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  1. The vive and Rift already take one hell of a computer. I wouldn't think playing KSP vs other titles would be more demanding. But yes. KSP in VR is a must!
  2. With your set up before and after. I could see no other outcome except for gleaming smiles. I am quite happy again with mine. Getting a GTX 980 for less then 300$ caused the obvious happy dance. Not KSP needed per say, though I wish KSP has a larger graphical need. But your 650 will work fine I think for the life of KSP. Push your CPU to the limit. I'm wanting that "Burn Together" mod to get updated so i can launch Massive space Stations all at once and fly to orbit. Get 2, 500+ part station/base modules launched at the same time but on different cpu cores.
  3. Yesterday i launched two 428 part ships to orbit at once. Was supposed to be 3, but my third didn't have a pilot...oops My FPS with in the 15 range. But shadow play doesn't show up with the screenshots. http://imgur.com/a/qR0gB
  4. I see the 5820K is on sale for $220 bucks now... That's 6 real cores....for the price of a 6600k
  5. SCHAAWWWWWWEEEEETTTTT!! For the record. My New PC was totally worth it. It crushes every ship I put in front of it.
  6. I ran the test with 1.1 unload distance. It ran at 22-25 fps depending on if there was a huge fireball or not. All the way till it unloaded. It quickly jumped to my 120fps limit after that.
  7. I was gonna try a double launch One on the runway one on the pad. Launch both at once. See multi core in action
  8. I also ran the test just for fun. I was getting same frame rates as last time. little higher at 22-25 FPS at launch. What was amazing is that It was in green physics time scale with a .4 delta t slider. Completely uneventful all the way to orbit.
  9. Anyone else use the Mark of Shame? Since, it seems the only time I place a flag is at the Flagpole to commemorate a fallen Kerbalnaut.
  10. Damn. Well I would go for the 6700k....Because I did. I'm super stoked for 1.1. I really like my Aio Cooler too. If your gonna go big. Then go big. Dont forget looking for open box deals and what not. I dont pay retail for anything. Takes longer but I have saved a ton on my current PC by deal hunting. 6700k was roughly 350usd gtx 980 <300usd H100i <80 16gb ddr4 2400mhz <60 ect ect.. good luck. p.s. Unless your super desperate....dont get an i3. Youll prob end up disappointed. And thats really kinda anti the end goal...
  11. Uhh, Well, I was in the same boat like 8 years ago. And mad the mistake of getting a cheaper CPU hoping to bump it up later. But got stuck with it because they change sockets. And how is the 4790k More expensive? And regardless of build, I would recommend of getting the hyper 212 evo as a cooler.
  12. Anyone catch the 1.1 showcase on twitch? The framerates with Kaspers laptops?
  13. Will not need Does not = Can not use. The chase for better performance will never be won, and will never end. Right now, a 500 part Station or base is considered huge and laggy. With 1.1 and its 64bit and multi thread. That will will be pushed further, but will not be removed. Its like shooters and reloading their own rounds. Reloading your own rounds doesn't make shooting cheaper. You just end up shooting more. Same deal I think here I think, 500 part stations will be the new "average" and a 2000 part monstrosity will become the new death blow to FPS. And when that day comes, you can bet there will be people like me, who will OC the hell out of their system trying to get 2001 parts to chug smoothly. So in part I agree with you. NO ONE NEEDS TO UPGRADE THEIR PC TO PLAY 1.1 But a new high end PC with 1.1 vs my old PC and 1.0.5 will (hopefully) have such a tremendous increase in performance that it will take me months before I run into that wall again..
  14. You realize that you are on a forum dedicated to to that game, populated by the people who more or less really enjoy it.....Right?
  15. Without knowing how much someone actually spent. That's really impossible to accurately comment on. I haven't bought anything at retail price in the last 15 years probably.
  16. I didn't have 23.5 to test. But I ran that Benchmark ship on my OC 6700k, and got about 20 FPS from launch on 1.0.5 20FPS for 600 parts I thought was pretty damned impressive. Once the parts dropped out of physics range it sky rocketed really quickly. I did read Claws post about the physics and delta T slider. And results from the test are comparable if everyone uses the same settings. I ran a GTX 760 for quite a while and it was never the bottle neck for KSP.
  17. I know what hyper threading does. Yes it does help me i7-6700k @ 4.6 GTX 980WF3 16GBddr4 couple SSDs liquid cooling ect ect.
  18. I do. sorta. Couple KSP games open, A career and sandbox for "simulation". Nextflix, any homework programs I "Should " be doing like autocad/soliworks. With Sony vegas rendering that weekends paintball game recap. HT FTW!!! Edit: I will say, that room does get toasty in the summer. And stays quite comfortable in the winter.
  19. Its completely inaudible normally, Max speed is only like 800rpm. Every other fan I have makes more noise. Especially my corsair fans on my radiator. My temps are under 50c playing ksp. Normally in the 30s range during KSP unless I'm running 600 parts. Then its around 45c.
  20. You guys and your cute 120mm case fans. I have a 260mm case fan. I am actually quite please with it. It moves A FREAKIN TON OF AIR. Its just mounted as exhaust. But with my push/pull corsair radiator fans on the front running 100%, It still moves so much air that I get negative pressure inside my case.
  21. Sounds like you did Mighty fine. And will play pretty much everything just fine. I am curious though, when 1.1 hits with its muti thread support. ( I know its up to Squad to properly implement it) Will all the anti hyper threading people get shut down? Anyway, you have a nice set up. Make sure you push it hard and get some good enjoyment out of it.
  22. I guess I misrepresented myself or my computer in my OP.... Actually no, I didn't. I think people misunderstood the purpose of the thread. I wasn't asking for advice on what to get, there already is a thread for that. I was trying to share my excitement with what I got. All this "you don't need, waste of money ect ect" makes me kinda sad. I am excited for the NVME 3d M.2 SSD also. KSP will find its home in one, Liquid cooling is a must, not really. But if you are gonna spend 70$ on an air cooler, just buy a AiO loop instead. I'm super happy with it, anyone who gets one will be happy with it. Provided it can be mounted in the case. Otherwise It can be a pain. Someday Ill have a nice custom loop set up. I dare someone to say " You don't need it, its a waste". Do it....Do it.. Pretty much any GPU is plenty for KSP, But not for Oculus rift. DDR4 was the same price as DDR3 when i bought it. And it was all the mother board supported. So, why not get it?
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