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  1. And how do I stop it happening again? I was playing the game quite normally and then I suddenly realised that my all my active contracts had gone. 0 Contracts when there were many in flight? I have had to go back several saves to get them back. A serious pain. I can go back and get them but why did it happen and how can I stop it happening again?
  2. I am still playing 1.05, I have been caught before with things changing between versions while I have vessels in flight. I took out the contracts in 1.05 also. I did have a contract: Lastly, have your vessel sub orbit the Mun which was completed correctly.
  3. The agency was Jeb's. But I also have several others: Lastly, orbit the Mun - Ionic Lastly be ready to Launch from Kerbin - Integral, Rockomax, Rokea and Flooyd Lastly, Sub-Orbit Kerbin - Probodobo To name but a few. When I say I have no mods for Contract I do have Contract window but that doesn't claim to add contracts.
  4. I have no mods for contracts so it must be stock.
  5. Nice idea but adding a new stage doesn't help. I can't be the only one with this problem?
  6. There is only the one stage so I can't rearrange the staging. I shutdown the engines and then reactivated them but that didn't help. I even tried taking off again but that didn't help either.
  7. I have a contract to fly-by various bodies and then "Lastly, be ready to launch your vessel from the Mun". I have a vessel that has flown by all the relevant bodies and this has been recognised as being complete. I have landed it on the Mun with sufficient fuel that it could get back into orbit again, but this last part has not been recognised as having been completed. How can I get it to recognise that having the vessel sitting on the Mun that is has completed this part of the contract? Many thanks
  8. Thanks. I have just read about the Oberth effect on Wikipedia. I now understand. Thanks again for all the comments. How do I close this thread?
  9. Having just entered the SOI of Moho (or any other body) at quite a high relative velocity which is the most fuel efficient: 1. Circularise at Periapsis (or anywhere else), then change Periapsis to the desired amount and then Circularise at Periapsis. 2. Change Periapsis to the desired amount and then Circularise at Periapsis More importantly how can I work out which is the most fuel efficient? Many thanks.
  10. Okay thanks everybody. I realise there are many ways to play this game. My vessels are not of the subtle Scott Manley type. Mine are industrial. My 3 Man lander for example consists of a Mk1-2 pod; 1x Rockomax x200-16 tank; 4x (sometimes 8x) FL-T100 tanks; 4 LV909 engines; plus assorted other stuff, science and the like. It weighs over 47t and is connected to its transport via Senior docking ports. Once in orbit around a planet/moon it undocks lands then re-orbits, docks with its transport and heads for home. My current mission: On the surface of Moho I have a miner/refinery, a fully fuelled 3 man lander and a fully fuelled shuttle capable of taking significant quantities of fuel into orbit. Also in orbit i have a fully fuelled tanker used to transfer fuel between orbiting vessels. One cycle is: 3 man lander into orbit. refuel from the orbitting tanker land the 3 man lander at a new biome do lots of science and then re-orbit. launch the fuel shuttle and use it to refuel the 3 man lander. both then land at the refinery and refuel. the shuttle then goes into orbit and refuels the orbiting tanker, lands and then refuels. We are now back where we started and can repeat. Once the mission is over the 3 man lander will go into orbit and dock with its transport, get back to Kerbin orbit, undock and land. So I do need to do a lot of docking. I usually do it manually but it is getting a bit boring now so I will occasionally set up MechJeb and go and do emails while it sorts it out for me. I realise others play the game differently but this is what suits me.
  11. Does the DV hit from transporting monopropellant outweigh the DV that can be obtained from using it? I have a ship that I am going to land on a planet. Fuel is tight. Should I send it does with full RCS tanks and use the DV from the RCS to help get it back into orbit or is it better to send it down with empty RSC tanks? I am happy to work it out if someone can tell me how. Many thanks
  12. I am not sure how to set something being the root, but your suggestion gave me an idea. The front of the rover is a Propodyne OKTO and the top of my rocket is Propodyne HECS on top of which I had a TR-2C separator. The rover would not connect to the separator, but if I removed the separator then the rover and rocket would connect. I then disconnected them and put the separator back and it all connected up fine.
  13. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I have created a rover in the hanger and tested it on the runway. I now want to connect it to a rocket in VAB. I know I have done this before but for some reason when I merge the rover with the rocket I can't get them to connect this time. I have a TR 2C stack separator on the rocket but the rover will not attach to it. Even if I put the stack separator on the rover it still does't connect. There must be a way of doing this because I have done it before and I do not think I am doing anything differently this time. Step by step what I am doing is this: In VAB Load a rocket that already has a rover attached Remove the rover Select Load then Merge and select a new rover from the hanger The new rover is identical to the old one with just a few more science experiments on board but it will just not connect, though I can put the old one back on the rocket. Any help greatly appreciated.
  14. Thanks. I had completely forgotten about this thread. This is exactly the thread that I found the solution to way back in an earlier version of the game. I have been playing v1.05 for along time now and experienced no problems at all with this decoupler so I thought the problem had been fixed, and forgot about this fix. The relevant file now has a different location, so for anyone else that has this problem (Mac/Linux only?): Go to: KSP/GameData/Squad/Parts/Structural/Size3Decoupler Open part.cfg and change PhysicsSignificance = 1 to PhysicsSignificance = 0 Apparently this gives the part physics rather than taking it away, or so I gather from the other thread. This is not my solution, my only contribution here is to point others to the new location of the file. And to moan a bit about the problem not being dealt with. I suppose there is a good reason for this, in the earlier version this decoupler was a nightmare, but so far in 1.05 I only hit the problem once so maybe there is more going on behind the scenes. By the way my workaround was to use 2 x Kerbodyne ADTP-2-3; 1x Rockomax Brand Decoupler and a lot of struts. So I now have a manned vessel on its way to Moho with a rather strange backend. EDIT: I now see the problem. Vessels that used to launch successfully now do not because there is so much flex at the TR-38-D that they bend over. I am fixing this by using a lot of struts but it looks ugly. What I really need is for PhysicsSignificance = 1 on launch and PhysicsSignificance = 0 on decouple.
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