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  1. GOD Finally Updated?! Thanks Man Also congrats
  2. @Rodger Hi In spacedock, when you look in editing panel of your mod, there is a check mark for ckan, did you check that check mark? because I can't find this on 1.8.1 game on ckan
  3. @Matt Lowne Hi, I always follow your videos on youtube. But never came to talk in forums until now, well, the idea is.... You are the best I have seen there building ssto and I was wondering, do you want to give a try to build some new classes using not only stuck, but also things like OPT or even worse, the huge parts from B9 ? OPT should be the first because it more suites the classes here to be changes, but B9 bigger parts would be the real challenge I believe !
  4. I have the latest version of B9 for 1.8.1. I will double check via ckan and the git repo. if it's up to date, then i will ignore it and see what will happen Edit : Yup, I have the latest version (2.13.0)
  5. this version gives a serious error on B9 part switch At least I think this error is related to Hab Tech ? Anyone knows how to solve this?
  6. I think this is the second or third time I'm asking this, considering that MAYA supports python, is there a chance that some of you guys who are familiar with python, make a version for MAYA too? if you don't know why I'm asking this, MAYA is tons better than Blender and much easier to handle modeling stuff with lots of features that will make a modeler's life easier.
  7. @linuxgurugamer Hi Knowing that scaling of the hangar is impossible these days, I encountered an issue today with a huge rocket, loosing the center of the launch site ! I was moving the rocket around to better access stuff on it, and finally ended with one of the boosters sitting on the right hand side ramp of the launch site ! At that time I was thinking, it should be possible to add a projection light to the VAB and SPH in such a way that when we click the extend button the projection turns on and when we hit the retract button the projection gets off, also, would be nice if we can have a button to re-centralize the root part to the center of VAB and SPH on horizontal plan and keeping the vertical plan as it is?
  8. Jiraiyah


    Another small update, adjusted the heat production to be manageable during the launch, still needs some radiators on the part but now managable.
  9. Jiraiyah


    Only the top wall (bellow the truss) is electro wall, that alone is more than enough to support all of these in 350 KM around kerbin in JNSQ You can now easily put a small fuel tank inside, some small engines on the out side with radiators for heat and bingo, full, multi-purpose science sat at your service
  10. Jiraiyah


    Updated the mod for 1.8.1 and it should work with 1.9 although, I'm not sure what is the situation with B9 part switch and tweak scales. Removed the Battery but added even more OP part, it's Electro wall, it has 10k electric chart and can save up to 100k, it produces power and heat as much as 30 RTG. If you ask me why such an op part is needed, try making a multi purposed sat using dmagic orbital (full set on one sat) with the addition of scan sat and normal resource scanner. I'm not sure even 6 of these op walls would be enough to compensate for the power usage on that sat. Also, to balance things at least a little, the price is way higher than before and is 2.6 Million to open the part in career and 790k per wall to use. I was not sure about the heat generating module, just got the RTG and multiplied each number by 30, if someone thinks it's out of balance please notify me with proper values.
  11. The light helmet turns on ok, but you know the glow on futuristic helmet, it won't
  12. question about the lampOn Patch for the helmet lights, anyone knows how to make the futuristic helmet light turn on with this patch to make them work properly on that suit or not?
  13. You may want to adjust the versioning in spacedock and add this to ckan (the button in space dock edit page)
  14. Hi First of all, here the list of my mods, it's big I know but I also know it's needed for my question and yes I installed these using CKAN and I had 1.7.1 compatibility for some part mods but after installing them I removed the compatibility and used upgrade button several times: Now, here is the problem I have. At the start of my new game, when I would hit ASWDQE keys, the part would properly rotate 90 degree, but when I hit the SPH button (the one in top left corner of VAB) and came back to VAB, now the keys rotate the parts on weird angle that is less than 90 degree and I have to use cntr key in combination with the rotational keys to keep rotation more on control. It's getting really annoying, anyone has any idea what is causing it and how to fix this problem?