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  1. Will the new Pioneer 6 be a single part (plus the antennae) or use a probe core and a service module? Because the Pioneer 6 service module is very useful for small relay satellites.
  2. This mod is very helpful to balance RCS for rotation, translation or engine placement in shuttle-ish crafts.
  3. That can be done just by creating a new B9 Tank Type and adding it to the cargo carrying parts, just like the USI/B9 patch
  4. Missile Row! Missile Row! Missile Row! from top to bottom: LC-5/6, LC-17, horizontal test pad pretending to be LC-1, LC-36, 3 LC-14's, 2 LC-19's, LC-37, LC-40 and LC-41 The launchpads are very close, I know. But it looks kinda nice like this.
  5. I also has a biome scanner and an anomaly scanner. Maybe the early corona could use the biome scanner... I think that resource constraint is the way to go with KH-1 and KH-4
  6. Yes, it has a very nice Atlas V with a modular centaur. You can put an RL-10 to have more realism or any other engine, hey, you can even add an F-1 engine that would REALLY solve the low TWR issue.
  7. I rewrote the part that handles the Atlas parameters, it now only calls a table. So when I have to make changes I just need to adjust ONE file. Thank you for the head up yesterday I changed the code to handle the flight after sustainer engine cut-off and used a more accurate model.
  8. I'm using matlab, so I have to write my own code to crunch the numbers. I will try to remember to write a more in depth manual with the code, this could be useful for some engineering student (or to inspiring someone into engineering)
  9. Quick Atlas thing update I made some progress on the the atlas delta v thing. At this point I think it is an absolute overkill doing that for KSP, but i kinda like it . The final results will be available with new dv maps and a new atlas launch manual next month. So far it is looking quite promissing. Some configurations match quite well KSP It might look very complicated for now, but it will be much easier to understand and use that information when everything (the dv maps and new manual) is done.
  10. Well, it's not that bad of an issue, a satellite can fulfill its mission even if it is in a slightly different orbit. Also, orbital perturbations will make really circular orbits not possible, unless if you have and attitude and orbit control system (yaaaay! electric electric propulsion ftw!). You only need a very precise upper stage in for interplanetary trajectories (this is why deep space maneuvers exist) and ICBM launches. TL,DR: too much TWR makes your final trajectory slightly unpredictable, use RCS to fine tune your orbit
  11. Ok, the new Atlas dv calculator now calculates the Drag losses and gravity losses. But they depend on the launch trajectory... so...I had to do a lot more than originally intended.
  12. So... I had some free time and added some things to the Atlas delta V... it will calculate the losses for an Atlas launch is it overkill? ... nooooooooooooo, not at all...
  13. yeaaaahhh boooooi, an entire LEO communications constellation on a single launch!!! @Pappystein,I did the math, the magic number is 194.094 dB