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  1. The pauses when running 64 bit add a bit of authenticity for me! Just sounds like those old recordings with the mic switching on when the flight controller speaks then off again.
  2. Just a quick heads up...CKAN install doesn't include the Procedural Ore Tank fix in the Extras folder even though it states that SMURRF version is 1.5.4.
  3. So somehow I've managed to turn off test flight in my rp0 1.1.2 career and I can't find a single post about how to turn it back on. It's installed and the configs are there and correct. Any ideas?
  4. Hi rocket people! Does anyone know of a way to get remote tech's flight computer to fire the rcs thrusters in a certain direction? I'm trying to stabilize my fuel prior to my AJ10 Upper Stage Mid firing and using rcs seems a good alternative to having ullage engines for each of it's three ignitions.