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  1. I have a mining operation running on Minmus that is ~14.5%. Version 1.2 normal difficulty.
  2. I played a lot this weekend and had several crashes. On the order of 6-7 between Saturday (~5hrs) and Sunday (~3hrs) That said I lost very little progress in the crashes. Most of the crashes happened when recovering vehicles at the end of mission. The most I lost was back to a quicksave when it crashed in the middle of a ground EVA report mission on Minmus. Running 100% stock no mods.
  3. Hauling a bunch of newbie engineers and scientists out to Minmus and back in preparation for the new science lab that is getting ready to launch to Minmus and along the way picking up a pilot that got himself stranded on Minmus' south pole.
  4. Thanks guys, The missions started to pop last night. I did the quick flyby of Mun with a ship that barely had enough delta-V to get there. I couldn't even orbit Mun with how little fuel I had left I just zip thru it SOI to complete the first explore Mun mission and came home. That caused several new missions to appear. I did two rescue missions one in low orbit and another in an orbit almost out to Mun ( I really do love orbital rendezvous). Later I returned to Mun with a better ship that is presently in a near polar orbit doing a survey mission (surveying a point below 7600m near th
  5. Thanks KerikBalm, lots of good info there. Presently I have almost all of Tech level 4 unlocked. I have achieved orbit and taken a tourist to orbit. I have just accepted the explore Mun mission, hope to orbit that tonight and get a lot of science collected while in orbit. I have yet to see any orbital rescue mission (I always enjoyed those) and I have not seen any mission to launch satellites yet. I think those would be great for building a com network. I really need to get solar panels unlocked before I do that though.
  6. I have been on a vacation from KSP since shortly after version 1.0 cam out. With the release of 1.2 I have updated and am starting over with a new career. Between the communications requirements and off world resources (never really got that far back in 1.0) I am looking forward to building new orbital and surface bases and exploring the system. That said I still struggle to figure out what make some mission pop up and other do not. It there a guide that helps you decide which missions to accept and decline and what order to unlock the tech tree that make better mission pop up i
  7. That is very encouraging katateochi. Hopefully I get the tech unlocked this weekend to give it a try myself. Thanks
  8. Update us, I will be interested in hearing how it works out. I found the following thread that seems to give a mixed message as some think it worth the effort and other think its not. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/119433-Asteroid-Mining
  9. Thanks, that helps alot! No one has any experience mining asteroids yet?
  10. What about towing a big one into Minmus orbit. That should take less fuel, no?
  11. I am nearly to the point I will begin unlocking the various mining component in my present career game and I am starting to think of building mining bases. Back in 0.90 I had created a nice orbital Minmus base with a core that was a Class-C asteroid. I would tug up fuel from Kerbin and use that to refuel a lander that was going down to the surface base, visit various biomes or complete various mission on Minmus. The base had a lab for resetting the science instruments on the lander and several docking ports for docking other vessels. Worked pretty well and was a lot of fun. Now with resou
  12. I think there should probably be some probability associated with if they join your crew. I mean clearly they are Kerbalnauts for another agency (you didn't launch them up there), maybe they want to return to that agency rather than join yours.
  13. Spectacular news! Having just landed on Mun last night I will hopefully start seen extra-Kebal missions soon. Surface craft recovery missions sound awesome! Thanks!
  14. First up I like that the Kerbals are in stranded Mark I modules or cockpits rather than just floating free in the EVA suits. The occasional in an EVA suit would be OK too. I really do enjoy the rescue missions. I restarted my career with 1.0 release. I have just manage my first Mun landing and unlocking tech level 4 so I have a lot more to do in this career. My question is will there be rescue mission to stranded Kerbals around other planets or moons? There never was in 0.90 but I hope there might be in 1.0?
  15. I knew about the F5 quick save, I use that all the time but did not know about ALT-F5 so I can name extra saves. Awesome. Thanks again!
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