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  1. @Just Jim You ok after Michael went through? (yes, I know, off-topic... supposedly. except I think checking to make sure the author is ok is on topic)
  2. You might wanna tone it down to 1.3 to 1.7 or so. 2.0 is way high, and you're probably wasting fuel fighting the atmosphere.
  3. @Just Jim I think that in this case, you have the wrong Ivanova video. Or maybe this is better for Emiko...
  4. great job guys.... great job. *incredibly sarcastic slow golf clap* So, secret agent chibi?
  5. and radio range in space is a lot farther than it is in the atmosphere.
  6. I don't feel the story is less popular, its simply slower. every new chapter, it gets a bunch of new views, they just come less often.
  7. Other way around. its the cast and crew, and anybody that has ever been cast or crew that can't name said play. Hence referring to it as The Scottish Play.
  8. Why is everyone naming the scottish play? don't they know that that invites certain death?
  9. there's also a prequel volume that he wrote later called When The Tripods Came. its good too.
  10. To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield? or, Into the mouth of hell Rode the six hundred?
  11. "What? Somebody around has to have some damn perspective!" also "If I make it through this without completely losing my sanity, it will be a miracle of biblical proportions" -Lieutenant Corwin "Well, there goes my faith in the almighty."
  12. He isn't the only one. It IS the proper spelling after all. I have to labour not to hit people that spell things with the wrong flavour of english.
  13. hey cliffhangers are great. although no cliffhanger will ever be as good as the summer break split for best of both world's part 1 and 2 from ST:TNG
  14. There are a whole lot of other references too: Scooby Doo, Babylon 5, Firefly, just to name a few. and welcome to the wackiness!
  15. yeah.... that sounds like something that somebody would say if they were gonna take over the world
  16. Just Jim and KSK are taking a break at roughly the same time. Either they are collaborating on taking over the world, or they are in a deathmatch. I guess we'll find out
  17. The other thing you can do to get out of sonnah's gravity well is use a reusable booster. a probe core, a couple batteries, some solar panels, a little bit of RCS, an SAS module, a giant fuel tank and a big engine. plus a docking port. use that to perform most of the 1000-1200 m/s burn, with your AP just inside of sonnah's SOI. then finish the last little bit of the burn with your ships engines. bring the reusable booster back and refuel it.
  18. thats the idea. NH is designed for infrastructure. the more the better. I had stations in orbit of aptur, eli, serran, laythe and its moon, arin and its moons. had robotic ships constantly moving between the various locations carrying resources and supplies. and eventually set up robotic rescue ships at both arin and laythe in case something happened to an outer planet expedition. the advantage to setting up stations and mining bases that much closer to the sun than sonnah is, is that your solar panels will provide ALL the power you need with just a couple of them, cutting down on part count, and with enough batteries you can make it through the nights on the moons, and still recharge your batts while running your drills during the day.
  19. you can solve this by dropping to an inner planet and using it as a gravity assist or staging ground for a mission to the outer planets. my favorite places were laythe and arin. both have moons to set up mining bases on, and both of them have aerobrakable atmospheres that won't crush your ship the instant you hit the atmosphere.
  20. I don't believe so, but I don't remember. its been a long time since I made it that far in-system in NH
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