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  1. Thanks for the response - I managed to get it working after I discovered a copy of the temp patch inside a post (the download appears to be gone), and edited the pqs_terain file in the RC4 release. I haven't got a working monodevelop setup right now, so can't actually recompile -though I may try to do so in the near future and see if I can offer any help. I wasn't judging on the timelines - I fully understand we're talking about support for a version on which your key dependency isn't even fully released, and I really understand the idea of "not really having everything you want in it yet". Heck I'd be the greatest hypocrite on earth if I complained about release times, I've been failing to find time to write the next version of pyKAN for over a year now ! I just found it curious that the stock ones were proceeding so much faster than the RSS ones I know about - and wondered if there was a technical reason behind it. For the moment it's working okayish for me. I did have one landing where apparently every longitude had become an narrow ocean (cutting right through continents) but it appears to have been a one-time glitch. Unfortunately I didn't think to take a screenshot and it seems a bit nasty to be reporting bugs on an unreleased hack
  2. It took some digging but I found the post with your patch link... unfortunately when I hit the download link dropbox gave me a 404 error. I would be happy to try it out tonight - but I need to get my hands on it first lol
  3. No build I could find. There is a branch - in the github repo - but I've not seen any build. I have no idea what would happen if I self-compile that branch as I can't easily tell from looking at the commit history how much work has actually happened in that branch yet. It seems RSS introduces some real difficulties for visual mods - considering how 1.3 stock has at least 3 great ones now (AVP, SVE and Spectra) while RSSVE is still in RC status for 1.2.2. I suspect something makes it more difficult ?
  4. Has anybody tried this in Linux with openGL ? I have a pretty hefty gaming PC with 16Gb of RAM and an nvidia GTX1050. Second question - will this 1.2.2 build run on 1.3.0 ? RSSVE is basically unusable on 1.3 so this may be a nice(r) alternative if it works well.
  5. Thank you for this mod I'm having a blast with it right now. I wanted to suggest two mods for the realish list which I think fit in very well - and seem to play nicely with SMURFF as well. For your consideration: CareerEvolution - this is a very, very nice career-mode contract pack with realish progression, requires some kind of unmanned first tech-tree - but works well with stock parts. Since using SMURFF on RSS instead of RO means RP0 is not an option - I think this is a great alternative. The developer, PAP is actually an RP0 dev as well. I use SETI-unmanned-before-manned with it, but you can use others (suggestions listed on the mod page). Personally I like it much better than the SETI-ContractsPack though. SurfaceExperimentPack - you want realish experience mods, and you list some good ones (I've installed the whole list) but they don't include much in terms of science packs. There are a few realish science mods out there, based on actual scientific experiments done in space, but this one is one of my favorites. It's a set of experiments that have to be set up by Kerbals on EVA (uses KIS/KAS) and are some of the same experiments the actual Apollo astronauts did on the moon - such as placing big reflective plates which can be hit by lasers from earth to measure the exact distance of it's orbit. It's a lot more interactive than most science experiments, which is cool for the realish factor, and certainly hits the "real" part of realish as it's experiments that we've actually done in the real world space programs. I don't know if you'll like them as much as I do (maybe check out Kotabo's video reviews if you're not familiar with them) but I thought I would make the suggestion.
  6. pyKAN - Pure python CKAN client

    I have found the bug in pyKAN, and just pushed a fix. The latest commit in git contains it. I will release a new official version with the fix once @minecraft2048 finishes his current work so it can all go into one release. In the meantime you can get the (small) fix by using the master-branch git code directly.
  7. pyKAN - Pure python CKAN client

    Possibly, but I suspect not -since I wouldn't be writing any new functionality into the GUI at all - the GUI would just do the exact same thing the CLI does, call out to the underlying libPyKAN to do the work, while presenting it all in a nice a frontend. There is a stub pykanqt file in the repo, but I haven't had time to actually work on the GUI due to work-load getting insane this year, was planning to do so on my last holiday but ended up spending it all househunting. Hopefully sometime soon.
  8. pyKAN - Pure python CKAN client

    Version 0.1.2 is now available. A new version of PyKAN with multiple bug features and some new features including a revamped commandline interface with support for multiple modules in a single command. My thanks to Feanor for his wonderful contributions to this release.
  9. Heh, well I was working on it mostly because it was ruining my playthrough so I'll be starting over now that it's fixed because I am in the final tier of CTT... and only NOW do I do manned missions again ? I'd end up with no use for the science from most of them. But I believe I have correct values for the missing ones now - I was able to do a test playthrough up to the end of the year-in-space mission. So I'm preparing a P.R. - and in case anybody was wondering, the KerbalAcademy pack works great with this.
  10. I probably could, but I'm still experimenting a bit with the fix - looks like it needs a bit more tweaking to work for everything - GROUP_ALL worked for first crew but not for the next ones. Once I have it working properly I will do a P.R.
  11. I believe I found the cause of the bug. Found this in the log file: NotSupportedException: The SelectUnique method can only be used in DATA nodes with the uniquenessCheck attribute set. So I added: uniquenessCheck = true To the DATA node in the SSFirstCrew mission - that did not help. So I instead I removed the SelectUnique() call from the targetVessel line. That made the contract not show up in the All listing even - suggesting it broke it entirely. Next thing I tried was to open my save file, get the hash for my station vessel - and replace that entire line with one that read targetVessel1 = <hash code> Hoping this would match what SelectUnique was meant to return. No luck. I googled the error message, it's actually defined in the ContractConfigurator code - so this may well be a version incompatibility with C.C. perhaps @nightingale has some insights ? Update: I found it, my very first hunch was right - it did need a uniquenessCheck line added, I just had to look up valid values for it. Based on my understanding of the documentation, and what I think the contracts want to do: adding uniquenessCheck = GROUP_ALL to every one of the targetVessel data nodes is the fix for the bug.
  12. The only other contracts I have active is CactEye so I doubt it.
  13. I seem to have encountered a bug. I launched a space station when I got the contract, completed it successfully. But the next contract never appeared. After a while I got concerned and looked. The first crew contract show "Get your space station" as unmet. I am playing with SSRSS and all other contracts seem to to work fine. Since I cannot get this contract, I also cannot progress with any other crewed missions. Is there a work-around, perhaps a save-file hack I could use for right now ? Or a fix suggestion to get it to appear ?
  14. pyKAN - Pure python CKAN client

    Those are all implemented - I've not had a mod fail to install correctly through it in a long time - I use PyKAN as my own client for day to day stuff -and my current playthrough is on SSRSS, with a whole slew of other mods, and working well. The main reason I didn't do it that way at the start was to avoid the risk that bugs in my then, still new, project could corrupt people's CKAN systems. Right now the CKAN registry is treated as a read-only access - so pyKAN knows what CKAN has installed, but not vice versa. But the code has been quite stable at the library level for some time now - so it's probably safe to add that feature now. The main place I want to evolve the code hence-forth is on the frontend side, it really could use a GUI.
  15. pyKAN - Pure python CKAN client

    Heh, I had no idea the CKAN guys even noticed or cared about my little project. As it happened I wasn't able to work on it last week - we are in the process of moving house and it ended up taking all my time, so the next version is yet again delayed a bit by real life, but thanks for that information - having the full spec to refer to could be very helpful. Are there any particular deficiencies I should prioritise ?