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  1. Complete noob to mod installation in any game here. I am a Mac user, and am unable to run ckan.exe because, well, I'm on a Mac. How do I go about this?
  2. Is it possible to use KMP for the current version of KSP even though it's inactive? Or do my friend and I have to install DMP instead? Where's the download link?
  3. Just getting back from my first flight to the Mun. Quite proud. Thankfully I quicksaved 20 minutes or so earlier, but what happened is I opened my 3 parachutes at 4000 meters or so when I was going at about 100 m/s and my rocket (everything except for the command pod) blew up. I had two side-parachute thingies and one on the top (excuse my amazing KSP vocabulary) on the lander. I obviously cannot redesign my rocket in-flight, but why does this occur and is there any way to get my lander safely down to Kerbin? I have roughly 8 fuel and 9 oxidizer for a lander. I don't know exactly how much it weighs, but based on some other landers I have seen I would call it medium/small. Thanks for any help Every small bit of help is appreciated.