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  1. @FruitGoose Hi Am i the only person who can't find apple in ckan?
  2. Hi everyone, I was going to ask it few days ago but forgot about it until now, actually, it's few ksp versions that I have this question about ascending guide, when you click on show ascend guide on the interface, there should be a blue marker on the nav ball, but for few versions of ksp, it's missing, anyone knows why? is there any way to fix it?
  3. Hi everyone, I was going to ask it few days ago but forgot about it until now, actually, it's few ksp versions that I have this question about ascending guide, when you click on show ascend guide on the interface, there should be a blue marker on the nav ball, but for few versions of ksp, it's missing, anyone knows why? is there any way to fix it? sorry guys, wrong thread... sorry sorry
  4. Hi Is there any conflict between this mod and any other mod? trying to install it by CKAN but when I check mark this mod the apply button is still disabled, this normally happens when there is a conflict between the new mod and your mod list?
  5. Hmm maybe a combination of our suggestions in the constellation window would work? to let the user choose if he wants the current behavior, auto switch or fixed frequency in flight?
  6. actually I think it would be better to keep the mod the way it is now, think about the design challenge this would give us, yes, the user should be able to change the signal on the fly, but, what if we assume the signals are fixed? if a player wants to play this way, he/she has to think about number of dishes and antenna he/she would need on the ship. Actually, if you ask me, there can be an option in the window that would disable the signal change during the flight !
  7. Looks like it's working, antenas are working, constellation window is opening and functional, no more errors being loged.
  8. Hi @zer0Kerbal was talking with another mod developer in private when an idea came out of the conversation about FTL and FTF mods you develop. Here is the idea : If we assume that kerbals know how to develop artificial intelligence, why would they really need a five star kerbal to train them? How about AI modules that can be trained by a kerbal once and then having this module side by side with FTL or FTF modules, other kerbals can learn from the AI without the need for another teacher to be on board? If we accept this idea, you can have two modules (parts and yes I intentionally ask for parts to make station designs a bit more interesting and a little challenge, and no, the parts should be big enough and can't be flat small objects), one module would be responsible for storage hardware and another for the cpu processor of the AI. And, for each skill, we need a separate AI module pair. Adding USI skills into the game and idea here, having a training station, would be interesting to develop because for each skill you have to plan two parts in the station. Also, for training the AI, you would need a five star kerbal in the CPU unit, time and lots of time for each round of training, and more than one round of training until the unit gets ready. If USI MKS is present, maintenance of the unit can use special parts (make it optional via options). At the end, we may need to train the AI at least one more round after some years because of malfunctioning or any other name you would use that causes the AI to mess things up or forget stuff. Finally, if we have AI units in the same ship/station with FTL or FTF modules, kerbals can learn the skill without a need for another teaching kerbal. If we lack the AI module for a skill, then we go back to the original mod design that forcefully asks for a teacher. You may ask why we may need something like this? The idea came out when me and another mod developer where talking about generation ships. You know, add civilian population mod to the game, some far far away star systems that would need hundred of years to reach the destination, add USI MKS and Life support, deep freeze and your FTL and FTF mods, all in one place for a game play !!! This way, we can have generation ships. You know, the ship that would leave home planet and it's star system for future generations... during the travel original crew will die but their children will be trained in space and when the final destination reached, you may have passed through four or five generations. In Sci Fi movies, training these children would be done by one of three choices : 1- Elders will train younger generation... what is sci fi about this?? nothing!!! as time passes some of the knowledge will be lost ! 2- Drone and Robots who look like normal population would sit and teach children. 3- Computer AI with holographic images would teach I think you got the picture,.... i'm a fan of the third option lol. So, what do you think about this idea?
  9. Here we go : In this line of code, you are reading a key from dictionary without checking if the key exists or not, basically if the key is not there, you need to first add the key manually with proper values, if the key is there, change the values. This needs to be handled in case the key is not present. And I'm not sure if in my log file there will be more methods like this or not. In short, you should never "assume" that the key will be present. Always do the sanity checks while coding and handle possible exceptions if you can like this one.
  10. @eberkain and @Stone Blue I will look into the links stone provided. But lets say for example that I'm gonna do a constellation for duna (or any other planet out side of home SOI), I would send a rocket with stupid amount of delta v and 24 sats. How ever, when we are talking about changing the inclination... this is where I'm getting lost. What should be the steps for inclination change for 6 orbits this way? remember the origin is at 0 inclination to make things easier for start. Also, I didn't get what is the point of resonant orbit calculator here? (not played with that much)
  11. hello everyone. I was watching a video that was sending 4 sats at once, putting them in parking orbit of 776 KM and final Orbit or 1585KM, and he was launching 6 rockets, once an hour. Now, I understand how it came out and why the numbers, but.... Lets say that I want to put the same constellation around ANY other planet. I would eventually love to send all these 24 sats on a single rocket and toward that planet, and circularizing around it's orbit on 0 inclination. From this moment forward, we have a rocket with enough delta V for anything, sitting in 0 inclination, with all the 24 sats.... how should we produce the same constellation using inclination changes and how to calculate the parking and final orbit to have 4 sats in each orbit and 6 orbits as final result? This question,... made me scratch my head and look at monitor for hours without any result !
  12. Here is ksp.log if you need any other log tell me to upload them too : https://www.dropbox.com/s/y9y0vtds2eg100a/KSP.log?dl=0 But I warn you, the log is huge and you may want to use something like Notepad ++ and search for keywords. And the mod list is in the spoiler (unistalled CNC already for time being)
  13. Hi @TaxiService I'm having few issues in 1.11 : 1- Even when I have antenna on the prob, there is no connection to kerbin 2- The button for CNC is not opening the interface in tracking station, here is the log file section after I log in and hitting the CNC button (only that section, if you need, tell me to upload the whole file somewhere) There are more than few Null Point Exceptions from CNC and Also KeyNotFoundException here !
  14. I found the reproducing steps, vanilla + trp, every thing is ok. Add USI stuff to the game data (will give us more kerbal types and skills) the UI for TRP will break as the picture I have sent. Looks like some how when the skill type buttons goes beyond the vanilla (first row) it breaks the UI.
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