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  1. by the way, is there a way to make kethane work in background without needing to keep the vessel as active one?
  2. totally agreed with hex greed being a better choice on bug report. well, i removed the linux and osx ones but now : http://prntscr.com/dtuowi no grid shows up at all. did i miss something? it's long time that i didn't use kethane. if i remember right i just needed this? http://prntscr.com/dtupix also i don't hear any scan tone? by the way, the sat is sitting close to 300 km sigh, i totally forgot that the sat needed to be bellow 250Km now it works like charm. thanks man
  3. if you used preprocessor directives, they will be dropped at build time. I didn't look into your code, but is there any api in unity other than the directives to check for the os? (here i am assuming that we are talking about dll but i know it's not the case so.... don't blame me on lack of knowledge on my side )
  4. Farscape Module [1.0.4]

    who knows? maybe @linuxgurugamer would like helping. he already made huge impact on modding community by maintaining so many mods, but he is a good programmer with 0 talent on modeling texturing etc.
  5. Farscape Module [1.0.4]

    sooooo excited to see that this mod got some attention back to. will wait as long as you need just knowing that it MAY come back makes us excited.
  6. first of all, thanks, about the kerbal count, seti had the 2.5 per kerbal and 3.75 would support 2 or 3 kerbals I think. Also, having optional settings for people like me that want to go closed cycle is a nice way for it. thanks again
  7. sorry. the reason i missed that post is that I get daily posts from many threads by email and sometimes i miss something important there. but normally i would everything regarding FAR, looks like at least once or twice i missed stuff. i won't read mails any more the first thing in morning sleepy head is not good for reading apparently
  8. ufff i totally missed that one. sorry and thanks.
  9. I know that asking for possible release date is against rules, so, i am not asking for a release date for 1.2.2 but, is there any kind of news for that version or is there any beta version sitting around? i would like to give it a try. thanks
  10. Well normally if @Tralfagar is still active, you would fork the repository, do your changes on your local instance on github then send it back as a pull request, and if the developer like what you did, he will merge it with his own version and publish it. but if he wouldn't be active any more, then it totally depends on the licensing. if the license would allow it, you or anyone else would take the mantle and either post their own built version in this same thread or would go for a newer thread to begin with. so, the question is : is tralfagar still active and around to accept the pull request and publish the mod properly or not?
  11. [WIP][1.3.0] Galactic Neighborhood

    Thanks, you are awesome.
  12. [WIP][1.3.0] Galactic Neighborhood

    will it effect early game stages? if not, take your time sir, my instance of game just got ready without massive bugs, so it will take time till i leave kerbin system's soi no rush then
  13. @panarchist Hi sir, although i know that rover dude never liked the idea of having a real closed cycle system for life support, but, using kopernicus and some mods related to it, you may end up with space stations that would go on a very far way. can you please provide a single part that would work in a way that would make the USI LS closed cycle for space stations? i would really appreciate such a thing. also, a question, let's say I have a 2.5 version on a station, how many kerbals will it support by itself? thanks
  14. ouch. no i didn't mistook it but i totally missed the change log and that info. thanks for the info.