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  1. Do what you got to do for your enjoyment of the game. You're not getting paid for it, so don't worry about those who don't care. As a software developer, I get it. I would rather you take your time to fully flesh out things well than rush a buggy product. If they're really that concerned about the speed that you are developing, then they can branch/fork the solution, develop their own fixes, then provide a pull request for you. I'd offer to help you out, but I simply don't have the time to take on mod work in addition to my job and taking care of my family.
  2. @StarCrusher96 Did something happen? I hope that everything is ok and that you'll be able to bring it back soon.
  3. @bigred You need to use the Kopernicus BE branch, which can be downloaded here: https://github.com/R-T-B/kopernicus/releases Kopernicus BE is compatible with KSP 1.10+, whereas Kopernicus is only compatible up to 1.9.
  4. I haven't got out to any of the minor planets or objects yet, but it is showing up fine in the Tracking Center.
  5. @StarCrusher96 Excellent! Just got home so downloading and loading it up now!
  6. Ok, it's still persisting. See below: No OPM Log: KSP Log (no OPM).zip GameData Structure: GameData (no OPM).txt With OPM Log: KSP Log (with OPM).zip GameData Structure: GameData (with OPM).txt I had not had an issue with this until the GU 1.0.2-2 release, hence why I've brought it up here rather than in the OPM thread. Thank you, and great mod so far!
  7. Having a small issue with Scatterer when I install Outer Planets Mod in conjunction with GU. With GU, Scatterer works fine, but breaks the moment I install OPM. KSP Log Using the GU 1.0.2-2 version and the latest versions of Scatterer and OPM.
  8. Will there be an early access program (similar to the KSP early beta)? If not, I'm not worried. I'd love to have a product that is less buggy (and I am a software developer) and polished on release.
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