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  1. Nope im not on a mac. I do the usual thing. I Put the mod in a clean install of ksp and only the NASA parts show and procedural wings stuff. But when i remove the mod everything works fine? EDIT: And it worked fine in version 24.2 with the previous version of procedural wings.
  2. Help, i have a problem with the mod. Whenever i install it al stock parts do not appear in-game. Anyone know what causes this.
  3. I've found out what was the the problem that caused all the games gui's to turn invisible. It turn turns out some mods which contain any form of gui, for examble: Mechjeb, confuses dmp so it tries to load the wrong gui, or that is what seems to cause the problem for me. Output log: [EXC 15:22:32.353] ArgumentException: GUILayout: Mismatched LayoutGroup.Repaint [EXC 15:22:32.363] ArgumentException: GUILayout: Mismatched LayoutGroup.Repaint [EXC 15:22:32.377] ArgumentException: GUILayout: Mismatched LayoutGroup.Repaint [EXC 15:22:32.393] ArgumentException: GUILayout: Mismatched LayoutGroup.Repai
  4. When i try to connect to BCSpazers server it won't work but when i connect to other servers it works completly fine. This is what it says: [LOG 13:44:37.716] [32.95486] DarkMultiPlayer: Hashed file: darkmultiplayer/plugins/darkmultiplayer-common.dll, hash: 2a2685dcce137b037883870d9cb6352b6573f399bd4fcb5e7880d2eb2417d8c7 [LOG 13:44:37.717] [32.95788] DarkMultiPlayer: Hashed file: darkmultiplayer/plugins/darkmultiplayer.dll, hash: d23a6ae307bb5046915eda83e7688873bad1f56f9c9a0c6534c3b5c31e8bdb46 [LOG 13:44:37.718] [32.95818] DarkMultiPlayer: Hashed file: darkmultiplayer/plugins/messagewriter.dll,
  5. I found out that norton had deleted a file from dmp. So dmp could not load any gui from the ksp folder.
  6. Please help! I was playing with you yesterday and told you that some gui were invisible. It keeps happening and there is no permanent fix, and reinstalling the mod and the entire game doesn't even work hope you will find a fix for this.
  7. No one does simply not believe in the kraken.
  8. Looks awesome can't wait to try the new 5m parts when i get home from vacation
  9. around 642 m/s then the drag racer tipped and everything explodedat the end of the runway.
  10. When flying into Jool and suddenly flying 10 times the speed of light
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