contrcut a kit, I keep getting the message, no workers in the workshop despite having 2 level 2 engineer in it.
  2. How do I activate the EL parts again with the MKS mod as it seems the EL parts are not working.
  3. I cant find the orbital shipyard despite researching it. What am i missing?
  4. Then dont download it. Thats the thing with mods, no one forces you to play them
  5. Actually there are some situations where technology gets sat on. Not for any nefarious reasons either but safety. When it comes to energy and propulsion the more powerful it is the more dangerous it is. For example A lot of the project Orion stuff is still deeply classified due to the potential of it being used to make miniaturized nukes using little nuclear material plus the directed energy research that lead on from that. The world is a dangerous place and there are more than a few people, organisation's and country's that could do a lot of damage even with what seems like harmless technology. Even in my own field of microbilogy there are things that are kept discreet and only worked on under intense government scrutiny due to potential danger of misuse. If something like anti matter, warp drives or any other "miracle" ever was created I would expect it to be kept under the tightest scrutiny.
  6. What about a inert black hole sitting in interstellar space between us and the star? Its drawn in everything around it hense no X-ray radiation to detect.
  7. Actually wrong. We have been able to do fusion since 1952. The problem is controlling it. The biggest huddles have been: 1)Sustained Fusion as reactors have a habbit of burning out due to the high temperatures. 2) being engery positive as currently even when we do sustain the fusion it takes more energy than it releases. With a engine problems 1 ans 2 are reduced as: 1) A fusion engine doesnt have to be on continually. It can pulse in bursts of seconds reducing the temperature strain. 2) As a engine it does not have to be engery positive.
  8. I doubt we will ever break past light speed. Any interstellar travel will be done sub light I think. It’s possible in the future humans could be living hundreds even thousands of years so journeys of 50-100 years would hardly be insurmountable. Its more likely humans will have made massive strides genetic engineering and gene therapy before we reach interstellar travel.
  9. That’s assuming other life forms have the same or similar life spans to us. For all we know extra-terrestrial life could live hundreds or even thousands of years? Hell in a hundred years with advances in medicine, genetical engineering and gene therapy we could be living hundreds of years. If you live a thousand years what’s a hundred year journey? Hell even a unmanned probe could make a interstellar journey. We are likely not far off sending ones ourselves to nearby stars.
  10. Swaying hands are the last ting you need when plating. Call be old fashioned and a kill joy but I think I prefer my Lab down here on earth
  11. O hell no! I have enough trouble dealing with Cat 3 Organisms on earth with Gravity! Dealing with Cat 3 or worse cat 4's floating about in Zero G is the stuff of Microbiologist nightmares. Just keeping things aseptic would be a pain. I like my lab and workstation stationary and stable. The though of scalpels and needles floating about too gives me shivers.....
  12. Have a issue were I cant unlock my craft. someone said this mod might be the reason? What information do you need? Here the save data information of the docked craft: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/123853-Undocking-bug-what-do-I-do
  13. Pretty accurate. We don't have a clue really whats right or whats propaganda.
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