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  1. Although we won't stop talking, Kas. It's been a pleasure. Good luck and Godspeed in your future endeavors you awesome guy, you. o7
  2. I feel like the first part of that description is being directed at a certain someone... >.> <.<
  3. I know you've heard me fanboying out over SVE on stream, Nhawks. But man, I just want to put my appreciation for what you are doing with it here in the topic. As a streamer I very much value the presentation, and SVE just helps improve the presentation of KSP so so much. So thank you for maintaining SVE and bringing such fantastic visuals to a stock scale. <3 And deeeefinitely looking forward to that next update.
  4. Centraldoxadrez, you can plant a flag on the planet/moon, then switch to the actual flag and change that there and all should be fine with the one on the craft. It's a little roundabout but it works!
  5. iPeer, as I've said. You are one awesome guy. <3 Can't wait to make use of this to it's fullest extent.
  6. Ever wondered how much science you could actually get via experiments and reports alone in KSP? Well then this is the list for you! This took about 7-ish hours of work because of incorrect values and testing ingame to make sure things came out right. I will not say 100% for sure everything listed is correct, but it should be darn close! Just as well, I figured I would throw in calculations for the Outer Planets Mod since I am quite a fan of it, and was rather curious about those values. You can ignore it if you dont use OPM! The spreadsheet linked here is rather large, so be prepared. It might
  7. And now I find myself wishing we had vanilla helmets with different colored stripes like that. lol
  8. Man, you're seriously making me wish there was a mod that made the game look like this now. This is just slick looking. 10/10
  9. You sir, have some massive talent. I gotta say this is probably one of the best piece of Kerbal artwork I've seen in a while.
  10. Whoa, That's really impressive. The Attention to detail is quite lovely too! And do my eyes deceive me in believing those arms are adjustable?
  11. Gents, I give you the power that is my Kannon Rocket - 2 Large. 32 KR-2Ls stashed into one neat package. And boy does it pack a punch. c;
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