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  1. I can see there's great demand! I've just got internet back after moving house, and I now have my first set of exams in three weeks time. Can't really do anything until after that, but I will endeavour to spend some time coding and fixing bugs after that.
  2. Hiyas, As you might have noticed, I'm having a bit of a break from modding for a while. Got a fellowship exam to pass (yes that is as full-on as it sounds). Will be back in a few months.,
  3. Tweakscale and MFT won't really play nicely together. Maybe you could use ProceduralParts for your rescalable tanks?
  4. You can tweak it easy enough. Have a look at this MM patch. As OtherBarry has stated, the out of the box config will remain - we're trying to replicate KSP, not real rockets.
  5. No, but it works harder if you shout at it Edit: note also that you can use top level GameData folder names in NEEDS/BEFORE/AFTER ect now also.
  6. Not really, just tweaked a few things and looks like there's some collateral damage. Putting spaces in that spot for nodes will cause issues (and we can't get around them) so for consistency probably best keep it as it is.
  7. Would be nice yes, but due to technical reasons this wouldn't work too well. I could go into details but maybe just take it on faith If you really want to find out why, read the last 70 pages of thread
  8. If I were to hazard a guess, it would be the space after the comma for the key index Try this and see if it works: @atmosphereCurve { @key,0 = 0 385 @key,1 = 1 300 key = 5 0.01 } If not, let me know and I'll see what I can sort out.
  9. I'm going to be doing a bit of work with the save file fixer so that it doesn't run as frequently, and displays some progress as it does so in the near future. Just finding some time to do it is the issue Any delay imposed will be at the end of the loading sequence as you enter the main menu. If you're getting hangs halfway through loading, then this is generally caused by some mod throwing an exception during it's initialization phase. Best bet is to check the KSP.log.
  10. If you're having a problem with not doing anything this is usually because an old version of tweakscale everything is installed. Update it and you'll find it works. Second step is to look at the KSP logs for exceptions. This is called KSP.log in your KSP install dir. If you're still having trouble, upload your KSP log to dropbox or something similar and post a link here and someone will help you.
  11. The limits on the tanks are there so you can't go too far from what would be available from stock. There's a MM patch in the OP that will alter the size limits with tech levels. The easy way to see where the limits are is just to scale your part down or up to that size. Note that volume is limited as well, so you might find you can make a bigger diameter tank if you make it shorter. RSS scales everything down by 0.8 (including the stock parts), so all the limits are similarly scaled. Given that you might end up with some odd numbers, but it is what it is. If you want to see what the limits ar
  12. I was trying to get everything registered in the Start phase for the KSPAddon for fear that if it didn't get done there, I'd loose the chance to get things registered for any ships loaded. I guess that's not an issue however, since the menus are created on the first right-click, and OnGui is called at the end of the update cycle anyhow, so can defer it until the prefabs are present. I will update the code in KAE. Unfortunately your patch will need to remain for a period of time until users of KAE update their versions, which is something outside of my control.
  13. I've released a minor patch to KAE. This will send hierarchy messages when doing an alt-click to copy chunks of ship in the VAB.
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