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  1. [1.3] TAC - Life Support v0.13.5 - Release 12th Aug 2017

    Eeyup, here it is. Link for spreadsheet optimized for Google Sheets @JPLRepo, if you want you can add this spreadsheet to the TAC wiki or add to the mod itself.
  2. [1.3] TAC - Life Support v0.13.5 - Release 12th Aug 2017

    I made this simple planner for TAC LS in excel. This spreadsheet calculates based on the crew size and day duratio . Time based on available resources amount without recyclers; Time based on available resources amount with recyclers; Resources needed for a given mission duration with or without recyclers; For moders: It generates the text for the cfg config based on item 3. I has a simple version on column M (to be added manually to the part's cfg) and a Module Manager version on column N. it also calculates the mass reduction due to recycling (so you can check if it's better to use recyclers or not). Google drive link - Excel version Google drive link - Google sheets version
  3. [1.1.3] Orbital Decay v1.5.2 (17/07/2016) - Total Overhaul

    That's very good. This mod already simulates orbital decay quite well for a game like KSP. In order to accurately simulate orbital decay it would be necessary a complete overhaul of KSP's gravity handling. This is fine. The reentry time due to orbital decay is a bit unpredictable. IRL we can only calculate the impact point (and reentry time) just a few days or weeks in advance due to upper atmosphere variations.
  4. [1.0.5] FASA 5.44

    Do you have JSI installed? You can make a patch to add TweakScale to the parts you want, it is quite easy @PART['Part name here'] { %MODULE[TweakScale] { type = stack //or other TweakScale type like free or surface or something defaultScale = 2.5 //or any default size you want } }
  5. Rockets and Spacecrafts - KerbalX/SpaceX

    It kinda works with ksp 1.2.2, I'm updating the cfg files to add compatibility and those updates will be release by the end of this month.
  6. [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    @doogie1987, this is a patch to replace TAC LS resources with USI resources keeping the same duration. //Patch made by MarceloSilveira;02-may-2017 //Gets the original amounts of supplies and mulch for eachpart that has some of them. @PART:HAS[@RESOURCE[Food]|@RESOURCE[Waste]]:NEEDS[USILifeSupport]:FIRST { origFood = #$RESOURCE[Food]/maxAmount$ origWaste = #$RESOURCE[Waste]/maxAmount$ } //To keep the same duration the coefficients are 29.538607 and 324.78077 //To keep the same resource mass the coefficients are 1.08472 and 11.9279077 @PART:HAS[@RESOURCE[Supplies]|@RESOURCE[Mulch]]:NEEDS[USILifeSupport]:BEFORE[USILifeSupport] { @description ^=:$: Has TAC LS patch.: RESOURCE { name = Supplies amount = #$../origFood$ maxAmount = #$../origFood$ @amount *= 29.538607 @maxAmount *= 29.538607 } RESOURCE { name = Mulch amount = #$../origWaste$ maxAmount = #$../origWaste$ @amount *= 324.78077 @maxAmount *= 324.78077 } } //cleanup @PART:HAS[#origFood[>0]|#origWaste[>0]]:NEEDS[USILifeSupport]:AFTER[USILifeSupport] { !origFood !origWaste !RESOURCE[Food]{} !RESOURCE[Water]{} !RESOURCE[Oxygen]{} !RESOURCE[Waste]{} !RESOURCE[WasteWater]{} !RESOURCE[CarbonDioxide]{} } This patch will apply to EVERY part that has Food or Waste
  7. It is made to work with TAC life support. Is has enough resources for 45 Kerbal*days, you can replace the TAC LS resources (Food, Water, Oxygen, Waste...) with USI resources (Supplies, Mulch) yourself
  8. [1.3.0] CommNet Constellation v1.1.1 [18 August 2017]

    This is simply... Amazing!
  9. Most of the Orbital modules have an embedded ModuleDockingNode. There is also the 'Soyuz/Progress 7K Docking Port' wich might help you.
  10. It already has an :NEED[TweakScale] flag. and a :NEEDS[RemoteTech] for the other one, just saying. @blackheart612 you are free to add my cfgs to the mod if you want
  11. [1.2.2, 1.3.*] US Probes Pack - Old and New - v0.68 - 7-23-17

    I recommend either removing the RT default patch or adding a FINAL check in it
  12. [1.2.2] Space Shuttle System new release 26.01.2017

    Patches! Patches for everyone! Hello everyone! When this mod was still in development I made some patches for compatibility with widespread mods. Since then these mods were updated and the Space Shuttle was released for ksp 1.2.2 (hooray!). The patches were compiled in a single file uploaded to dropbox and need Module Manager to work. The patches add compatibility with the following mods: Mechjeb for autopilot and stuff HullCame VDS for docking cameras with the docking ports Community Resource Pack for better fuel cells and a more realistic EDO RemoteTech because the stock communications are too simple KIS container to the airlocks, making EVAs more practical TAC life support but not kerbalism or USI life support; those will be added soon™ Ok, now to the shiny link Space Shuttle - Patches Enjoy
  13. New patches! Still warm from the oven! The first patch configures the compatibility with TweakScale for all Airplane Plus parts. maybe not all parts, I may have forgotten some Airplane Plus - TweakScale (Dropbox) The second adds a simple RemoteTech to all the command pods in the Airplane Plus, this antenna has 350 km of range. If you want a longer range, just change the OmniRange value to the desired one. Airplane Plus - RemoteTech (Dropbox)
  14. [1.3.x] Ablative-Airbrake [v0.2.0] (5 march 2017)

    Very interesting!