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  1. Right, I forgot about the Debug menu which I've never, ever used (*cough* *cough*)... Definitely worth a try. I really loved the non-aerodynamic, wider-than-tall, asparagus-staged rockets. It just seems to be more... "Kerbal" for the atmosphere to behave like soup. And also, for certain missions (like satellite or station maintenance), I find myself stuck in the atmosphere during take-off and re-entry far too long, even with 4x warp on. Basically, for me "people" have true aerodynamics and re-entry heating and a real solar system, but Kerbals have soup, survive 15g of deceleration and build rockets that are sometimes more fun to watch explode rather than make orbit. Thank you for the replies, I'm really not a fan of using the debug menu but let's see if that can rekindle my passion. Or maybe 5 years of KSP are about the limit for me.
  2. Is that an odd question? What I mean is: Is it possible to have the current editor, interface and parts but with the atmospheric behaviour (start and re-entry) of 0.25 or 0.90? Basically, I want to use launch vehicles built for the earlier versions (I have a fleet ranging from 1 ton to 300 ton payload that don't work well at all with 1.0.5) AND I want to be able to re-enter Kerbin's atmosphere at 4,000+ m/s almost vertically, decelerate through 10+g then pop open my chutes at 600m and still walk away from it. Oh, and the trajectories mod would work as it used to work :-) I never used FAR or Deadly Reentry, so the new aerodynamics and heat models take away from the enjoyment of my game. I've seen my playtime drop from 2-6 hours per day for the years prior to "Gold" down to now perhaps 8 hours per month. This may not fix that, but I'd rather spend as little time as possible in the atmosphere (especially on reentry). So either this is just something I overlooked in the settings, or impossible. Any ideas?
  3. Oh wow, I just saw that right now. Lots of music there, indeed!
  4. "It's the Kerbal Way!" How could I forget! I withdraw my correction but still recommend the Earthling version for a great listen (perhaps for those playing RSS).
  5. Gentlemen! I've just been listening to the album for the x-teenth time since it was released. It's "Ullah", please (more precisely, it's pronounced "Uuuulllaaaaaaahh!!!"). And thanks to the author for the magnificient "War of the Worlds" quote. For those who don't know it yet, there's a very affordable digital copy of "Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds" on US Amazon (don't try iTunes) which you should listen to with good headphones. Meanwhile, someone please mod me a working tripod for KSP! PS: You can go all out for 40 bucks (it was $120 at itunes): Super Special Edition of JWMVOTWOTW
  6. I had a problem with landing on Kerbin (stock aerodynamics), I was returning from Mun with a simple vessel, aiming for the pyramids on a very shallow trajectory (the re-entry made 3/4 circumference within the atmosphere) but after setting the prediction crosshair, I still had to use more than 300 m/s dV of remaining fuel to keep the crosshair in spot - it just kept moving "left". This definitely never happened to me before 1.0.x. Anyway, absolutely GREAT to have it and I'm sure any problems will be ironed out soon.
  7. Just becoming part of this crazy thread... 1AM here already :-/
  8. I'll definitely run a parallel installation next to 0.90 and 0.25. Unless Squad *finally* integrated "Editor Extensions", I'll have to wait with serious playtime until the mod has been updated. I still can't understand why Squad is going all Microsoft and keeps omitting essential features (that are available as mods since... ever) while adding optional and even game crippling ones (say, memory footprint of 0.90 vs. 0.25). Ah, what am I saying - I'm hyped anyway.
  9. Clearly the stabilty of KSP depends on the number and size of mods installed. I use plenty of mods but none of the huge ones (B9 etc.), mostly small fixes that the developers forgot to or refused to implement over the last 5 updates (Editor Extensions, Enhanced Navball, etc.) plus KAS and KSPI. BUT(!) compared to 0.25 where I used more and heavier mods, 0.90 is about as stable as jelly, using OpenGL is basically mandatory and what would I do without the ATR mod? I've already gotten used to playing without Texture Replacer and EVE just to get at least 30-60 minutes without crashes, and yet once I return to the Space Center from any mission, the game crashes as soon as I enter any building. Pfffft... If it weren't for a few very nice cosmetic changes in 0.90 (placement of struts looks much better, for example) I'd probably go back to 0.25 completely, even with a full mod complement plus TR and EVE I had less memory footprint (on OpenGL) than stock 0.90 with DirectX 9. I also noticed that there is a growing amount of negativity on Steam from long-term players with respect to 0.90.
  10. Yep, the above happened to me too (this was the latest mod to install and it worked without problems before). Of the above, I'm NOT using the following (perhaps helps to exclude the culprits): ActiveStruts B9 KW Bahamuto Armory,Dynamic Parts,Adjustable Landing Gear,Destruction Effects,Camera Tools Atmospheric Sound Enhancement Soundtrack Editor ( used to remove ksp tracks to free up ram) KerbQuake Persistent Trails Magic Smoke Robotic Parts Lack Luster Labs TimeControl Universal Storage Near Future NEAR KerbalJointEnforcement Collision FX Kerbal Foundries
  11. Running KSP with OpenGL In brief (if your video card supports OpenGL), edit your shortcut to KSP to look similar to this: C:\KSP_025\KSP.exe -force-opengl In Windows, remember that a path needs quotes if it contains spaces, e.g.: "C:\KSP 025\KSP.exe" -force-opengl Definitely have a look into the new ATM and DDSLoader, it'll make a difference (only time consuming at first run, I did several runs with stock first, then low-graphics mods added, then the big graphics mods one-by-one): DDS Loader Active Texture Management With the Astronomer's set, try "Oblivion" first before "Interstellar". I find the visuals of the older set more pleasing but that's a matter of taste (and RAM). Troubleshooting OpenGL (may not be necessary): Reddit
  12. I'll join the chorus! Thanks so much; if I could take only one mod to a remote island it'd be editor extensions! (might become stock as of version 0.7x in 2018)
  13. I have one suggestion and one question (that sort of rhymes): 1. Is it possible to write/read the URLs to/from a text file for export/import? I spent a good deal of time linking a lot of Kerbalstuff URLs yesterday (using 1.0 Beta) and it would be fantastic if there would have been a list of all links for a simple import into Tinkertime. And then of course it would be wonderful if there's be a weekly updated list (available on Kerbalstuff, Tinkertime page or community built) that I could download and import. So much time saved! So many smiles! Unwanted mods could be "marked" in the app and would be ignored with every future update of the list. So basically this would be a "directory" for Kerbalstuff, and more important (because it is so annoying to navigate) Curse. Oh, and while I'm at it, please at Curseforge :-) 2. I can't find out where the downloaded mods are stored. The app EXE is in "..\My Documents\Dropbox\Private\KSP\[EXE]" but not the ZIP files. There's nothing in "My Documents" ("..\My Documents\") either. Where should I look? Well, this could be fantastic (at the moment a few mods do generate errors but most pass). I'm looking forward to the updates! EDIT: Found the files, may I suggest that we can choose the save path because I keep my documents etc. on a separate drive which is not part of the Windows installation drive (which now has 1.5 GB of mods in a place where I'd never look).